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Joe Peace - Finding Peace Of Mind (us 1972)

Joe Peace - Finding Peace of Mind (us 1972)

* Mike Huffman (bass, guitar),
* Tom Lanham (drums),
* Joe Peace (vocals, guitar).

01. Reflections I See   4:08
02. It's Been So Long   5:34
03. Finding Peace of Mind   2:41
04. Welcome Aboard   4:05
05. Sad Surprise   3:13
06. Hello My Lady Friend   2:49
07. High Time We Made Love   4:23
08. Stop Turn Around   5:57
09. Love Me Like a Stranger   4:06
10. Goodbye   2:30

Cincinnati, Ohio was home to this singer-songwriter, who wrote, produced and arranged all 10 tracks on the above album.The album was recorded in Ohio in 1972, after being a long time on road.
Joe Peace was inspirated by Johnny Rivers and his experiences he made on road, when writing his 10 emotional songs for this album, that contains heavy fuzz guitars and powerful voice. Sounds a bit like Darius. Already a very rare album it is worth checking out if you find a copy.
 ~ by dj fanis.
Light good-natured hippie folkrock LP comparable in sound to Brazda Brothers though less consistent. Obvious Neil Young influence typical for the bag, while crude guitar leads add some needed tension. Opens strongly but the last third of the LP is weak with strained vocals and a flower-embellished VW bus mood that becomes one-note. Warm and friendly in a 1960s vibe, but apart from 2-3 excellent tracks mostly for completists.
 ~ by preacher.
"'Modern' singer/songwriter album that was recorded in Ohio in 1972, after being a long time on road. Joe Peace was inspirated by Johnny Rivers and his experiences he made on road, when writing his 10 emotional songs for this album, that contains heavy fuzz guitars and powerful voice. This album is underrated in the collectors scene -- but an all time classic.
 ~ by Forced Exposure.

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Joe Peace - Finding Peace Of Mind (us 1972).rar (71.68 MB)

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Madison Dyke - Zeitmaschine (Ger 1977)

Madison Dyke - Zeitmaschine (Ger 1977)
(German symphonic progressive, remaster edition with 2 bonus tracks)

Formed:  Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany

* Hans-Jürgen Demmer (drums),
* Jürgen Baumann (acoustic & electric guitars, piano, Mellotron, synthesizers, backing vocals),
* Andreas Nedde (acoustic & electric guitars, backing vocals),
* Burkhard Rittler (vocals, flute, Mellotron, percussion),
* Robert Krause (bass),
* Burkhard Engel (drums, percussion)

Related Artists: Firehorse, Iron Intention

01. First step (10:05)
02. Cooking time of an egg (4:09)
03. Next conceptions (6:18)
04. Zeitmaschine (16:40)
Bonus Tracks:   
05. Walkin’   (5:25)
06. Dice-Box   (5:12)

Originating from Hannover, it's not so surprising (as a late arrival on the scene) that Madison Dyke's complex progressive with hard-rock tendencies, was often similar to Jane and Harlis.
Their LP had lengthy tracks with extended instrumentals, with a touch more lyrical fantasy akin to Genesis, and was rather out of character at the time it was released.
No history is known. It had been suggested that Jürgen Baumann could be the Baumann of Baumann/Koek, but this is not so. He later resurfaced in the band Firehorse.
 ~ By Crack In The Cosmic Egg.
The German symphonic scene was so prolific in the 70s that even today we do not know its full breadth, as labels such as Garden of Delights continue to unearth time capsules such as this 1977 one-off by Madison Dyke.
This one was definitely worth rescuing, as all four original tracks offer an interesting synthesis of what was going on at the time in Germany and in UK.
The closest comparison would be Jane circa Earth Air Fire and Water/between Heaven and Hell, with liberal smatterings of Eloy and Genesis, but the preponderance of flute also coerces a nod in the Camel/Jethro Tull direction.
Madison Dyke does sound rawer than any of the above groups except for Jane, but this is an endearing quality and gives them more oomph than you would expect from this style.
The opening cut "First Step", builds slowly and atmospherically with plenty of mellotrons and other keys before the flute enters and the "song" begins. The music is tuneful and ranges from raucous riffs to gentle passages, often with little transition yet sounding quite natural.
"Cooking Time of an Egg" is a delightful mellow piece with plenty of acoustics, delicate flutes, winsome vocals, and a subtle melody. It reminds me of Hackett's "The Virgin and the Gypsy" which it nonetheless pre-dates.
"Next Conceptions" starts off even folkier but quickly becomes a Jane-like affair particularly in the style of lead guitars and the manner in which they are framed by mellotron. Even the vocals recall Jane, yet Madison Dyke somehow seem more genuinely symphonic and less bluesy.The title cut clocks in at over 16 minutes and contains some more interesting dynamics, such as the highly melodic opening lead guitar lines, a rollicking bass, and expertly inserted and syncopatic vocals which are semi-spoken at times. The later part features some nostalgic moog runs. Even if the track is a bit too lengthy for its import, it's still a winner.
The bonus tracks are a mixed bag with "Walkin" being in a straight rock style and not particularly interesting, and "Dice-box" could have fit in well on the original album, and features clever yet accessible changes of rhythm and a certain hard rock sensibility juxtaposed to their trademark flutes.
Madison Dyke produced an excellent album for its time, on par with what many of its longer lived contemporaries were doing. Recommended for fans of German symphonic prog.
 ~ (review by Kenethlevine from progarchives.com).

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Madison Dyke - Zeitmaschine (Ger 1977 progressive).rar (142.02 MB)

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Ray Harlowe and Gyp Fox - First Rays (us 1978)

Ray Harlowe and Gyp Fox - First Rays (us 1978)

A record from Minnesota based songwriter Ray Harlowe and his backing group Gyp Fox.
Their sound is heavily influenced by the blues, country-rock, and the Grateful Dead.

* Ray Harlowe - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
* Wayne B. Case - Vocals, Drums
* J.D. Hall - Guitar
* Dan Hall - Piano, Organ, Guitar
* David Mott - Guitar
* Chuck Musselman - Bass
* Alice and Andy - Background Vocals

(side 1)
01. Go Ahead and Dance   (Ray Harlowe) – 4:21
02. Be Away   (Ray Harlowe) – 3:04
03. Earthy Delights   (Ray Harlowe) – 3:34
04. Danny’s Blues   (Ray Harlowe) – 4:47
(side 2)
01. Cryin’ Shame   (Ray Harlowe) – 4:34
02. Run   (Ray Harlowe) – 2:35
03. Some Sweet Day   (Ray Harlowe) – 4:35
04. My Luck Star   (Ray Harlowe) – 2:35
05. Gettin’ Keyed   (Ray Harlowe) – 6:17  

Nice minneapolis private press that sounds earlier then the “78 release date. quite solid laidback psych jamming with a distinct DEAD vibe, nice organs, great guitar, and sweet obscure palm tree cover art. Still pretty underrated, but gaining interest (and rarity) quickly.
 ~ Time-Lag Records.
Enjoyable local stoned hippie barrock Dead groover with peak in druggy epic "Getting Keyed". True psych vibes from "the bar at the end of the world" to quote one of the album's original advocates. Excellent musical value in relation to the low going rate. The weather always keep changing...
 ~ [PL].
One of those albums that’s known almost exlusively in collector’s circles. Despite the 1978 recording date, this is wasted late 60s/early 70s-style guitar rock in a West Coast bag. The guitar playing is pretty good and the songs have hooks buried here and there. An album that makes you feel like you’ve wandered into a swamp by mistake, but the water is warm and comfortable.
 ~ [AM].
A little bit of groovy swamp music for y'all now. "First Rays" by "Ray Harlowe & Gyp Fox" is a mega rarity folks. This is an American Private Pressing released on the Waterwheel Label. It has featured on an unnamed blog's wishlist for as long as I have been blogging. Up until recently I had five out of the nine tracks. Now I got them all. I also posted "Cecilio & Kapono" album "Night Music" first, a while ago that was also on their wishlist. Just coz I dropped my affiliation with them for various reasons, it doesn't mean that I won't give them what they ultimately want. But I will post them before they find them right. And they will still continue to write nasty things about me on their blog. For the rest of you who all know the problems I have had with this blogger, make sure to REALLY enjoy this. Grab this real cool album here. It will grow on you like slowly sinking in quicksand. Enjoy this trip folks.
 ~ by ??mp3.
The first time I heard this Winona, Minnesota-based outfit I mistook them for the mid-1970s Dead.  ‘Course I’d had a couple of beers that evening, but the lazy, stoned communal vibe, the Garcia-styled twangy guitar, the Pulitzer Prize winning lyrics (just kidding), all had me wondering which Dead album I was hearing.  So let that be a warning to any of you expecting to hear a much hyped psych treasure …   Written and produced by namesake singer/guitarist Harlowe, 1978’s “First Ray” was apparently a vanity project released on the band’s own Minneapolis-based Waterwheel imprint.  Judging by these nine tracks, Harlowe and company weren’t the most accomplished band you’ve ever heard. As lead singer Harlowe had a decent, if limited and occasionally out of tune voice (check out his performance on ‘Cryin’ Shame’), while the band (including three guitarists) were competent, if seldom awe inspiring.  In spite of the obvious Dead-influence, the album was actually quite diverse with ‘Earthy Delights’ and ‘Cryin’ Shame’ featuring modestly discordant jazzy feels (maybe it was just too many drugs), ’My Lucky Star’ found the group taking a stab at country-rock, ‘Some Sweet Day’ was an attempt at being commercial (I’m using a broad definition here), and ‘Danny’s Blues’ offered up an entertaining set of stoned bar band blues before degenerating into a weird Allmans-styled jam segment where each member appeared to be playing a different tune. Technically labeling this an aural disaster wouldn’t be that far off.  Ironically, while that description wouldn’t exactly be a ringing endorsement, the band’s earnest, if highly stoned approach tended to grow on you.  After a couple of spins you became acclimated to the set’s low-keyed, amateurish charm.  Imagine your teenager playing in a local band (hopefully not as chemically impaired) and you’ll get a feeling as to what to expect.  Standout track in terms of material, stoned effects and performance was the rocking closer ‘Getting Keyed’.   Bet they were fun to see in a small club…  
Hopefully someone else out there can explain the connection …  I originally thought ‘Gyp Fox’ referred to the name of Harlowe’s backing band.  Turns out it referred to a guitarist by the same name who played on an album entitled “Ghostdance” (Root River Records catalog number 999) with James Dean Hall and Chuck Musselman.  Anyone got the story?
 ~ by RDTEN1 (RYM).

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Ray Harlowe & Gyp Fox - First Rays (us 1978).rar (66.46 MB)

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Greg Sage - Straight Ahead (us 1985)

Greg Sage - Straight Ahead (us 1985)

Born:    Portland, OR, United States
Currently:    Phoenix, AZ, United States

Member of: Wipers
Related Artists: Beauregarde
Label: Enigma Records (3)
Catalog#: 7 72007-1
Format: Vinyl, LP
Release Date: 1985
Country: US
Genre: Pop/Rock
Style: Alternative Pop/RockAlternative/Indie Rock

A1. Straight Ahead  4:12 
A2. Soul's Tongue  2:45 
A3. Blue Cowboy  3:10 
A4. Your Empathy  2:58 
A5. The Illusion Fades  2:37 
A6. Seems So Clear  1:35 
A7. On The Run  2:12 
B1. Astro Cloud  4:08 
B2. Lost In Space  3:25 
B3. Let It Go  3:08 
B4. World Without Fear  5:05 
B5. Keep On Keepin' On  4:22 

Recorded And Produced by Greg Sage.

Greg Sage was the principal songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist for the influential Portland, Oregon-based punk rock band Wipers.
Greg Sage's first recording was on the pro-wrestler Beauregarde's full length album in 1971 (reissued by Jackpot Records in 2004) when he was age seventeen.
Sage's dark lyrics were rife with references to confusion and severe alienation. His songs took unexpected turns and were typified by fractured melodic passages punctuated by massive, clean, intricate guitar parts. Sage operates his own label, Zeno Records (based in Phoenix, Arizona) and has also recorded several albums as a solo musician. He also builds his own music equipment and built his own studio.
Despite being right-handed, Greg Sage plays guitar left-handed. His instruments of choice are Gibson SGs.
 ~ by wikipedia.
Greg Sage's first stopgap solo album was considerably more controlled than his work in the Wipers. The blackened thrust that made his band famous was replaced with thin, fiddly guitar work, not a rare occurrence in a situation like this, but the cold, raw-boned quality that fans were so fond of had also remained intact. Straight Ahead's worst flaw actually turned out to be what it had to say. Sage's diaphragm drawl stumbled around well-built compositions and articulated truly dreadful lyrics, the album's nadir being "World Without Fear," which was plagued with sullen platitudes and an embarrassingly cliche-wrought Hands Across America humanism.
 ~ by Dean Carlson.
_"We've come too far to end up lost
You can't look back, you just look straight ahead "_
The lead man of the Wipers released this solo album soon after the recording of the Wipers legendary 'Over the Edge' album and whatever Greg Sage was on at the time, he definately turned up with another winner here.  The album is alot more sparse than any of the Wipers stuff ever was, but the vocal delivery and attitude is still there to the hilt. On this album Sage is still singing for the dispossessed and lonely.  He has the rare ability to cut through all the crap that most songwriters blind you with leaving exposed a raw nerve of truth or realisation that perhaps you've had before but couldn't properly articulate. Like the great songwriters Sage can also make you feel how he's feeling and that lonlieness and hopelessness works really well on this record.
Side one is where the images and feelings gather focus but on side two, Sage lets it all rip so that the 5 songs on that side drift through the speakers somewhat akin to floating through an astro cloud.  He's dealing with largely esoteric constructs on side two, beyond images of psychedelic reality, Sage is trying to tap into spiritual/mystical concepts, realities rarely touched upon by songwriters during the eighties. There's a heap of classic tunes offered up on this album.  Side one's '_Straight Ahead_', '_Soul's Tongue_' and '_Blue Cowboy_' could fit into that description, but side two is where this disc reaches legendary status.  '_Astro Cloud_' is a sad song about the emptiness of the human spirit in our times, '_Lost in Space_' deals with states of consciousness beyond everyday constructs of reality,  '_Let it Go_' attempts to document the dismantling of a relationship gone wrong, '_World Without Fear_' is a heartfelt ode to everything that makes this world a bad place to live and '_Keep On Keepin' On_' deals with the survival of depression and the individuals rise above being dragged down by extremely strong emotional forces. Sage is a survivor and musical warrior of the highest order.  This disc is highly recommended and shouldn't be too hard to track down.
 ~ by james_jones (RYM).

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Machingbyrd - The Road To Forbidden Ecstacy (us 1980)

Machingbyrd - The Road to Forbidden Ecstacy (us 1980)

A1. The Road to Forbidden Ecstacy   
A2. Illusion   
A3. By Your Leave   
A4. Hand-to-Mouth   
A5. A Thrill in Disguise   
B1. Cricket Song   
B2. Stronger Than Steel   
B3. His Wildest Dreams   
B4. Simple Symphony   
B5. Mary B. Reel

This has taken me forever to sort out and the file info has driven me insane thanks to this dying computer. The album is entitled 'The Road to Forbidden Ecstacy' (the files may still be named 'ecstasy', if they are please re-title), released in 1980 by a man named Michael Engberg under the pseudonym of Machingbyrd -pronounced 'mach' (as in the speed Mach 3), 'ing', 'bird'.I managed to pick this up about one and a half years ago off an internet store for a fraction of other prices I'd seen (ebay). It was still sealed, but because of the fact it had been sealed for 27 years the record came a bit bowl warped (hence the much lower price). Hopefully you won't notice that in this replication, to my ears the quality is very good. Overall it's a very pleasing acid folk album, one of the many that have been lost in time.
 ~ by disconcerted.
Very rare US acid/folk gem with deep vocals,dreamy keys,tenor sax passages, electric guitar backings, fuzz flashes, folk/rock moves, stoned feel, hippie vibe…
 ~ By: Philmarie (RYM).
This record caught my attention on the Acid Archives when it was described as, "folk and folkrock with psych moves, acoustic and electric guitars, some synth embellishments."  Thought it sounded interesting and so the hunt to find a cheap(ish) copy of the original few that were pressed begun.
Now owning an unplayed copy of the album - well, was unplayed until I got my hands on it! - it had to be heard.  I was maybe figuring it would be something like the Dreamies project of Bill Holt, but it's a lot less synth orientated.  It's almost as much a jazzy folk album as much as it is psych folk.
If you get a copy I'd highly recommend playing it through some decent headphones if only for 'By your leave's kicking bass drum.  I can't seem to hear it through normal speakers, but when the headphones are on it sends my ears insane, the air displacement is fantastic.  'By your leave' is one of the best tracks on the album in my opinion, with that bass drum, the French vocals and the nice synth soundscape, it works beautifully.
'His wildest dreams' (track 8) is really the only track that shows off the synthesiser and he really knew how to incorporate it well into his music.  The short solo is excellent and really helps make it one of the stand out tracks.
The last track, 'Mary B Reel', the only instrumental piece on the album, is a great piece of folk guitar that wouldn't sound out of place on something like Sir Richard Bishop's recent 'Polytheistic Fragments' album.  Timeless.
The only downside of the album is that sometimes the vocals are a bit of a let down, but they're not terrible and something that can definitely be appreciated in accompaniment with the music. I also have to admit that my rating partly reflects the fact that this is a rare piece and that I'm proud to be an owner of a copy, but on the music alone I definitely wouldn't rate this below 3.5.  Fairest would probably be 4/5.
These days he is making music under his own name, Michael Engberg.
 ~ By: Disconcerted (RYM).

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Machingbyrd - The Road To Forbidden Ecstacy (us 1980).rar (70.94 MB)


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Midnight Circus - Midnight Circus (Ger 1972)

Midnight Circus - Midnight Circus (Ger 1972, CMP 602-2 remastered)

* Christian Bollmann (vocals,guitar),
* Torsten Schmidt (vocals,guitar).
* Thomas Engel (drums),
* Veit Madaus (keyboards),
* Dave Crocket (bass),
* Rainer Marz (guitar).

Arranged By - Christian Bollmann , Thorsten Schmidt
Written-By - Midnight Circus

Tracks 1 to 7 published by bellver Musikverlag
Track 8 published by Popo Music
Track 9 published by Bacillus Music
(P) 1972 Bacillus
Made under license from Bellaphon
(C) 2003 citystudio media production
printed in germany by pallas group

01. The Light  5:53
02. I Had A Dream  3:29
03. November Church  8:53
04. Mr. Clown  2:57
05. Indian Impression  2:18
06. Disappointed Love  3:54
07. Meditation  5:23
08. Coloured Gay (Bonus)  3:01
09. Get It (Bonus)  3:06

Midnight Circus were essentially the folk-rock-with-progressive-tendencies duo of Christian Bollmann and Torsten Schmitt, who made just the one self-titled album in 1972. Between them, they shared the vocal and acoustic guitar work, with Bollmann adding recorder and trumpet (notably the solo on longest and best track November Church) and various guest musicians filling out the sound. Midnight Circus is good with several of the songs operating in ‘meandering and slightly stoned’ mode, although some interesting instrumentation helps to lift it out of the also-ran category.
Amongst the album’s guests was Veit Madaus on keys, who played instantly-recognisable Mellotron strings on I Had A Dream, with less obvious brass on November Church, with more of what sounds like both on one of the bonus tracks, “Get It”, with a particularly abrasive and upfront brass part.
 ~ (Review from planetmellotron.com).
A very obscure and difficult to locate album produced in Germany in the early-70's. This is a dreamy progressive folk album that appears to be a duo augmented by sessions musicians (in the manner of Witthuser + Westrupp but with vocals sung in English). The album does venture out into a tougher rock sound at times while at others it will float on a bed of mellotron sound which hazily recalls the sound of early King Crimson or The Moody Blues. A very interestibng and rare album which is well worth a listen. This reissue contains two bonus tracks.
 ~ by vinyl kiosk.

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Midnight Circus - Midnight Circus (Ger 1972, CMP 602-2 remastered).rar (88.62 MB)

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V.A. - The Psychedelic Voyage (26 tracks of rare 1960s psychedelia) (Bon Voyage)

V.A. - The Psychedelic Voyage (Bon Voyage)
(Nazerman 1998) (26 tracks of 1960s Rare Psych)

Various - The Psychedelic Voyage (Bon Voyage)
Label: Not On Label,
Catalog#: CAMCD 01, CAM 1
Format: CD, Compilation
Released: 1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock

00. The Voice (London): The Train To Disaster (4/1966)
01. Tac Poum Systeme (France): Asmodai (1971)
02. The Ones (Berlin): Lady Greengrass (1967)
03. Kiss Inc.: Hey Mr. Holy Man
04. The Gee Bros: Let Me Find The Sun (1968)
05. Keith Meehan (UK): Darkness Of My Life (8/1969)
06. The Flower Travelling Band (Tokyo): Satori Part 1
07. The Flower Travelling Band: Satori Part 2
08. The Lewis & Clarke Expedition (L.A.): Blue Revelation (1967)
09. Piccadilly Line (UK): Yellow Rainbow (7/1968)
10. The Petards (Schrecksbach, Germany): Rainbows And Butterflies (1968)
11. The Petards: Tartarex (1969)
12. Almond Lettuce (UK): Magic Circle (4/1969)
13. Fickle Pickle (UK): Sam & Sadie (1970)
14. Kaplan (UK): I Like (1968)
15. The Admirals (Stockport, UK): In The Promised Land (1965)
16. The Shirelli: I'll Stay By Your Side
17. Jacqueline Taieb (France): 7:00 A.M. (1967)
18. Vanilla Fudge (N.Y.C.): Some Velvet Morning
19. The Sleepy (UK): Love's Immortal Fire (7/1968)
20. The Beloved Ones (UK): Land Of Shadow
21. The Rugbys (Louisville, US): Stay With Me (6/1969)
22. The Pirates: Shades Of Blue
23. The Shames: Greenburg, Clickstein, Charles, Davies, Smith & Jones
24. The Smoke (UK): Dreams Of Dreams (1970)
25. The Smoke: My Birth (1970)
26. The Poppy Family (Vancouver): Shadows On My Wall (1970)

The subtitle appears only on the CD itself.
Catalog-no. on the CD: CAMCD 01
Catalog-no. on the spine: CAM 1

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V.A. - The Psychedelic Voyage (26 tracks of rare 1960s psychedelia).rar (93.83 MB)