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The Gitanes - Cloudy Draw (Fra 2005)

The Gitanes - Cloudy Draw (Fra 2005)

* Mark Enbatta (vocals, guitars),
* Lucas Trouble (vocals, keyboards, bass guitar),
* Eric Lenoir (drums).

Related Artists:
The Vietnam Veterans, Vietnam Chain, The Temple Gates, The Thyrd Twin.

- Label:Nova Express
- Catalog#:10097
- Country: France
- Released: 2005
- Genre: Rock
- Style: Psychedelic Rock

01. Bang Bang   
02. The Wheels   
03. Try   
04. Welcome To Oblivion   
05. Still Untold Story   
06. Ghost Riders In The Sky   
07. Inside Looking Out   
08. Heaven Above   
09. The Tides Inside   
10. The Iraqi Caravan   
11. Salty Love   
12. The Wedding Bells   
13. Lusitanian Scalpers   
14. The Wounded One   
15. Bang Bang (single version)   
16. Three Reasons   

- Recorded at the Kaiser Studio
- Inspiration once provided by Sandoz

The Gitanes - Cloudy Draw - Ghost Riders in the Sky

"Ghost Riders in the Sky" is subtitled "a cowboy legend", but the truth is that the legend is much older than the culture of the American West. When it began, no one can say -- its origins are lost in the beginning of time itself.
Certainly it has existed since at least the fifth century BC, when the Greek goddess Hecate rode at its head. Probably there has been a phantom band of riders since mankind first learned to ride. For as long, indeed, as there has been the hunt. more of this from : the scenes from the video were taken from the film, sukiyaki western django, by Tarantino.
 ~ internet sources.

The Gitanes - Cloudy Draw - Inside Looking Out

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The Coffin Daggers - The Coffin Daggers (us 2005)

The Coffin Daggers - The Coffin Daggers (us 2005)
[Urko Records, CD-R URKO 002, surf EP]

Formed: 1998,   Jamaica, NY, United States

* Viktor Dominicis (guitars, echoplex, theremin),
* Dan Terchek (electric piano, electric organ, rhythm guitar),
* Greg Clarke (drums),
* Peter Klarnet (bass)

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Urko Records
Genre: Instrumental, Surf

-The Coffin Daggers - st LP
-The Coffin Daggers - st EP
-Something Wicked This Way Comes - Single
-Out of Limits - EP

01. Coffin Dagger
02. Parasite
03. Shark Attack
04. Cat's Eyes
05. Monsters From The ID
06. Caravan

The Coffin Daggers deliver an all out attack on the senses drawing from diverse influences, ranging from Dick Dale, Henry Mancini, Link Wray, and the Cramps. Viktor Venom, one of the founders of Nausea, founded the group early in 1999. Vik's punk influences (he has also worked with Reagan Youth and Chaos UK) give the band's music a unique melodic sensibility. Guitar Player observed that he "moves proceedings beyond mere era emulation by unleashing a rude and vicious riff that would have made Link Wray smile" A staple of the New York live music scene, the group has released a full-length album and two singles to critical acclaim.
Their performances have floored both European and American audiences from start to finish, prompting Chart magazine to declare "no one comes close to The Coffin Daggers when it comes to all-out intensity...they will stomp a mudhole into your fragile minds."
The Coffin Daggers are currently putting the finishing touches on their next LP release "Monsters from the ID" which will be released in 2011.
The Coffin Daggers are a phenomenal four piece surf instrumental act with a big, big sound and a really dark feel, with plenty of creepy reverb-laden guitar and organ.
Their sound is crisp, clear and perfect.
These in your face horror hits may be just what your Halloween '08 party mix is missing.
 ~ by almost certainly Edward. 
Taking advantage of my revivalistic mood, here's another wonderful guitar based band from New York. They are led by Viktor Venom, former guitarist of the hardcore punk bands Reagan Youth and Chaos UK.
The first track, "Coffin Dagger", is really electrifying, although it has an obvious strong influence of Dick Dale. The last track is a great cover version of Duke Ellington's "Caravan".
 ~ by Deaf, Dumb, Blind.

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Dennis Linde - Dennis Linde (us 1973)

Dennis Linde - Dennis Linde  (us 1973)
Born: March 18, 1943, Abilene, TX, United States

Died: December 22, 2006 // Nashville, TN, United States

Member of: Bob Kuban & the In-Men, Jubal

A1. Hello, I Am Your Heart 2:58
A2. Ridin' High 3:33
A3. I Had a Dream 3:14
A4. The Longer You're Gone 3:25
A5. East St. Louis Nights 3:59
B1. DR-31 2:57
B2. Don't Leave Me Here All Alone 2:36
B3. Some Songs 2:26
B4. All I Want to Do Is Be our Man 2:36
B5. Burning Love 3:00
B6. Just a Song 3:40

Songwriter Dennis Linde remained a fixture of the country charts for decades, penning blockbusters for everyone from Elvis Presley to the Dixie Chicks. Born March 18, 1943, in Abilene, TX, Linde spent much of his adolescence in St. Louis, first picking up the guitar at the age of 15. During the late '60s, he played in the St. Louis band the Starlighters, driving a dry-cleaning delivery truck by day. When speeding tickets cost him his license and his day job, Linde turned to songwriting, relocating to Nashville in 1969 to join the Combine Music staff (which also included Kris Kristofferson, Mickey Newbury, and Wanda Jackson). Linde scored his first major hit a year later when Roy Drusky cut his "Long Long Texas Road." He also signed a solo deal with Mercury's Intrepid imprint, issuing his debut effort, Linde Manor.
In 1972, Elvis scored his final number one hit with "Burning Love," launching Linde to the forefront of Nashville songwriters. The attention earned him a deal with Elektra, which released his self-titled sophomore record in 1973. Trapped in the Suburbs appeared on the label's Asylum subsidiary the following year, and in 1978 Linde signed to Monument to release his fourth and final solo disc, Under the Eye. He continued his commercial success during the mid-'80s, writing hits for Kenny Rogers ("Goodbye, Marie"), Gary Morris ("The Love She Found in Me"), Don Williams ("Walkin' a Broken Heart"), and Eddy Raven ("I'm Gonna Get You").

However, Linde's finest work emerged during the following decade, when he unleashed his mordant wit on songs for Mark Chesnutt ("Bubba Shot the Jukebox"), Joe Diffie ("John Deere Green"), and Shenandoah ("Janie Baker's Love Slave") -- in 1993, he was named the Nashville Songwriter Association's Songwriter of the Year, and in 1994 earned BMI's Songwriter the Year honors.
Linde made national headlines in 2000 when the Dixie Chicks scored with his bleakly witty "Goodbye Earl," the controversial tale of an abusive husband killed by his long-suffering wife. He returned to the upper reaches of the country charts in 2005 with Alan Jackson's "The Talkin' Song Repair Blues."
~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide.
~ Posted by Lizardson

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Jeff Kelly - Coffee In Nepal (us 1987)

Jeff Kelly - Coffee in Nepal (us 1987)

* Born in Seattle, WA;
* wife: Susanne.

* Formed the Green Pajamas with Joe Ross, 1984;
* released Book Of Hours, 1987;
* released Summer of Lust with the band before it broke up, 1990;
* released solo albums Coffee In Nepal, 1990, and Ash Wednesday Rain, 1995;
* resurrected Green Pajamas with Indian Winter, 1997;
* released the Green Pajamas’s All Clues Lead To Megan’s Bed, 1999;
* released solo album Melancholy Sun and the Green Pajamas’s Narcotic Kisses, 2000.

A1. In the Blue Light   3:36
A2. He's Married   4:15
A3. Sleepy People   3:43
A4. Maria   5:22
A5. Oh How I Love You   6:43
B1. Panda   5:11
B2. Don't Ever Go   2:16
B3. A Quiet World   3:18
B4. Coffee in Nepal   1:53
B5. I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died   1:42
B6. Pony and Me   5:51
B7. Hearts and Flowers   3:27

Kelly's principal gig throughout most of his career has been as guitarist and frequent singer/songwriter for the Green Pajamas, an unexceptional '60s retro-style Seattle indie band. His solo outings, however, reveal a sensitive singer/songwriter -- in the best sense of that often pejorative term -- who recalls melancholic '60s icons such as Ray Davies and Tim Buckley without aping them. His grainy, straining voice is the very definition of a "yearning" vocalist, and well-suited to the ethereal and clouded romances he often details in his lyrics. Far more acoustic-oriented and simply produced than the Green Pajamas releases, his late-'80s cassette-only albums were among the most overlooked items in the Seattle scene, and indeed in indie rock as a whole.
In the '90s, Kelly continued to make solo releases that generally retained the strengths of his early work while embellishing the arrangements with more instruments and production sheen, with mixed results. While the first of his '90s solo albums (1992's Private Electrical Storm was again a cassette-only affair; in 1995 he issued his first widely available domestic solo CD, Ash Wednesday. This had a fuller band sound and more sophisticated production finish than his more basic cassette releases. 1997's The Rosary and the House of Jade, though a full album based loosely around the concept of an affair with a British spy and as well-produced as any of his prior solo efforts, was originally unreleased, as Kelly limited its production to 50 cassette copies given away to friends. The Rosary and the House of Jade, however, did get released as one CD in the four-CD Australian box set Melancholy Sun, which also included three prior albums (Coffee in Nepal, Portugal, and Private Electrical Storm) that had originally been issued only on cassette. While not exactly a high-profile release, this did at least put much of Kelly's solo catalog on CD, and increased the availability of product by one of the most underexposed American indie rock talents of the '80s and '90s. There is yet another Kelly cassette-only solo album, Twenty Five, which has escaped wide distribution. It was only given to his wife Susanne (who has contributed vocals to some Kelly solo tracks) as a birthday present, and to a few other friends. Kelly has no plans to put it out in its original form, although some of the songs later appeared on releases by the Green Pajamas. Along with the highly prolific period the Pajamas entered into in the late '90s, Kelly also released Indiscretion, which melded Catholic guilt with songs inspired by painters like Balthus and James Tissot and writers such as Matthew Lewis and C.S. Lewis.
 ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi
Read more:
Not many people heard Kelly in the late '80s, even within the alternative rock community, for two reasons: his albums were only available on cassette, and his moody folk-rock was totally out of sync with the rest of the Seattle indie scene.
That's unfortunate, as this solo debut revealed him as a tuneful, but not sappy, troubadour singing sad, quirky, but appealing songs. Influenced by late-'60s psychedelia and British folk-rock, with a vocal timbre reminiscent of British rockers such as Ray Davies and the Zombies' Colin Blunstone, the arrangements put acoustic guitars to the fore, with tasty touches of light percussion, sitar, and Casio. Originally issued on cassette only in 1987 by Green Monkey, it also appeared on LP on DiDi Music in 1992, and then as one of four CDs in the 1999 box set Melancholy Sun. That package also included a couple of other albums originally released only on cassette and an otherwise unavailable 1997 album, The Rosary and the House of Jade.
 ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi
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V.A. - Off The Wall Volumes 1 & 2 (2009)

V.A. - Off The Wall Volumes 1 & 2 (2009)
(Off The Wall And Skeletons In The Closet)

Product Details:
Title: Off The Wall Volumes 1 & 2
Catalogue Number: PAPR2CD2092
Label: Past & Present
Details: 2CD
Original Release Date: (April 14, 2009)

Originally issued by the U.K. imprint Past & Present in the late `80s, these compilations of shockingly primitive, unrepentantly shambolic late-`60s garage rock and psychedelia helped to spark the English freakbeat revival of the early `90s. Though the teen combos on display here are sometimes musically inept, their wild enthusiasm and sneering adolescent cool more than make up for any technical shortcomings.

Track Listing:
DISC 1: "Off the Wall"
01. I'm A Nothing - The Magic Plants
02. I'm Down Today - The Drones
03. That's Tuff - The Shademen
04. Someday Baby - The Untamed
05. Hey Mama - Peter & the Wolves
06. Only Everything - Peter & the Wolves
07. Mister Genie Man - Society's Children
08. Other Way Around, The - Heathens
09. Alright - Legends
10. Unchain My Heart - The Undertakers
11. I'll Be Gone - The Opposite Six
12. Count Back - Purple Underground
13. Don't Miss The Turn - The Trees
14. Kick Me - Ray Columbus and the Art Collection
15. Put The Clock Back On The Wall - The E-Types
16. All Night Long - The Bad Seeds
17. Last Time Around - The Del-Vetts
18. She Needs Me - The Grains of Sand

DISC 2: "Skeletons in the Closet"
01. Someday Fool, A - M.G. & The Escorts
02. I'm Gonna Go Now - Wrong Numbers
03. Mod Threads - The Glass Menagerie
04. It's Trash - The Cave Men
05. You Lied To Me Before - The Treez
06. Don't Play With Me - The 3rd Evolution
07. I'm Blue - The Kinetics
08. Bad Woman - The Fallen Angels
09. Powered By Love - Powered By Love
10. Seventeen Tears To The End - Liverpool Set
11. Lovin' Cup - The Triumphs
12. Great Train Robbery, The - Little Boy Blues
13. I'm Ready - Little Boy Blues
14. Hey, Hey - Sound Barrier
15. On The Road Again - Deverons
16. Searching - The Omens
17. Pretty Little Thing - Deepest Blue
18. I'm Gonna Dance - Decades

Once upon a time I walked into Landspeed Records, and the garage rock mania filling the room turned out to be the Primary Colours album from Eddy Current Suppression Ring.  It was good to once again be reminded of the considerable mileage gained over the years from a combination of three chords and snarling attitude.  And given the sheer volume of garage rock compilations that have appeared in the wake of that momentous pre-Ramones Nuggets set released in 1972, the success rate has been pretty good. Off The Wall first appeared on LP in the early 1980s when the garage rock reissue market was still in its nascent phase, and contains bucket loads of impolite hormone saturated rock ‘n’ roll that sprouted all over the place around 1966. It is in fact heartening to consider that raw-beat rock music has maintained its place in the pantheon of the greats because of sheer perseverance, if nothing else. This welcome Off the Wall reissue compiles a bunch of bands that were destined to never receive much attention from the mainstream music industry for the simple reason that the guitars are way too distorted, the production is sometimes a product of the stone age, and that niggling suffering at the hands of the opposite sex is ever present. With this in mind, The Purple Underground with its unrestrained 1967 rave-up Count Back will tell you pretty much everything you need to know.
 ~ by:
‘Every track is a winner in the classic '66-67 punk mold… recycles killers from the Chicago scene along with several here-only rarities from all over’ lysergia. At long last, here is the eagerly-awaited CD debut of two of the most legendary US garage compilations of all time. Originally issued in the early 1980s and featuring 36 of the greatest and rarest American punk sides of the 1960s – from California, Texas, NYC and Kentucky to Ohio, Florida, Milwaukee and much more – it’s plain essential for all fans of heavy rock and roll, and is presented here as a 2-disc set, complete with a full booklet offering biographical information on all the artists, as well as many rare pictures.


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V.A. - Mindblowing Encounters Of The Purple Kind! (1998)

V.A. - Mindblowing Encounters of the Purple Kind! (1998, Dig-Up LP)

Title: Mindblowing Encounters Of The Purple Kind

Subtitle: 16 Obscure American Sixties Garagepunkers with a Psychedelic Flavour

Format: LP

Label: Dig-Up

Serial Number: DIG-UP 2

Year of Release: 1998

Side 1:
01. Eddie Cunningham & The Lone Rangers - Girl Don't Change Your Mind
02. Danny Provisor - It Really Tears Me Up
03. The Jades 404 -  When Shadow Falls
04. The Troyes -  Love Comes, Love Dies
05. Tyde - Lost (1/1969)
06. The Gurus -  Everybody's Got To Be Alone Sometime (3/1967)
07. Gil Bateman - Daddy Walked In Darkness (10/1965)
08. Strawberry Sac -  In Relation (1968)
Side 2:
01. The Sceptres -  But I Can Dream (11/1966)
02. Soul Inc. - 60 Miles High (7/1967)
03. Graf Zepplin -  You're In My Mind (6/1968)
04. The Us Too Group - I'll Leave You Crying
05. The Laymen -  Society Rules
06. Graven Image -  Take A Bite Of Life (11/1967)
07. The Rubber Maze -  Mrs. Griffith (1968)
08. The Esquires -  Settle Down (1967)

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Living Life - Mysterious Dream (Italy 1981)

Living Life - Mysterious Dream (Italy 1981, Shirak SLL 3308)

Formed: 1975,  Torino, Piemonte, Italy

- A: Let: from experience to experience Shirak (LL 001) 1975 [gatefold laminated cover]
- B: Mysterious dream Shirak (SLL 3308) 1981 [gatefold cover]
- A: Let: from experience to experience Mellow (MMP 259) 1995 [reissue of 1975 album]
- B: Mysterious dream Mellow (MMP 265) 1995 [reissue of 1981 album]

* Marcello Quartarone (guitar, vocals)
* Walter Negri (sax, flute)
* Piercarlo Bettini (keyboards)
* Roberto Savarro (bass, vocals)
* Roberto “Johnny” Betti (drums, keyboards, vocals)
* Sandro Gianotti (percussion).
* Roberto “Johnny” Betti (drums, keyboards, vocals)
* Daniele Pintaldi (guitar)
* Flavio Capello (flute)
* Aldo Valente (synth, piano)
* Roberto Savarro (bass, vocals)
* Gianni Cinti (oboe)
* Gianni Bianco (synth)
* Piercarlo Bettini (Swami Zekuta) (keyboards)

Related Artists: Barabba, Circus 2000, Danilo e i Draghi, Genius, I Kobra, I Ragazzi del Sole

01. Welcome People
02. Mysterious Dream
03. Oldeurope
04. Living with the Music
05. Sliding Through The Clouds Of Cusco

Drummer Johnny Betti left Circus 2000 in 1972, having played on their debut album, following some contrasts with the rest of the band. He had a jazz background, having even spent some years playing with foreign jazz musicians touring Europe, so he briefly returned to his jazz roots before leaving in Afghanistan for a year.
He reappeared in 1975 with his new band Living Life, also based in Turin and recording for his own newly created Shirak label. The former Circus 2000 guitarist "Spooky" Quartarone was also involved in the Living Life original line-up. 
Their debut album, Let: from experience to experience, the first LP release by Shirak, is a fragmented blend of jazz, rock and ethnic music, mostly instrumental with just an English-sung vocal track.
No musician names are present on the sleeve, though seven of them are pictured, and all the tracks are penned by an N.Tibet (that appears to be Betti under a fake name).
The second one, Mysterious dream, came after a six years break;  the group had a new line-up with Betti and bassist Savarro as the only remaining founder members, and some help from original keyboardist Piercarlo Bettini (now known as Swami Zekuta, he had been with I Ragazzi del Sole in the 60's), replaced by Aldo Valente during the recording session.
The five-track LP was totally composed by Johnny Betti and in a more original style than their debut, again with jazz-rock influences but more keyboards-based (no less than four keyboard player are involved) and with good vocal parts like in the 11 minute long title-track, Mysterious dream.
The group disbanded again due to the lack of attention, like many other acts on the small Shirak label(some good folk bands like La Lionetta).
 ~ by

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