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Relatively Clean Rivers - Same (us 1975)

Relatively Clean Rivers - Relatively Clean Rivers (us 1975 hippie-psych rock)

*Phil Pearlman: guitar, bass, vocals, flute, harmonica and synthesizer
*Kurt Baker: guitar, vocals
*Dwight Morouse: drums, effects

Additional Accompaniment:
*Hank Quinn: drums on persian caravan
*John Alabaster: conga on persian caravan

01. Easy ride
02. Journey through the valley of O
03. Babylon
04. Last flight to Eden
05. Prelude
06. Hello sunshine
07. They knew what to say
08. The persian caravan
09. A Thousand Years

ALBUM: 1(A) RELATIVELY CLEAN RIVERS (Pacific Is PC 17601) 1975 R3
NB: (1) issued in two different sleeve designs. One has lyrics printed on the inner gatefold, the other doesn't. Both pressings include a photo insert.
I was introduced to this record after getting into one of Phil Pearlman's other bands, Beat of the Earth, and the great record label, Radioactive Records. Absolutely brilliant west coast rock, with a slick mid 70's Neil Young like production. This should be a great album for everyone to dig this summer. Love!
First ever reissue. Former "Beat Of The Earth" leader Phil Pearlman assembled Relatively Clean Rivers in the early '70s and eventually recorded this excellent rural rock album in 1975. Although it should be easy to pigeonhole the sound of Relatively Clean Rivers, it is actually anything but. At times sounding like The Grateful Dead in all their American Beauty pomp, or CSNY circa Deja Vu, this tight, richly talented ensemble produces an album of almost majestic quality. The sound is superb, and clearly no time or expense were spared to produce an album which is probably the most flawless snapshot of Californian '70s under ground music that you will ever here. Originally there were 2 pressings of this unique album, each of only 500 copies each, and this is the first time that this, or any of Pearlman's other recordings has been reissued. An album highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested in '70s West Coast music or simply top-notch music in general.
~ By Forced-Exposure.
A tremendous mid-1970's rural psych album that sounds like it was recorded in late 1968, Relatively Clean Rivers has that hippie commune Springfield/Manson Family/Dead vibe down pat. Although most often compared to The Dead, only the record's first cut, "Easy Ride" really sounds much like them, with it's acoustic/electric guitar mix and American Beauty era vocal styles. It's a great song, but the rest of the album is much different and a little bit better, spewing out wasted Topanga Canyon folkpsych with wacked out commune lyrics. Production is great and the musicianship is stellar, so we don't really get much of that 'real people' vibe prevalent in many other records with that 'rural' feel, but this still more than holds up. There really is nothing else quite like this, and the smashed lysergic hippie trip present here is anything but a novelty. You can totally feel the Canyon here, and these folks never did wind up leaving. The original vinyl is long gone, with only two pressings of 500 each supposedly, but my Radioactive Label CD reissue is nice, with a clear reproduction of the lyrics and liner notes and a nice, warm pseudo-analog sound. Great stuff......
~ By Chadkelsey (RYM).

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Krayon Angels - Nineteen Sixtynine (uk 1969)

Krayon Angels - Nineteen Sixtynine (us 1969, Fuzz Psych!)
(Dig The Fuzz - DIG041 LP)

Recorded at:
Radio Luxemburg Recording Studios London
early 1969

01. What Are You Doing (In The Rain)
02. For The Rest Of Out Lives
03. Natural Man
04. Please Tell Me Why
05. Clock Without A Face
06. How Do Ya Like It
07. Hearts In The Junction (Of Smoke)
08. Step Around It
09. Try Another Motor
10. 'Til The New Light Shines

This 5 piece group featured members of Killing Floor and Crushed Butler, and was led by USA singer Jeff Pasternak who gave them a West-coast flavour. Recorded in 1969 and produced by legendary 60's Radio Luxembourg disc jockey Emperor Rosko. The LP contains all the ever recorded, all unreleased so far.
~ by Psychodelicje
excellent and previously unreleased album by a UK 1968 Psych band who only lasted enough time to record this set of demo's . A great power-pop psych sound permeates the whole album capturing the '60's London groove and at times there are flashes of the Small Faces, Pretty Things, Blossom Toes etc. It's quite a surprise to find a whole album of this quality that has never been heard before!
~ by
Crushed Butler – An Interview with Darryl Read:
by Steve Krakow.
-How long was your earlier band the Krayon Angels around? How old were you then? Did you gig out?
-The Krayon Angels existed for around 8 months --- from beginning to end. I was 17, and we played the Marque Club/The Revolution/and a two week stint at a disco club in Bristol. We also recorded a demo album ---- to be released years later in 1998 by Dig The Fuzz records UK. I also formed the whole group for Emperor Rosko, who put me together with his brother Jeff --- who was the singer. The line up consisted of Lou Martin (Killing Floor)/ Stuart (Mac) McDonald (Killing Floor)/ Chris Gibbons/ Jeff Pasternak and yours Truly...

You can find the whole Interview here:

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Filename: Krayon Angels - Nineteen Sixtynine (uk 1969).rar Size: 80.19 MB

Rodriguez - Coming From Reality (us 1971)

Rodriguez - Coming From Reality (us 1971)

Born July 10, 1942 , Detroit, MI, United States

(Tripped out psychedelia, on the early Bob dylan side of things.)

Released: November 1971
Recorded: Lansdowne Studios, London - Mid to Late 1970

*Chris Spedding – guitar
*Tony Carr – bongos
*Phil Dennys – keyboards
*Jimmy Horowitz – violin on "Sandrevan Lullaby"

*Steve Rowland – producer
*John MacSwith – engineer

01. Climb Up on My Music 4:43
02. A Most Disgusting Song 4:43
03. I Think of You 3:19
04. Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour 3:15
05. Silver Words Rodriguez 1:58
06. Sandrevan Lullaby -- Lifestyles 6:31
07. To Whom It May Concern 3:15
08 It Started out So Nice 3:46
09. Halfway Up the Stairs 2:17
10. Cause 5:27

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez was born in 1942 to Mexican immigrant parents in Detroit, Michigan. He was discovered by Dennis Coffey and his production partner Mike Theodore while singing in a Detroit club facing the wall. Impressed by his sound, they took Sixto to Sussex boss Clarance Avant, who signed him immediately. He released two albums on Sussex: His debut, Cold Fact, is a hidden gem, containing psychedelic protest song, not unlike Dylan’s, but edgier and funkier. The famous Sugarman can be found on this album. The second Sussex releases is called Coming from Reality, recorded in London and not as captivating as Cold Fact.
Although his first album did't sell very well, a second Sussex album, Coming from Reality, was released in the fall of 1971. This time recorded in London with British producers Steve Rowland and Chris Spedding replacing the Sussex crew. Which resulted in an album way more folkier, more poppy and unfortunately less funky due to the abscence of the Coffey-Theodore duo and the Funk Brothers rhythm section. Including Halfway Up The Stairs, the first song Rodriguez ever wrote. The album will be reissued in may 2009 by Light in the Attic, and also includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded in Detroit in 1972 with Theodore & Coffey, representing the last thing the trio ever did together.
~ By:

For more info on Sixto check:

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Rodriguez - Coming From Reality (us 1971).rar (89 MB)


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Dream - Get Dreamy (Norway 1967)

Dream - Get Dreamy (1967, Norwegian Psychedelia)

Formed: 1967, Norway
Disbanded: 1969 //

Tom Karlsen (percussion),
Christian Reim (piano, organ, vocals),
Hans Marius Stormoen (bass),
Terje Rypdal (guitar, vocals)

Related Artists: The Vanguards
Genres: Psychedelic Rock

"Get Dreamy" by The Dream (recorded in Stockholm, mid-1967) - produced by Svein Erik Borja
01. Green Things (From Outer Space) - 3:16
02. Emptiness Gone - 2:27
03. Ain`t no Use - 8:22
04. Driftin - 3:04
05. I`m Counting on You - 3:06
06. Night of the Lonely Organist and His Mysterious Pals - 5:46
07. You - 2:22
08. You`re Right About Me - 2:44
09. Hey Jimmi - 2:58
10. Do You Dream - 2:08

Norwegian psych from '67 featuring legendary guitarist Terje Rypdal. The band sing in English and the sound is very UK late '60s with freaked out guitar solos and hammond. A bit like Cream meets Hendrix meets Procol Harum.
~ Internet Source.

Fantastic album from this Norwegian band who apparently split up because they could not agreeon their musical direction. It's a shame as this shows what a cool bunch they were, mixing Soul, Jazz, Blues and the slight influence of english psych into the mix, creating a real twisted album with great guitar and screaming hammond in places.
~ by Oak Acetator.

Other than oftentimes laughable lyrics (typical of the time) and cheesy instrumentation, this is a collection of quite well-crafted baroque pop and blue-eyed soul and psychedelic Hendrix-inspired tunes. The only real annoyance here is the poor vocals, which are so bad that they almost ruin these tunes. But they don't. The first two tunes ("Green Things from Outer Space" and "Emptiness Gone") are very well-crafted pop tunes with smooth harmonies and some interesting intervallic Wes-type playing by Terje on "Emptiness Gone". Other good pop tunes are "Driftin" (same feeling and sound as the Rascals' "Groovin", with Terje on vocals), "I'm Counting on You" (a soul pop tune with a few early signature Terje guitar licks), "You" (slow-tempo pop ballad with some 'groovy' organ), and "You're Right About Me" (a GREAT country pop upbeat tune with some clean rockabilly pickin' by Terje, and a great 'a-ha-ha-ha' chorus! plus a few great Terje solos that sound the most like the Terje we all know of any solos on this album). Then there are the extremely Hendrix-alike tunes: "Ain't No Use" (very psychedelic with Terje doing his best Hendrix vocals and Hendrix guitar jam - the whole psych shebang - backwards tape, druggy talking vocals, impressive if very derivitive guitar playing, and wide array of psych effects); "Hey Jimi" (obviously a play on Hendrix's "Hey Joe"); and "Do You Dream" (the ending track with laughable mix-bag of psych effects and the whole "Are You Experienced?" thing - obviously a take on that very tune). In between all the pop, soul, psych, etc., there is a pretty cool instrumental track entitled "Night of the Lonely Organist and His Mysterious Pals" which contains some really nice organ playing - a very upbeat jam with an unspectacular guitar solo - great organ but really cheesy "space-sounds" intro and exit.
~ Review from

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Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder (Canada 1976)

Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder (Canadian Hippie Folk 1976)

01. Wild Blue Yonder
02. Rolling River
03. I Surrender
04. Flower To The Sun
05. She's Coming Home
06. Beautiful You Are
07. High For Sky
08. Gather The Children
09. Wild Night

*Huckle - guitar, mandolin, voice
*Paul Gellman - piano, fiddle,guitar
*Wendi Sinclair - voice
*Tommy Agostino: bass, vocals
*Bob Walshaw - drums
*Straw - wooden stick drums
*Sky - guitar(on flowers to the sun)

Sky aka Sky Sulamyth also put out an album called "Full Moon Light" around '78 thats pretty trippy.
There is also another Huckle album called "Upon A Once Time" quite a bit rarer & harder to find.
Huckle and friends were regulars around Western Canada in the 70's playing festivals and folk gatherings, not to sure where most of them are now........
~ by vinyjunkie!

Canadian Hippie Folk from 1976. Excellent music for the road, this rare and hard to find album is a perfect example of folk and rock made by a bunch of hippies in the seventies. The words are of love and tolerance, and free life and travelling, while the music suites the words well and transcends all of their messages flawlessly. Acoustic guitar and haunting fiddle, tablas and vocal harmonies of great and natural honesty of happiness from both the male and the female parts, it is one of the best albums I have heard in quite a while and it holds a strong place in my music collection. A must have classic!
~ by bilbo1742 (RYM).

Mid-70's canadian release of pastoral Hippie-Folk a early Perth County Conspiracy d.n.e. way of delvin' for organic/ cosmic sceneries; recorded at various places in Canada, one song recorded in Guatemala, "flower to the sun" was taped at the Courtenay Faire w/Medicine Wheel and a cast of hundreds! full-band sound w/subtle acoustic/ electric tapestries; a 100% privat-press job ("independently produced in Canada")
~ Internet Source.

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Filename: Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder (Can 1976 Hippie Folk).rar Size: 48.96 MB

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Faine Jade - Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (us 1968)

Faine Jade - Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (us 1968)

Born: Long Island, NY, United States
Currently: Windham, NY, United States
Member of: The Rustics, Dust Bowl Clementine
Related Artists: Bohemian Vendetta
Also Known As: Chuck Laskowski

01. Tune Up (0:23)
02. Doctor Paul Overture (2:43)
03. People Games Play (4:13)
04. Cold Winter Sun Symphony In D Major (3:38)
05. I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday (2:34)
06. Ballad Of The Bad Guys (1956 a.d.) (4:27)
07. Piano Interlude (1:38)
08. Introspection (3:38)
09. A Brand New Groove (3:10)
10. On The Inside There's A Middle (5:39)
11. Don't Hassle Me (2:47)
12. Grand Finale (5:33)
13. Stand Together In The End (4:27)

Long Island guitarist Faine Jade began performing and recording as a member of the Rustics in the mid-'60s, with basic, energetic, angst-ridden material that differed little from literally thousands of other like-minded garage bands across the country. After a single with the Rustics in 1966, Jade recorded a 45 under his own name in 1967, "It Ain't True," which was rescued from obscurity on the Pebbles, Vol. 8 compilation. His solo LP on the tiny R.S.V.P. label in 1968, Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital, showed a quantum leap in songwriting with reflective, enigmatic lyrics and a swirling but disciplined melodicism. It has ranked among the most coveted collectibles of the psychedelic era, and resurfaced as an unauthorized reissue on a British label in the early '80s. After recording an album as a member of the country-rock band Dustbowl Clementine in 1970, Jade has been mostly inactive.
~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide .

It's hard to imagine that a 20-year-old New York guitarist fresh out of garageland would have been infatuated with Syd Barrett in 1968. However, Faine Jade's 1968 album sounds as if he was besotted with Pink Floyd's first LP, which was barely known in the States at the time. Jade's vocals and songwriting uncannily evoke an American Syd Barrett with their evocative, cryptic lyrics, thick organs, and psychedelic guitar lines. "Cold Winter Sun" in particular, never fails to inspire comparisons to Barrett when played for those unfamiliar with Jade. Jade, it's fair to say, is somewhat blunted in comparison to Barrett's madcap edge. More laid-back and grounded, he also deals more explicitly with hippie-era concerns like getting hassled for being different and the necessity of being compassionate toward your brother, without being sappy or preachy.
~ Richie Unterberger & Tim Sendra, All Music Guide.

The brilliant psychedelic rock 'n' roll of Faine Jade passed through the orange-colored skies of 1968 like a pink and lavender comet, then was gone... Fortunately Jade left behind a wondrous album to detail his amazing, one-way voyage through the night skies. Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital details every deliciously enigmatic, Syd Barrett-inspired twist and turn of the short but sweet career of this mysterious artist. Since the hideously rare original LP now requires a mortgage from your bank, Sundazed, with the full cooperation of the artist, presents the perfect Faine Jade package, taken from the absolute master tapes with rare photos and liner notes based on a recent interview with Faine Jade, himself.
~ by Sundazed Records.

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Filename: Faine Jade - Introspection, A Faine Jade Recital (us ...rar Size: 60.51 MB

The Trip - Caronte (Italy 1971)

The Trip - Caronte (Italy 1971 Progressive)

Formed: October 1966 , United Kingdom
Disbanded: 1973 // Italy

*Billy Gray (guitars, vocals),
*Ritchie Blackmore (guitar, 1966),
*Ian Broad (drums, 1966-?),
*Arvid "Wegg" Andersen (bass, vocals),
*Joe Vescovi (keyboards, vocals).

*Billy Gray (guitars, vocals),
*Arvid "Wegg" Andersen (bass, lead vocals),
*Pino Sinnone (percussion),
*Joe Vescovi (organ, piano, church organ, mellotron).

Gray and Sinnone quit.
*Furio Chirico (drums, 1972),
*Nunzio Favia (drums, 1973).

01. Caronte I 6:48
02. Two Brothers 8:18
03. Little Janie 4:02
04. L'Ultima ora e Ode a Jimi Hendrix 10:16
05. Caronte II 3:33

This was one of the first groups to emerge from the new Italian rock scene. They formed in London in 1967 on the initiative of pop singer Ricky Maiocchi (ex-Camaleonti) who needed a new backing group. Many British beat bands moved to Italy in the late sixties in search of gigs, among them The Sorrows, The Primitives and The Talismen. Most of the original Trip members were also English, including (future Deep Purple axeman) Ritchie Blackmore, who eventually became homesick and returned to England. When Joe Vescovi was recruited in 1969, he quickly became the leader of the group, updating their sound with the current (pioneering) Anglo-American attempts to expand the rock format, blending it together with the inspiration and composing techniques of 17th and 19th century classical music.
On their eponymous first album, The Trip almost sounded like a cross between Vanilla Fudge, The Nice and Quatermass (another group that had a great deal of influence on the early Italian rock scene; they released their only album in 1970). "Prologo" almost pastiched the organ work of Mark Stein on Vanilla Fudge's first album. Other enlightening features were Billy Gray's Blackmoresque guitar parts and Joe Vescovi's distinctive, high-pitched voice. The album showed great promise, but didn't quite succeed in creating an integrated group sound. Organ parts of great emotional intensity were sometimes followed by almost banal vocal arrangements in a more pop tradition.
However, better things were soon to come when The Trip released their masterpiece, "Caronte" in 1971. The powerful interplay between Gray and Vescovi is excellent throughout the album. If the "dream collaboration" between Jimi Hendrix and Keith Emerson had ever happened, then I imagine it would have sounded close to this! The finest example of this is on "Two Brothers", which merged psychedelic, heavy and classical flavours of rock. By now, Vescovi could afford a mellotron, offering mellow string textures on the track, "Little Janie". The excellent rhythm section throughout the album, courtesy of Andersen and Sinnone, was also notable. Speaking of Jimi Hendrix, the album also included the mournful requiem "Ode a J.Hendrix".
~ Internet Source.

...More about ''The Trip'':

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Filename: The Trip - Caronte (Ita 1971).rar Size: 74.29 MB

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Justin Heathcliff - Justin Heathcliff (Japan 1971)

Justin Heathcliff - Justin Heathcliff (Japan 1971 Psychedelic rock)

Formed: 1971
Origin: Japan
Genres: Psychedelic rock

Justin Heathcliff was the pseudonym of Japanese producer/musician Dr. Osamu Kitajima.

01. Let's all Sing
02. You all should think more
03. Hand in Hand
04. Which is True
05. Once its nice to rise at Dawn
06. Lost are my Dreams
07. Sea
08. You Know what I mean
09. A tiny Island
10. Good Bye
11. Life
12. To Live in Peace
13. Love makes the world Complete

Osamu was already a successful composer of TV and advertising jingles, when a move to the UK in 1971 brought him in to contact with British folk and psychedelic rock. Inspired in particular by The Beatles, Tyrannousaurus Rex and Syd Barrett, he dubbed himself "Justin Heathcliff" (picked for its English-sounding quality) and issued his lone eponymous album. Released only in Japan, the album became highly prized in collector's circles for its good-natured idiosyncrasy and casual melodicism. Justin Heathcliff began to receive wider interest in the West when the track "You Know What I Mean" was featured on the Asian volume of the Love, Peace, and Poetry compilation series in 1999, and has since been reissued on CD. After releasing the album, Osamu dropped the moniker, and has continued to work under his own name. Now associated more closely with New Age music than pop, he currently resides and works in Los Angeles.
~ From Wikipedia
Beautiful laid back trippy Japanese psych album. Strong compositions, English vocals and a late '60's UK psychedelic rock/pop sound make this better than many UK albums of the era! Superb from start to finish. Featured on the Love Peace and Poetry series.
~ by lysergia
British Underground/Pop from a Japanese band who spent a long time in London. All songs well-crafted and killer tracks from beginning to end. This is so good it beats most British LP΄s. Long before attaining fame as a soundtrack composer and new age artist, Osamu Kitajima adopted a sufficiently Anglo pseudonym and released this amazing homage to British pop-psychedelia in 1971. Issued by Warner Bros. in Japan only, the LP has unsurprisingly climbed skywards in price ever since, and only a cave dweller could miss the faithful nods to Syd, Marc, John, Paul, George and Ringo in the original compositions and English lyrics. Osamu's ability around a studio was evident even then and the choice of genre to lovingly imitate predated the whole retro/'paisley' psych movement by about ten or fifteen years."
~ by forcedexposure

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Filename: Justin Heathcliff - Justin Heathcliff (Japan 1971).rar Size: 42.66 MB

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The Action - Rolled Gold (uk 1967-68, British psychedelia, released in 2002)

The Action - Rolled Gold (uk 1967-68, British psychedelia, released in 2002)

Formed 1963, London, United Kingdom
Disbanded 1969 //

*Reg King (lead vocals)
*Alan 'Bam' King (lead guitar, vocals)
*Peter Watson (guitar)
*Mike "Ace" Evans (bass guitar, vocals)
*Roger Powell (drums)

Related Artists: Ace, Mighty Baby, Speakeasy!

01. Come around
02. Something to say
03. Love is all
04. Icarus
05. Strange Roads
06. Things you cannot see
07. Brain
08. Look at the view
09. Climbing up the wall
10. Really doesn't matter
11. I'm a stranger
12. Little boy
13. Follow me
14. In my dream
15. In my dream (Demo)

The Action were the other great English band produced by George Martin in the 1960s: London mods who pressed guitar havoc and the airtight pop of Martin's star clients, the Beatles, into a sparkling R&B sealed by the exquisite agony of singer Reg King. After their '65-'67 singles with Martin fell shy of hitsville, the Action cut their own set of demos. But the band broke up, and the tapes were shelved -- until now. Rolled Gold has an unfinished air, but that can't hide the invention in the Action's acid soul: the rolling wah-wah-guitar thunder in "Brain"; the snorting fuzz and dirty-cherub harmonies in "Follow Me." The huge jangle and magnetic chorus of "Something to Say" would make Oasis ache with envy. The Action never became stars, but Rolled Gold justifies the legend.
~ (David Fricke - Rolling Stone Magazine).
Of any unreleased music in the history of pop, this is by far the best album-that-could've-been. The most unlikely fluke oversight of the era. All 15 of these songs are incredible slices of pop genius, one after another. Almost hard to believe it exists. Supposedly demos, the recording quality is excellent, just not bells-and-whistles Sgt. Pepper's stuff. Every 60s pop fan *must* get this disc. Case closed.
~ (Michael Anton Parker).

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Filename: The Action - Rolled Gold (uk 1967-68, British psyched...rar Size: 143.67 MB

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Flat Earth Society - Waleeco (us 1968)

The Flat Earth Society - Waleeco (us 1968 Fleetwood Lp)

Formed: Boston, (Lynn, MA), United States

Jack Kerivan (piano, organ, vocals),
Phil Dubuque (rhythm guitar, recorder, lead vocals),
Rick Doyle (lead guitar, tambourine, vocals),
Curt Girard (drums),
Paul Carter (bass, vocals)

01. Feelin' Much Better
02. Midnight Hour
03. I'm So Happy
04. When You're There
05. Four & Twenty Miles
06. Prelude for the Town Monk
07. Shadows
08. Dark Street Downtown
09. Portrait in Grey
10. In My Window
11. Satori

*"Waleeco" 1968 (Fleetwood 3027)
*"Waleeco" 1983 (Psycho 17, UK)
*"Waleeco / Space Kids" 1993 (CD Arf Arf 042) [2-on-1]

From Lynn, just North of Boston, Flat Earth Society were notable for their crispy, clear vocal sound. In early 1968 they were approached by the Boston advertising firm Quinn and Johnson to make an album and a jingle for the manufacturer of the 'Waleeco' candy bar - the F. B. Washburn Candy Company. That year every 'Waleeco' bar carried a coupon advertising the Flat Earth's Society's album Waleeco for $1.50 and six 'Waleeco' bar wrappers.Recorded at Fleetwood Recording Studio in Revere, most of the material was written by Kerivan, the only non-original being a slow melodic version of Midnight Hour. The album covers quite a wide rock spectrum with goodtime (I'm So Happy), folk (When You're There and The Prelude For Town Monk), hard rock (Four & Twenty Miles and Shadows), as well as psychedelia, but each track has the band's own style about it. Aside from Feelin' Much Better, the best tracks are arguably on the second side of the album. Dark Street Downtown has some haunting vocals superimposed upon swirling piano. Portrait In Grey is a haunting piano-oriented instrumental and Satori, a very strange psychedelic instrumental. The band made a few appearances after making the album but broke up soon after.
~ (Internet Source)
Recorded at Boston's Fleetwood studios 1968's Waleeco was simply great - one of those few albums that lives up to the hype surrounding it. Featuring largely original material (Kervian and Dubuque were responsible for most of the 11 tracks) the band displayed far more professionalism and versatility than one would have expected from a relatively new outfit. While the majority of the set reflected a distinctive psychedelic orientation elsewhere the quintet showed off decent folk-rock moves (When You Were There) as well as a knack for conventional rock (Four & Twenty Miles and Shadows). Still the set's big charm lay in the band's psychedelic leanings.
~ (Internet Source)

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Filename: Flat Earth Society - Waleeco (us 1968).rar Size: 86.54 MB

The Wizards From Kansas - The Wizards From Kansas (us 1970)

The Wizards From Kansas - The Wizards From Kansas (us 1970)

Formed: United States
Disbanded: 1970

- Robert Joseph Menadier (bass, vocals),
- Marc Evan Caplan (drums, percussion),
- John Paul Coffin (lead guitar),
- Robert Manson Crain (guitar, vocals),
- Harold Earl Pierce (guitar, vocals).

01. High Flying Bird
02. High Mister
03. 912 1/2 Mass
04. Codine
05. Freedom Speech
06. Flyaway Days
07. Misty Mountainside
08. Country Dawn
09. She Rides With Witches

Actually hailing from Kansas, the Wizard’s were an obscure country-influenced outfit whose debut album featured some fine versions of classics from the period, including Buffy St Marie’s Codine, as well as some excellent originals such as Misty Mountainside, Country Dawn and She Rides With Witches. The original five-piece band enjoyed considerable local success, and eventually found themselves playing the Fillmore East, a gig which led to offers of a number of record deals which the group initially declined. However, towards the end of 1969 Mercury Records finally convinced them to sign to the label, and their eponymous first (and only) album was recorded in the summer of 1970 in San Francisco. During the recording of the album, several band members decided they would rather play jazz, and duly departed to pursue their interests , leaving Mercury with a newly recorded album and no band to promote it. Mercury lost interest and the album sunk without trace. There is a lot of fine stuff on this album, and the band exhibited a particularly impressive range of tight vocal harmonies . A highly recommended album that is extremely collectable.
~ by Timospsychedelicious.

Download link is:

Filename: The Wizards From Kansas - The Wizards From Kansas (us...rar Size: 85.97 MB

John and Philipa Cooper - The Cooperville Times (South Africa 1969)

John and Philipa Cooper - The Cooperville Times (1969)

Formed: Johannesburg, South Africa

*The Cooperville Times, Parlophone, PCSJ 12050, 1969 [rec Nov 1968]

- John & Philippa Cooper - vocals
- Julian Laxton - lead guitar
- Ivor Back - drums
- Werner Krupski - keyboards
- Art de Villiers - accoustic guitar
- Bob Hill - bass
- Francesco - fiddle
- Rory Blackwell - tambourine

Side one:
01. The mad professor
02. Gipsy spell
03. I'll be more than satisfied
04. Wild daydreams
05. Edge of eternity
06. My pair of spectaclesSide two:
07. Man in a bowler hat
08. Singing my song
09. Broomstick
10. Good old sun
11. She's my woman

Reissue (Copperphone MNRC 18003 / 2003) of the 1969 south-african psychedelic-folk/pop album. They were from Johannesburg.
~ (internet source)
Spooky psychedelic folk featuring the unmistakable guitar sounds of Julian Laxton. Very little is known about this band however their rare debut album is a collectors item worldwide.
~ (internet source)
Amazing late 60's psych- folk group from Johannesburg, South Africa. Full of accoustic guitar, with violins, flute and male/ female vocals and among others their song "Gipsy spell" is excellent!!! Undeniable similarities with Mellow Candle and also sounding very close to big UK folk- psych albums of the era like Ithaca.An absolute masterpiece and a real must for any psychedelic or folk fan.
~ by: dj fanis

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Elizabeth - Elizabeth (us 1968 psych)

Elizabeth - Elizabeth (us 1968 psych)

Formed: 1968, Philadelphia, PA, United States

* Steve Weingart (lead guitar, harp, organ, vocals),
* Bob Patterson (guitar, vocals),
* Jim Dahme (guitar, flute, vocals),
* Steve Bruno (organ, bass),
* Hank Ransome (drums).

Related Artists: Good God

01. Not That Kind Of Guy
02. Mary Anne
03. Dissimilitude
04. Similitude
05. You Should Be More Careful
06. The World's For Free
07. Fields Of Home
08. Alarm Rings Five
09. Lady L
10. When All Else Fails

The band originally came from Philadelphia but moved to New York in 1968, where they recorded and released their self-titled album on Vanguard Records in 1969. The album was released with a wonderful psychedelic-styled collage sleeve that gave the record buyer an impression that the band was a baroque-styled act, yet in actuality it is fairly standard late-'60s rock. The highlights of the album are the fuzz guitar-laden track "You Should Be More Careful," the haunting soft psych of the song "Alarm Rings Five," and the final and best track on the album, "When All Else Fails." The album is rounded out by a few less than interesting good-time-styled rock tracks and has a slight jazz feel in places.
~ Keith Pettipas, All Music Guide

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Racket Squad - Corners of Your Mind (us 1969)

The Racket Squad - Corners of Your Mind (us 1969)

* Genre: psych
* Title: Corners of Your Mind
* Company: Jubilee
* Catalog: JGS 8026
* Year: 1969
* Country/State: Apollo, Pennsylvania

- Joey Covington - drums, percussion (1966-67)
- Sonny Dinunzio - vocals, guitar, keyboards, horns (1967-70)
*(RIP 1978)
- Gene - drums, percussion (1967-70)
- Hop - lead guitar (1967-70)
- Ronnie - bass, tenorsax (1967-70)

1(A) THE RACKET SQUAD (Jubilee JGS 8015) 1968
2(A) CORNERS OF YOUR MIND (Jubilee JGS 8026) 1969
NB: (1) and (2) reissued on one CD (Collectables COL-CD-6217).

1 Hung Up/Higher Than High (Jubilee 5591) 1967
2 Romeo And Juliet/Little Red Wagon (Jubilee 5601) 1967
3 The Loser/No Fair At All (Jubilee 5613) 1968
4 Let's Dance To The Beat Of My Heart/Higher Than High (Jubilee 5623) 1968
5 That's How Much I Love My Baby/Movin' In (Jubilee 5628) 1968
6 Suburban Life/A Loser (Jubilee 5638) 1968
7 I'll Never Forget Your Love/Maybe Tomorrow (Jubilee 5657) 1969
8 In Your Arms/Coal Town (Jubilee 5682) 1969
9 Roller Coaster Ride/Coal Town (Jubilee 5694) 1970
NB: Most of the above released as double-A promos.

01. Ain't Nobody Gonna Love You (Mike Lewis)
02. Sweet Little Smoke (Mike Lewis)
03. Get Out Of My Life Woman (Alan Toussaint)
04. Suburban Life (Mike Lewis)
05. Get Out Of My Life Woman (Reprise) Hopeye (Alan Toussaint)
06. Corners Of Your Mind (Mike Lewis)
07. You Turn Me On (Mike Lewis)
08. Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
09. The Minstrel (Gary Hill)
Bonus Tracks:
10. That's How Much I Love My Baby [Bonus]
11. Movin' In [Bonus]
12. Maybe Tomorrow [Bonus]
13. I'll Never Forget Your Love [Bonus]

Co-produced by Mike Lewis (who wrote most of the material) and Stuart Wiener, 1969's "Corners of Your Mind" found the quartet shifting to a distinctive hard rock and psych sound. On the surface that type of calculated move would seem to have spelled artistic disaster, but somehow that wasn't the case this time around. Whereas the self titled debut album sounded calculated, Dinunzio and company seemed much more inspired and engaged on their sophomore set. Perhaps the biggest surprise was simply the fact Dinunzio's blue-eyed soul voice proved well suited for tougher material like the opening rocker 'Ain't Nobody Gonna Love You', 'Sweet Little Smoke' (so much for lyrical subtlety), and the amphetamine powered 'Suburban Life'. Sure, this was just as calculated as the rest of their catalog, but you had to smile hearing Dinunzio singing about 'marshmallow sea' and 'forbidden fruits'. With the exception of the needless 'Get Out My Life Woman' reprise (mis-credited to 'Alan' Toussaint and Dinunzio sounding like a heavily dosed Bugs Bunny), the entire album demonstrated an attractive blend of commerciality and lysergic influences. Other highlights included the unexpected cover of Hendrix's 'Little Wing' (probably the standout track) and the the trippy LP closer 'The Minstrel'. Elsewhere Jubilee tapped 'Suburban Life' b/w 'The Loser' as a single (Jubilee catalog number 45-5638).
Frustrated by their inability to break through the band subsequently called it quits with Denuzzio going on to record a single billed as 'Sebastian' and an LP under his own name. Sadly he was killed in an October 1978 car crash.
~ By: Bad Cat Records.

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Kak - Kak-Ola (us 1969, & Bonus Tracks 1999)

Kak - Kak-Ola (us 1969, & Bonus Tracks 1999)

Formed: 1968, Davis, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1969 //

* Joseph Damrell (bass, sitar, tambourine, vocals),
* Gary Lee Yoder (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar),
* Dehner E. Patten (lead guitar, vocals),
* Chris Lockheed (drums, tabla, harpsichord, maracas, vocals)

ALBUM: 1(A) KAK (Epic 26429) 1969
NB: (1) counterfeited on vinyl in the UK circa 1982 and in Italy (Dino ) 1998. Reissued officially on vinyl by Epic in 1998. Also issued on CD (Epic EK 48534) 199? counterfeited on Israphon (ISR 008). Better still, Kak-Ola (Big Beat CDWIKD 187) 1999, is a twenty track compilation comprising: the original LP, 45 version of Rain, several demos plus 5 Gary Lee Yoder solo tracks including the Flight From The East / Good Time Music 45.
45s: 1 Everything's Changing (mono)/(stereo) (Epic 10383) 1968 2 I've Got Time/Disbelievin' (Epic 10446) 1969

01. HCO 97658
02. Everything's Changing
03. Electric Sailor
04. Disbelievin'
05. I've Got Time
06. Flowing By
07. Bryte 'N' Clear Day
08. Trieulogy
09. Lemonaide Kid
10. Rain (Bonus Track)
11. Everything's Changing(Acaustic Demo) (Bonus Track)
12. I've Got Time(Previously unrelease) (Bonus Track)
13. Medley:Bye Bye/Easy Jack(Previously unrelease) (Bonus Track)
14. Bryte 'N' Clear Day(Previously unrelease) (Bonus Track)
15. Medley:Mirage/Rain(Previously unrelease) (Bonus Track)
16. When Love Comes In(Previously unrelease) (Bonus Track)
17. I Miss You(Previously unrelease) (Bonus Track)
18. Lonely People Blues(Previously unrelease) (Bonus Track)
19. Flight From The East(Bonus Track)
20. Good Time Music(Bonus Track)
Tracks 1 to 15:
*Dehner C. Patten - lead guitar, vocals
*Gary L. Yoder - acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
*Joseph D. Damrell - bass guitar, sitar, tambourine, vocals
*Christopher A. Lockheed - drums, tabla, harpsichord, maraccas, vocals

Tracks 16, 17 and 18:
*Gary L. Yoder - guitar, vocals
*Bruce Stephens - guitar
*Paul Whaley - drums
*Richard Berger - flute
*Ralph Kellogg - keyboards, bass
*Jim Keylor - bass

Tracks 19 and 20:
* Gary L. Yoder - guitar, vocals
*Pete Sears - keyboards
*Bryn Haworth - guitar
*Paul Whaley - drums
*Jim Keylor - bass
*Billie Barnum - backing vocals
Although formed in Davis, California, Kak were based in San Francisco for a good part of 1968, when they recorded their only album. Lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter Gary Lee Yoder and lead guitarist Dehner Patten had been in the Oxford Circle, an obscure early Northern Californian psychedelic band that had cut one garage/psych single ("Foolish Woman"/"Mind Destruction") and played some shows on the San Francisco psychedelic circuit, while bassist Joe-Dave Damrell had been on a 1965 single on Scorpio Records with Group "B".
The self-titled Kak LP was minor-league San Francisco psychedelic rock colored by a lot of influence from bigger Bay Area bands, particularly Moby Grape; the vocal harmonies and curling guitar work on tracks like 'Disbelievin'" and "Everything's Changing" in particular sounded like a more pedestrian Moby Grape. There were also more distant echoes of Quicksilver Messenger Service (in the guitar work) and the Grateful Dead (in faint traces of country-blues-rock). Kak were best, and least derivative, at their quietest, as on the gentle country-tinged rocker "I've Got Time, " the good-time wistful psych-folk-rock of "Lemonade Kid, " and the harpsichord-decorated ballad "Flowing By, " which was as derivative of Donovan as much of their other songs were of Moby Grape.
Kak's album was barely promoted and sold little. It didn't help that the band played less than a dozen shows before breaking up in early 1969, Damrell having already quit prior to the split. Yoder did a single for Epic and and then joined Blue Cheer. The Kak album eventually became a pricey collector item, and was reissued on CD by Big Beat (with the new title Kak-ola) in 1999 with plenty of bonus cuts, including previously unreleased acoustic demos and Yoder solo tracks from the late sixties. ~ by Richie Unterberger.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crazy Elephant - Crazy Elephant (us 1969)

Crazy Elephant - Crazy Elephant (us 1969 extremely rare, original)

Formed: 1968
Disbanded: 1970

- Hal Hing (vocals),
- Kenny Cohen (Flute, Sax, Vocals),
- Ronnie Bretone (Bass),
- Bob Avery (Drums),
- Larry Laufer (Keyboards, Vocals),
- Robert Spencer (vocals).

A1. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' 2:04
A2. Respect 7:25
A3. Pam 2:33
A4. Come to the Farm 3:16
A5. Somewhere 3:45
B1. My Baby (Honey Pie) 2:14
B2. Sunshine, Red Wine 2:30
B3. Heartless (Hertie Gertie) 3:03
B4. Love Strike 2:23
B5. Try This When You're Ready 2:56
B6. Higher and Higher 3:37

Crazy Elephant was one of the seemingly endless aliases employed by the Kasenetz-Katz production duo to market their bubblegum hits of the late 1960s. Primarily a vehicle for session vocalist Robert Spencer -- previously known for his performance with the Cadillacs' post "Speedo" -- Crazy Elephant was the name appended to the Kasenetz-Katz production of the song "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'"; after the master was rejected by Buddah Records, the Super K Productions duo's primary outlet, they instead shopped the track to the Bell label, for whom it fell just shy of the U.S. Top Ten in 1969. Despite the single's success, however, Crazy Elephant failed to reach the charts again, instead becoming yet another interchangeable cog in the Kasenetz-Katz hit machine.
~ by: Jason Ankeny.

After failing to secure a recording contract with Buddah Records, the Kasenetz-Katz production team-sponsored band Crazy Elephant found a home with Bell Records and released a self-titled album. This Rock in Beat release is a straight reissue of that lone album from the band originally released in 1969 and includes one bonus track. The album contains mainly original compositions by band members and Kasenetz and Katz together with an odd psychedelic R&B cover of Otis Redding's "Respect" and the very strange heavy version of the Leonard Bernstein song "Somewhere." While the music on this album does have a bubblegum feel to it, the entire album is more overtly psychedelic with swirling organ, fuzz guitars, and even horns, in the style of a less heavy Vanilla Fudge or Rare Earth. Crazy Elephant did manage to produce a hit single in 1969 with the song "Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin'" that featured vocals by Robert Spencer, former lead vocalist from the '50s band the Cadillacs.
~ Review by: Keith Pettipas.

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... And here is the Repertoire 2006 CD issue with 8 bonus tracks:
~ (Tracklist in comments)

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