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Virgin's Dream - The X-Tapes 71-72 (Ger 2001)

Virgin's Dream - The X-Tapes 71-72 (Ger 2001) (Krautrock rarity - only 300 pressed)

Formed: 1968, Germany

* Charly Weißschädel (bass),
* Winfried "Jazzy" Rüger (guitar),
* Rolf Trenkler (piano, guitar, vocals),
* Theo Marpe (drums),
* Frank Pieper (drums).

01. Wake up 1:20
02. Evening star 2:20
03. Der blaue Kapuzinermönch 17:17
04. Rainy day in June 9:20
05. The well 11:35
06. El dorado 3:40
07. The galant knight 3:33
08. I am one of those 4:50

...The Virgins first saw the light of day as “Virgin’s Blue Dream” in Essen, Germany at the beginning of 1968, founded as a blues-band, but actually they never played the old blues, because at that time a lot of new exciting and unforeseen musical developments shattered the rock-musicworld that practically no one in the business could escape, not even a bit honest (and boring) band like the Beatles. Their album Sgt.Pepper still today delivers evidence of that…so the Virgins too made themselves up to sail to yet unexplored musical shores.The biggest part on this development probably had a certain Dr.Hofmann, who in 1938 discovered by incident a chemical compound that showed some really strange peculiarities and, starting about 1965, began to enjoy rapidly growing popularity among young people under the name of lysergicaciddiethylamide - LSD25...
But better let΄s stay with the Virgins !They made their first steps to world fame in the youth-center of their hometown Essen but pretty fast they grew out of this scene and got to be known outside the cityborders, what at that times wasn’t that easy, because the bands shot like mushrooms, and there were a lot of clubs, festivals and concerts in which the bands could present themselves.But Virgin’s Dream always were a tic more creative, complex, fuller of spirit and also technically better than all of the others.At the end of their carrier (in the beginning of 1972) the band had reached cult status in the area of Northrhine Westfalia, was on the way to be known all over Germany and a first album was planned.Unfortunately for the world it didn΄t come to that because bandleader and songwriter Rolf Trenkler decided to seek his luck on an odyssey that took him as a professional musician to Greece and later to Syria and the Lebanon and finally to New York City... (more infos included).
~ taken from Reinhold Horst's 11/2000 review.
Here is an ultra-rare record from a german band that sounds very different from the kraut fraction or the symphonic proggers. In their time the Virgins had cult-status in Western Germany because of their incredibly energetic live performances, nowadays they are totally forgotten, mainly due to the fact that they never released an official record (the band split up at the beginning of 1972 - just at the time when a first LP by a major record company was in planning). Everything from them that survived were some demo recordings (mostly live) that i had saved for about 30 years on a cassette-tape. Even Rolf Trenkler, former bandleader and songwriter, did not possess a single recording of his youth sins. In 1999 i gave the tape to him and he overworked and denoised it as good as it was possible. From the result a private pressing of 300 CD/s was made as a giveaway to friends; it was never sold officially. The music is quite unique, i couldn/t name another band that sounds like them. There are melodious songparts reminiscent of the wonderful UK band "Cressida" changing with very energetic and driving parts a bit in the style of early "Soft Machine" and Mr.Trenkler/s guitarplaying reminds me a lot of John Cippolina from "Quicksilver Messenger Service". Overall the music could best be described as acid-psych of complex nature, with lots of sudden tempo and rhythm changes. The sound quality still is quite limited, nevertheless the record is a real collector/s item. If you are into sixties "Underground" stuff, don/t miss it. This is another "Garden of Delights" exclusive, you won/t find it elsewhere.
~ Review by Unicorn.

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Virgins Dream - The X-Tapes (Ger 1971) (Krautrock rarity - only 300 pressed).rar (77.35 MB)

U.S. Apple Corps - U.S. Apple Corps (us 1970)

U.S. Apple Corps - U.S. Apple Corps (us 1970, Christian psych-rock)

Genre: Christian rock
Title: U.S. Apple Corps
Company: SSS International
Catalog: SSS-12
Year: 1970
Country/State: US

* Bryant Sterling (aka Denis Bryant) - (vocals),
* Jeff Pocoro (drumms),
* Tommy Shaw (lead guitar),
* Jacob Stokes (bass).

Track listing:
(side 1)
01.) Ain't It Like Him (Edwin Hawkins) - 3:35
02.) Peace In the Valley (Steve S. Singleton) - 5:10
03.) Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Steve S. Singleton) - 3:44
(side 2)
01.) Down By the Riverside (Steve S. Singleton) - 4:33
02.) Ride On King Jesus (D. Norwood) - 4:42
03.) Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Steve S. Singleton) - 5:42

There are two non-LP singles:
- 1969's 'Prayer for Peace' b/w 'Peace-Live' (SSS International catalog number SSS-840)
- 1970's 'Elijah Stone' b/w 'Closer To the Man' (SSS International catalog number SSS-851).
There's also a single off of the sophomore set:
- 1970's 'HIgh On King Jesus' b/w 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' (SSS International catalog number SSS-829)
In the late 60's and into the 70's many rock and folk bands discovered that they loved making music, but they love Jesus even more. Artists like Norman Greenbaum, People, Brewer & Shipley, Five Man Electrical Band, The Glass Harp, Argent...and yes The U.S. Apple Corps all combined rock n' roll with Jesus Christ with mixed results...
The music presented here is solid, Christian based blues rock. It does flirt with psychedelia and even almost approaches acid rock. There is also a helping of 60's soul and gospel obviously. U.S. Apple Corps almost sound like an American version of Ten Years After, albeit more generic and Christian. The organ flourishes really help with this music, it makes it much more interesting than it should be. The guitar is decent, its pretty twangy and bluesy. The problem with this band (and almost all other Christian rock bands) is it is too damn preachy. They demand that we repent and live like Jesus would. I guess when all is said and done, this music is pretty good, but I'll take similar bands that are secular over this stuff any day.
~ by SleepObsessed (RYM).
While his business dealings may have left lots to be desired (nobody ever said music was a pretty business), Shelby Singleton's an interesting guy. His musical interests were quite diverse and I'm not sure if anyone's every cataloged his eclectic musical 'catalog'. Someday I may have to do a little research into the man.
Like most Singleton projects, U.S. Apple Corps provided little in the way of performing credits, though the back cover photo showed a motley looking six piece outfit, including a black female vocalist. A couple of internet queries quickly uncovered the band was originally fronted by then 15-year old singer Bryant Sterling (aka Denis Bryant). Bryant and his band had apparently begun to attract some late-1960s interest on the club circuit, when they attracted the attention of Shelby SIngleton who then signed them to a contract with his Nashville-based SSS International label. Unimpressed with the rest of the band, prior to recording the band's debut Singleton dumped everyone but Bryant, subsequently teaming him with a group of Nashville studio musicians including drummer Jeff Pocoro, lead guitarist Tommy Shaw and bass player Jacob Stokes. As an aside, in a brief exchange of emails Bryant mentioned the female singer was recruited from a church next door to the recording studio.
Produced by Steve Singleton (whom I'm guessing was Shelby's son), 1970's "U.S. Apple Corps" offered up an interesting hybrid of Jesus rock, Southern soul and conventional rock. Recorded in three days, Bryant reportedly came up with the idea to re-record a series of classic gospel and religious tracks with contemporary rock and soul arrangements. While the idea may not have sounded all that promising, powered by Bryant's strong voice (which to my ears bore a resemblance to Spooky Tooth's Gary Wright) and some tasty fuzz lead guitar (recalling Delaney and Bonnie era Bobby Whitlock), the performances were all quite impressive. The emphasis was clearly on the music and with a couple of exceptions ('Ride On King Jesus') the material's religious quotient wasn't overwhelming. If you heard most of these tracks on the radio you'd have been hard pressed to identify them as being Christian rock. Highlights included the blazing cover of Edwin Hawkin's 'Peace In the Valley' and the hard rock remake of 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken'. The results were even more impressive when you recognized Bryant was only 15 when he recorded the LP. Like the Box Tops' Alex Chilton you had to wonder where a kid got vocal chops like that! (Promo copies were pressed on blue vinyl and apparently included a large insert.
~ by Badcatrecords.

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The Novells - That Did It (A Happening With The Novells) (us 1969, Mothers Lp)

The Novells - That Did It (A Happening with The Novells) (us 1969, Mothers Lp)

Formed: Los Angeles, CA, United States

* Robert Archer (Vocals, guitar, keyboard and fiddle),
* Ed Benson (Vocals, guitar and keyboard),
* Chip [Frederic] Moore (Vocals, drums, percussion and Xylophone),
* Terry Tibbetts (Vocals and bass).

1(A) THAT DID IT! A HAPPENING, INC. (Mothers Records MRS-73) 1968/9
1 Almost There/Sunshine Of Your Love (Mothers 1312) 1968/9

01. Almost There
02. Love
03. Age Of Innocence
04. Glass House
05. Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
06. Pink Wall Paper
07. Sunshine Of Your Love
08. Tomorrow's Yesterday
09. Only You
10. Can't Ya See It
11. Time To Show Her

A L.A.-based outfit whose album is at present only a very minor collectable. Seriously arty pop it mixes soft melodies with searing acidic guitar - tracks like Love (a Lee Michaels cover) owe a heavy debt to the Vanilla Fudge school. With covers of Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay and Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love amongst freshly-scrubbed harmony pop, this group seemed to be in a quandary - "are we just another pop group or a serious rock band?" The resulting dichotomy won't convince fans of either genre, so the LP is disappointing and best described as patchy. Love has also resurfaced on Sixties Archive Vol. 8 (CD), Turds On A Bum Ride Vol. 1 & 2 (Dble CD) and Turds On A Bum Ride, Vol. 1 (Dble LP).
~ (Vernon Joynson / Max Waller / Stephane Rebeschini) / Fuzz,Acid & Flowers
The album is a mixture of originals and covers (for instance "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" which is a great pop version and "Sunshine of Your Love" which is pretty lame). Just about all the other songs have fantastic guitar, cool harmonized vocals, very competent drums, and melodic hooks. It's pop/psych but some tracks sound more garage-y, like "Pink Wallpaper". "Almost There" was a single, and is a good punchy track with tempo changes. "Pink Wallpaper", "Age of Innocence", "Only You" (not The Platters song!) and "Glass House" all stand out as well constructed and delivered songs by what sounds like a pretty youthful group. They have a delightful period naivety to their sound and a lot of it sounds like it could be used as sound library hire-out material for insertion into US TV series of the day. Overall, it's a very good and undiscovered pop album with enough guitar attack and melodic hooks...
~ from wikipedia.
The album is a nice blend of pop melodies with a slant towards hard rock. Tasty fuzz guitars on the track "Love" (a Lee Michaels cover) and a great cover of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" A passable psych pop group as well as a serious rock band. Album produced by Boyce and Hart, members of The Monkees.
~ from

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The Novells - That Did It (A Happening With The Novells) (us 1969, Mothers Lp).rar (80.23 MB)

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The Nite People - P.M. (uk 1969)

The Nite People - P.M. (uk 1969)

* Patrick Bell - sax,
* Barry Curtis - organ,
* Christopher Feruson guitars,
* Francis Gordon - guitars,
* Jimmy Warwick - vocals, guitars,
* Martin Clark - bass.

1(B) P.M. (Page One POLS 025) 1969 R3

1 Sweet Tasting Wine/Nobody But You (Fontana TF 747) 1966
2 Trying To Find Another Man/Stay As Sweet As You Are (Fontana TF 808) 1967
3 Summertime Blues/In The Springtime (Fontana TF 885) 1967
4 Morning Sun/Weird And Funny (Fontana TF 919) 1968
5 Love, Love, Love/Hot Smoke And Sassafras (Page One POF 149) 1969
6 Is This A Dream/Cream Tea (Page One POF 159) 1969
7 Season Of The Rain/P.M. (Page One POF 174) 1969

01. P.M.
02. Rock Island Line
03. Train and a River
04. Reach Out I'll be There
05. Funky Hoe
06. Season of the Rain
07. Native Land
08. North Canadian Paradise
09. Delilah
10. Peaches En Regalia

Total Time: 39:43

"Very limited edition of 500 copies of this much sought after 1969 UK heavy progressive rock album that was released on Larry Page's label. Featuring some stunning fluid guitar work and swirling keyboard flourishes this great album mixes psych/progressive covers of "Reach Out I'll Be There," "Delilah," and "Peaches En Regalia" with some fine originals".
~ by: folski (RYM).
A progressive rock outfit from Southampton whose music was characterised by a heavy organ and guitar sound. Their album included a rework of Frank Zappa's Peaches en Regalia, but their finest moment was their Morning Sun 45 for Fontana, which was written and produced by the Spencer Davis Group. Their version of Hot Smoke and Sassafras can also be heard on Glimpses, Vol. 1. They relied a lot on cover versions on their 45s; Sweet Tasting Wine (Tony Colton), Trying To Find Another Man (Righteous Brothers oldie) and Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran).
~ by: Eliahu .

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Faithful Breath - Fading Beauty (Ger 1973)

Faithful Breath - Fading Beauty (Germany 1973)

Formed: 1967, Witten, Germany
Disbanded: 1987 //

* Heinz Mikus (Lead Vocals, Guitars),
* Horst Stabenow (Guitars, Bass),
* Manfred von Buttlar (Guitars, Piano, Organ),
* Jurgen Weritz (Drums).

Produced by Boggi Kopec and Faithful Breath.
Total Playing Time - 44:11.

A1. Autumn Fantasia: Fading Beauty 12:08
A2. Autumn Fantasia: Lingering Cold 10:25
B1. Tharsis 21:38

The origins of Faithful Breath are somewhat obscure. Originally they were a symphonic rock band, in fact one of the earliest of the genre in Germany. Their debut album FADING BEAUTY has indeed justly become revered as a classic, having lengthy side-long suites, composed of a melodic, oft-sedate and dramatic rock, driven on by vast washes of keyboards (lots of Mellotron and synthesizers) and lengthy involved instrumentals, merging in with mysterious songs with a science fiction fantasy concept. Several years on (and after many line-up changes, in fact they were a guitar/keyboards/drums trio at one point) they returned with the album BACK ON MY HILL, which presented a less esoteric but still interesting rock music with contrasting LP sides: one of shorter hard-rock based tracks, and the other a lengthy suite spurred on by majestic Mellotron orchestrations. Later, with only one original member, Faithful Breath have become a Heavy Metal band gaining some international success, but far from their former glories and out of the scope of this book!
~ "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" by Steven Freeman & Alan Freeman.

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The Forum Quorum - The Forum Quorum (us 1968)

The Forum Quorum - The Forum Quorum (us 1968) (Decca DL 75030)

Formed: New York, NY, United States
Disbanded: 1969 //

* Sturg Pardalis - (electric bouzouki, guitar, vocals),
* Sal Palazzolo - (guitar, vocals),
* Roger Calleo - (keyboards, flute, vocals),
* Brian Albano - (drums),
* Mike Batalla - (bass),
* Bobby Castaldo - (bass, 1967-69).

01. Girl Make Up Your Mind (2:59)
02. Monologue (2:40)
03. 51st Thought (3:38)
04. There’s No Runnin’ Away (2:58)
05. A Summer’s Day (2:21)
06. Misery (2:35)
07. Your Turn To Cry (2:41)
08. No More Tears (2:55)
09. (I Wanna) Testify (4:49)
10. Just The Same (2:41)
11. Synopsis (3:51)

New York City (Astoria) quintet playing punk- psych with some middle east influence. Pretends to be Greco-Roman Influence, with Electric Bouzouki, Greek Classical Guitar and amplified flute.“Forum Quorum”, while signed on the Decca Label, released one album produced by Milt Gabler with musical supervision by Gus Pardalis , did two movie soundtracks and several TV appearances.They also shared the stage with the legendary Jimi Hendrix and were the "warm up" band for 'Gladys Knight and The Pips' at The Westbury Music Fair in Westbury, Long Island, NY.
~ by dj fanis.
Nice record from this forgotten New York band, released on Decca in 1968. These guys could have, should have, would have as they had quite a long list of accomplishments. This is one of those LP’s that shouldn’t be neglected, maybe someday a cool reissue label like Sundazed will give this thing a proper reintroduction. For a great in depth and detailed history of the Forum Quorum go here:
~ Internet Source.

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Ofege - Try And Love (Nigeria 1973)

Ofege - Try and Love (Nigeria 1973)

Formed: Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

* Melvin "Noks" Ukachi (vocals),
* Soga Benson (guitar),
* Dapo Olumide (keyboards),
* Paul Allade (bass, vocals),
* M-Ike Meme (drums, vocals),
* Felix Inneh (percussions).

A1. Nobody Fails
A2. Whizzy Ilabo
A3. Gbe Mi Lo
A4. Try and Love
B1. It's Not Easy
B2. Ofege
B3. You Say No
B4. Lead Me On

Nigerian high school students. Afrobeat/pop with psych-fuzz guitar solos. Very very catchy stuff! It may sound a little slight at first, but the tunes really grow on you, and the grooves are as irresistable as a Fela record. This one goes for hundreds of bucks on eBay. One track from this album appears on the African volume of the Peace, Love, and Poetry series.
~ Internet Source.
Ofege was formed by a bunch of teenage hipsters at the prestigious St. Gregory's College in the Obalende area of Lagos. Comband Razor described them as "a cross between the Bay City Rollers and Santana". He also said "It's clear that for Ofege, songs were largely incidental, little more than excuses to launch into insane, distorted guitar solos. It's also very clear that they smoked a lot of weed."
"The Last Of The Origins" is a great rock record with a rather psychedelic approach. The rhythm section is attractive and complex and has African inspirations. The songs themselves aren’t really great lyrically, but the drive is incredible, and everywhere they can they add attention to instrumental parts where the organ, in a psychedelic way takes care of mind-losing groove, while fuzz guitars soar and improvise. The vocals can be post-60s, a bit Stones like or just leave themselves flooding with the psychedelic drive.
"Try and Love" from the same year was published actually before "The Last of the Origins". "Nobody Fails" continues in the same vain, with slight what I called post-60s harmony vocals (also especially “It’s not easy” has such vocals). Also here in this song the fuzz breaks out/breaks free, wild and uncompromising, while the rhythms in an African way are repeated and smoothly carry the song. Also here the bits of funky elements are completely dissolved in the psychedelic effect of all. The rhythms are complex and groovy.
It took some years before other albums appeared. Some members still had to finish university...
~ by

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Blops - Blops (Chile 1970)

Blops - Blops (Chile 1970)

Formed: 1964, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Country: Chile
Genre: Folk Rock
Style: Progressive Folk / Psychedelic Folk

* Julio Villalobos (vocals, guitars, 1964-72),
* Alejandro Greene (guitars, 1964-66),
* Pedro Greene (drums, 1964-70, 2001-03),
* Andres Orrego (vocals, 1966–69),
* Felipe Orrego (guitars, 1968-69),
* Juan Pablo Orrego, (vocals, bass, 1966-74, 1978-81, 2001-03),
* Eduardo Gatti (vocals, guitars, 1969-74, 1978-81, 2001-03),
* Juan Contreras (keyboards, flute, 1969-73),
* Sergio Bezard (drums, 1969-73),
* Juan Carlos Villegas (keyboards, 1972-73),
* Carlos Fernandez (guitars, keyboards, 1974, 2001-03),
* Jaime Labarca (drums, percussion, 1978-81),
* Andres Pollak (keyboards, 2001-02).

01. Barroquita
02. Los Momentos
03. La Muerte del rey
04. Niebla
05. Vertigo
06. La Manana y el Jardin
07. Santiago el Oscurece el Pelo en el Agua
08. Patita
09. Atlantico
10. Maquinaria

This is the debut self titled album from Blops. They had a pretty vanguardist proposal at the time. It was an experimental album of poetry and beautiful hippie rock that includes flutes, acoustic guitars, but also some electric guitar solos. Eduardo Gatti sings only on "Los Momentos" and "Valle De Los Espejos" both beautiful acoustic ballads. "Los Momentos" was the most popular song in Chile at the beginnings of the 70's along with Los Jaivas "Todos Juntos". It's quite funny the story about how "Los Momentos" got included in the album. Gatti wrote the song where he was on Europe at a clinic in Paris and he wasn't quite sure if the song was good enough to be part of the record, so he showed it to the rest of the band while Blops were finishing the recordings for the album. Everybody loved the song and it got included at the very last moment. Since that and even today it is one of the most remembered songs from those times and it's a classic that people keeps on singing it when someone at a friends reunion pick up a guitar in order to play it. but the album stands out for more than just "Los Momentos". It has wonderful melodies and great songs by one of the most influential Chilean bands of the 70's. In my opinion this album is better than their second one Del Volar De Las Palomas and it's quite different from the progressive rock album Locomotora which is also awesome, but has an entirely different sound.
~ by Multiverse (RYM).

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Blops - Locomotora (Chile 1973)

Blops - Locomotora (Chile 1973)

Formed: 1964, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Country: Chile
Genre: Folk Rock
Style: Progressive Folk / Psychedelic Folk
Total Time: 41:17

* Julio Villalobos (vocals, guitars, 1964-72),
* Alejandro Greene (guitars, 1964-66),
* Pedro Greene (drums, 1964-70, 2001-03),
* Andrés Orrego (vocals, 1966–69),
* Felipe Orrego (guitars, 1968-69),
* Juan Pablo Orrego, (vocals, bass, 1966-74, 1978-81, 2001-03),
* Eduardo Gatti (vocals, guitars, 1969-74, 1978-81, 2001-03),
* Juan Contreras (keyboards, flute, 1969-73),
* Sergio Bezard (drums, 1969-73),
* Juan Carlos Villegas (keyboards, 1972-73),
* Carlos Fernández (guitars, keyboards, 1974, 2001-03),
* Jaime Labarca (drums, percussion, 1978-81),
* Andrés Pollak (keyboards, 2001-02).

Members at this album:
* Eduardo Gatti ,
* Juan Pablo Orrego,
* Sergio Bezard,
* Juan Carlos Villega,
* Juan Contreras.

01. Allegro Ma Non Troppo
02. Tartaleta De Frutillas
03. Locomotora
04. Pirómano
05. Sandokán

West coast styled psych with folky jamming and some trippy guitar, flute and keyboard interplay.
~ Internet Source.
A sudden change in style. Still delicately played, but very progressive rock with jazzy touches. First track is progressive Rock with Tull like flutes. The second track is similar. "Locomotora" has an experimental rock start, then continues with a nice '70's prog rock that is the most progressive track from Chile from those days. Last track has very beautiful organ combined with freaky progressive rock.
~ by progressive.homestead.
This is an excellent instrumental album with 5 long rock songs. The hippie/poetic band experimented a lot into this one. There are great keyboard sections, progressive rock scales, latin rhythms, flutes and strange noises. "Allegro Ma Non Troppo" is a wonderful song that starts really slow and gets faster and more complex adding a good structure of flutes, a captivating bass line, rocking guitar solos and some amazing keyboards to delivered an over 12 minutes rock piece. "Tartaleta de Frutillas" has some Eduardo Gatti's voices, but no lyrics at all. The bass, the drums and the flutes become a beautiful basic structure to the song that later transforms into an experimental rock piece with fast keyboard solos a bit like Iron Butterfly. "Pirómano" is a very experimental piece that reaches a very fast velocity. "Locomotora" is a combination of progressive rock and hippie music and has some Genesis resemblances. "Sandokán" is the weirdest song on the album having a rock rhythm and a strange melody. Very experimental. The album is a classic. It was a major step for chilean rock.
~ by Multiverse (RYM).

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Brigg - Brigg (us 1973)

Brigg - Brigg (us 1973, Psychedelic FolkRock)

Formed: Northumberland, PA, United States

* Rusty Foulke (guitar, vocals),
* Jeff Willoughby (bass, percussion, flute, vocals),
* Rob Morse (guitar, vocals),
Additional musicians:
* Rick Klinger (percussion),
* Webb Kline (keyboards) .

Related Artists: Hybrid Ice.

01. Hey Mister (3:17)
02. Universe (5:31)
03. Took It Away (3:35)
04. New Found Rain (2:37)
05. If Only You Could See Me Now (3:22)
06. The War Is Over (2:53)
07. Linda (5:33)
08. And You Know (2:45)
09. Sneaker Tounge (0:32)
Total time:28:11

CD reissue of this rare US melodic rural hippy rock album from 1973. Good harmonies and songs with some fine folk tinged psychedelic electric and acoustic rock music, make for a sought after obscurity.. This is an album of folk tinged psychedelic rock, from a Northumberland, Pennsylvania band, although some dealers have previously listed them as Canadian. Not a particularly memorable album, but quite pleasant.
~ Internet Source.
Outstanding 1973 PA folkpsych trio with an incredibly wasted vibe. Roughly half of this is heavy rock, like a second rate Grand Funk or Frost, and these songs are just mediocre, with "If Only You Could See Me Now" being the best by way of it's off kilter timing and phased-out wah guitar. The other half is what we are all really here for: totally loaded, extended, spacey rural-vibe psych folk. "Universe" is the total kicker, loaded in opiate fueled cosmic ether. It's so slow and laid back that it almost moves backwards. Time has no meaning, or is lost completely. Above the strummed acoustic bliss there are spaced out effects that just really make this fucker out, like if Jandek was really talented on You Walk Alone and tried to make a commercial (well, uh, sorta) sounding folkpsych album. Flutes appear on other tracks, giving this a Topanga Canyon hippie vibe at times. A totally great windowpane rainy day escapist monster. Buy and fry.
~ By Chadkelsey (RYM).

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Brigg - Brigg (us 1973).rar (58.7 MB)

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Änglabarn - Änglabarn (Sweden 1973)

Änglabarn - Änglabarn (Swe 1973)
(ULTRA RARE PRIVATE Swedish prog-psych-folk LP.)
In book "Scented Gardens Of The Mind" by Asbjornsen p. 430. RECOMMENDED!

* Dan Tillberg (vocals, guitar),
* Sven I. Ohlsson (vocals, bass, guitar).

01. Änglabarn 1:32
02. I Färger 2:57
03. Se På Mej 3:02
04. I Skuggan Av Ditt Brott (Tillägnad Titti) 5:04
05. En Kvinnas Dröm 3:37
06. Den Lilla 6:40
07. Frihet, Fred Och Mat 4:30
08. Tag Min Oro 3:49
09. I Lyckans Land 3:04
10. Morfar 5:47
11. Dikt Och Vers 1:20
12. Ur Drömmen (Nights In White Satin) 4:53

Very very rare album from Sweden, quite good singer songwriter album with a full symphony orchestra on some songs, all songs in swedish. Last song is a cover of "Nights in white satin".
~ by: Solstrimma (RYM).
Anglabarn was a Swedish duo comprised of guitarist Dan Tillberg and bassist Sven Ohlsson, both of whom sang. Their lone 1973 release, made with the aid of eighteen (!) session musicians, fairly defines the term “vanity production”. Due to a mix of different styles, recording techniques and the presence of a couple of tracks that were transparently recorded live, one gets the idea that this was recorded over the course of several years. Particularly as much of the material is rather dated for 1973, fuzz-psychedelia on one or two tracks and lots of hippie folk. The album is capped off by a lush, string-laden rendition of Nights In White Satin with Swedish lyrics entitled Ur drommen (Nights in white satin).
~ by: Progbear.

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