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Food - Forever Is A Dream (us 1969)

Food - Forever Is a Dream (us 1969)

Formed: Chicago, IL, United States

*Ted Ashford (keybords),
*Erick Scott Filipowitz (bass),
*Barry Mraz (drums),
*Steve White (vocals),
*Bill Wukovich (guitar).

side 1
01. Forever Is a Dream (Ted Ashford - Steve White - Bill Wukovich) - 4:05
02. Native Prayers (Bill Wukovich) - 6:25
03. No (Ted Ashfrod) - 2:46
04. Lady Miss Ann (Steve White - Bill Wukovich) - 3:09
05. Fountains of My Mind (Ted Ashford - Steve White) - 3:09
06. Coming Back (Steve White - Bill Wukovich) - 3:03
side 2
01. What It Seems To Be (Steve White) - 6:03
02. Inside the Mirror (Bill Wukovich) - 2:22
03. Marbled Wings (Bill Wukovich) - 3:19
04. Traveling Light (Ted Ashford - Steve White - Bill Wukovich) - 2:42
05. Leaves (Ted Ashford - Steve White) - 3:38
06. Here We Go Again (Steve White) - 3:23

This one's always been somewhat of a mystery to us. First off, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of biographical info on these guys. They certainly didn't leave behind an extensive catalog. Besides, how come the cover shows four guys, while the liner notes and the back cover photo show the band to be a five piece ... who's missing on the cover? Chicago-based Food sported a line up consisting of keyboardist Ted Ashford, bassist Eric Scott Flipowitz, drummer Barry Mraz, singer Steve Whiteand guitarist Bill Wukovich. If you subscribe to the popular story they were discovered by the same outfit that found Grand Funk Railroad. Along with Grand Funk, they were signed by Capitol, but with Grand Funk generating strong sales, Capitol lost all interest in Food. Produced by Ashford "Forever Is a Dream" is pretty darned impressive. True, it may not be the year's most original offering, but with three of the five members contributing material, material such as the extended title track, "What It Seems To Be" and "Marbled Wings" is literally drenched in a dense and dreamy aura. It's all wrapped up in a series of attractive melodies, intriguing lyrics, coupled with plenty of fuzz guitar, whacked out drumming and interesting bits of orchestration, including some surprisingly nice horn charts ("No"). Elsewhere, on material such as "Native Prayers" and "Fountains of My Mind" vocalist White sounds like he's been partying pretty hard. Great headphone album !!!
Supposedly a couple of these songs were used in the soundtrack for the porn flick 'The Babysitters'.
~ by RDTEN1 (RYM).
"Mysterious, wondrous masterpiece that most collectors dismiss as the little brother to the other Capitol monsters (Gandalf and Common People) when it's actually the best of the three. Intensely emotional and dramatic; these guys had a vision and multiple listens begin to reveal its depth. String-laden ballads hold hands with fleeting blasts of power chords. Bits and pieces that seem to have no purpose blend together to create a surprisingly coherent whole. It's hard to know if they even intended this to be a 'concept album,' but it's definitely a case of the whole being more then the sum of the pieces, good as the pieces are."
~ by Acid Archives.

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Filename: Food - Forever Is A Dream (us 1969).rar Size: 70.65 MB

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R.I.P. Sky Saxon

Born: 1946, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Died: June 25, 2009 // Austin, TX, United States

Member of:
The Seeds, Sky Saxon & the Seeds

Also Known As:
Richard Marsh [birth name], Little Richie Marsh, Sky Sunlight Saxon.

Sky Sunlight Saxon passed over at: 6/25/2009 at 9:10am.
Best known for their rock & roll standard "Pushin' Too Hard," the Seeds combined the raw, Stonesy appeal of garage rock with a fondness for ragged, trashy psychedelia. And though they never quite matched the commercial peak of their first two singles, "Pushin' Too Hard" and "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," the band continued to record for the remainder of the '60s, eventually delving deep into post-Sgt. Pepper's psychedelia and art rock. None of their new musical directions resulted in another hit single, and the group disbanded at the turn of the decade.Sky Saxon (born Richard Marsh; vocals) and guitarist Jan Savage formed the Seeds with keyboardist Daryl Hooper and drummer Rick Andridge in Los Angles in 1965. By the end of 1966, they had secured a contract with GNP Crescendo, releasing "Pushin' Too Hard" as their first single. The song climbed into the Top 40 early in 1967, and the group immediately released two sound-alike singles, "Mr. Farmer" and "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," in an attempt to replicate their success; the latter came the closest to being a hit, just missing the Top 40. While their singles were garage punk, the Seeds attempted to branch out into improvisational blues-rock and psychedelia on their first two albums, The Seeds (1966) and Web of Sound (1966). With their third album, Future (1967), the band attempted a psychedelic concept album in the vein of Sgt. Pepper's. While the record reached the Top 100 and spawned the minor hit "A Thousand Shadows," it didn't become a hit. Two other albums — Raw & Alive: The Seeds in Concert at Merlin's Music Box (1968) and A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues (1969), which was credited to the Sky Saxon Blues Band — were released at the end of the decade, but both were ignored. The Seeds broke up shortly afterward.During the early '70s, Saxon led a number of bands before retreating from society and moving to Hawaii. Savage became a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. A collection of rarities and alternate takes, Fallin' off the Edge, was released in 1977. ~ By: Stephen Thomas Erlewine, ALLMUSIC.COM.
The Seeds

Formed: 1965, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1970 //

*Sky Saxon (vocals, bass)
*Rick Andridge (drums),
*Daryl Hooper (keyboards),
*Jan Savage (guitar),

Related Artists: Sky Saxon & the Seeds

Also Known As: Sky Saxon Blues Band
The Seeds - The Seeds (us 1966)

Side A
01.Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (Savage-Lawrence-Saxon) 2:56
02.No Escape (Saxon) 2:08
03.Lose Your Mind (Hooper-Saxon) 2:11
04.Evil Hoodoo (Saxon) 5:00
05.Girl I Want You (Saxon) 2:15
06.Pushin’ Too Hard (Saxon) 3:03
Side B
07.Try To Understand (Saxon) 2:45
08.Nobody Spoil My Fun (Saxon) 3:50
09.It’s A Hard Life (Saxon) 2:38
10.You Can’t Be Trusted (Saxon) 2:05
11.Excuse, Excuse (Tybalt) 2:20
12.Fallin’ In Love (Saxon) 2:47

If I had to determine the first LP that defined psychedelic music, it would be The Seeds self titled debut. Sure, The Yardbirds. The Beatles & others had indulged in various experimentations over the past year or so but none of them had fully defined psychedelia. The Seeds and Love released there debut albums towards the middle of 1966. They were both Californian acts and they were on the brink of the psychedelic movement. Somehow, both bands were robbed of their legend by inferior hippy bands like The Grateful Dead & The Jefferson Airplane. This most likely was a result of their absence during the ‘Ticket to Rock & Roll legend’ festivals, Monterey Pop & Woodstock. With one listen to ‘The Seeds’ it becomes evident Ray Manzarek and co. brought a pen and paper when they attended Seeds gigs. Their songs, catchy as they can be, are built largely around trancey groves. They sometimes sound like an amateur Stooges (just when you thought it couldn't get any more basic). Hell, they could have been The Stooges. The big differences are they didn’t have Marshall Amps back in the day and their singer wasn’t a self destructive lunatic. Unlike the stereotypes psychedelia would become known for, ‘The Seeds’ weren’t about peace, sitars and incense. In fact, the lyrics and music are quite forceful and sometimes abrasive. They would later conform to the accepted standard. The Seeds, generally labeled as a ‘Nuggets Band’, stand out amongst contemporaries in the same fashion as the 13th Floor Elevators and the Electric Prunes. When it comes to 60's garage rock albums, it's not hard to come across bands such as the Cryin’ Shames or The Litter that have great singles but there albums rely heavy on lame covers of popular songs of the day to fill them out. For Seeds vocalist Sky Saxon there wasn’t a person earth that could put a word in his mouth. He spewed gold.
~ By: mofoking (RYM).
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-The Seeds - Pushin Too Hard
The Seeds - A Web of Sound (us 1966)
Tracklist: Side A
01. Mr. Farmer 2:58
02. Pictures and Designs 2:40
03. Tripmaker 2:40
04. I Tell Myself 2:25
05. A Faded Picture 5:14
06. Rollin' Machine 2:28
Side B
01. Just Let Go 4:04
02. Up in Her Room 14:27

‘A Web of Sounds’ shows THE SEEDS continuing with the same caliber tracey Garage Rock they injected into the California rock & roll circuit with their debut. Though it was not much of a progression, it is easy to hear their influence on the upcoming psychedelic scene of 1967. Apart from the inclusion of instant Garage Rock classic ‘Mr. Farmer’, one of the most important, yet least impressive tracks on ‘A Web of Sound’ is ‘Up in Her Room’. THE SEEDS did have the longest recorded extended jam on a Rock & Roll LP on their debut with the 6 minute ‘Evil Hoodoo’. Since then, THE ROLLING STONES released their own extended jam titled ‘Goin’ Home’ on the LP ‘Aftermath’. Sky was obviously not satisfied with THE STONES retort and extended ‘Up in Her Room’ to 14.5 minutes. Their title would be taken forever a mere 4 months later when LOVE dedicated an entire side of their upcoming sophomore release ‘Da Capo’ to one song ‘Revelation’. THE SEEDS were an incredible and original band. Their music was a big influence on many popular bands of the day including THE DOORS. THE SEEDS are often lumped into the NUGGETS crowd of 'One-Flop-Wonders' but with a little more awareness these guys could easily attain the current status that a band like, say, the MC5 have today. They were equally as important & ‘A Web of Sound’ makes that obvious.
~ By: mofoking (RYM).

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-The Seeds - Two Fingers Pointing At You

Sky Saxon & Firewall - A Groovy Thing (us 1986)
a.k.a.: A Groovy Thing [Sky Sunlight Saxon / Fire Wall]

*Sky Sunlight Saxon (Lead vocals)
*Eddie Munoz (Guitars)
*Rich Coffee (Guitars)
*Dan West (Guitars)
*Shelley Ganz (Guitars)
*Lee Joseph (Bass)
*Greg Steward (Bass)
*Toby Keil (Bass)
*Roy McDonald (Drums)
*Mars Bonfire (Chesey keyboards)

background vocalists:
*Steve Wynn,
*Peter Case,
*David Provost,
*Marc Platt,
*Ric Alvin,
*Frank Beeson

01. Starving For Your Love
02. House Of Mine
03. Return Of The Sixties (Spirit Of The Sixties)
04. Love Dog
05. Burning Down The Walls Of The City
06. Sha La La La, It's A Groovy Thing
07. Medley-Over-Reaction-Hollywood Blvd

After the breakup of the seminal psychedelic garage punk band the Seeds in 1969, frontman Sky Saxon (born Richard Marsh) embarked on an erratic solo career in between stints as a mystical guru in Hawaii. Much of his post-Seeds work fit the mold of a curious 1960s relic, a hippie acid casualty with a strong cult following, in the mold of Roky Erickson. Saxon began his career under the name Little Richie Marsh, performing sugary, doo wop-influenced teenage pop in 1962. Changing his name to Sky Saxon, he joined two L.A. garage bands, the Soul Rockers and the Electra Fires, before forming the Seeds in 1965. Saxon continued to record under the Seeds' name following the group's official dissolution in 1969, releasing a series of singles that increasingly reflected a drug-induced separation from reality. Beginning in 1976, the late '70s saw the release of several albums credited to variously named outfits: Sky Sunlight, Sunstar, Sky "Sunlight" Saxon, the Universal Stars Band, Star's New Seeds Band, Sunlight and the New Seeds, and so on. 1983 saw the release of a rarities collection, New Fruit From Old Seeds: The Rare Sky Saxon, Vol. 1 (there never was a planned Vol. 2), which contained material dating back to Saxon's pre-Seeds days. Saxon, who had not produced any new albums since 1978, returned on the U.K. Psycho label in 1984 with Starry Ride, which featured support from Steppenwolf's Mars Bonfire (composer of "Born to Be Wild"), as well as former members of Iron Butterfly and Fraternity of Man. The Saxon/Bonfire collaboration reached full fruition in the group Firewall, who debuted with the album A Groovy Thing in 1986 (Destiny's Children features the same songs in a different order). Firewall featured guest appearances from members of such California neo-psychedelic bands as the Dream Syndicate, the Plimsouls, the Droogs, and Yard Trauma, demonstrating Saxon's enduring influence and appeal, particularly among that set of musicians. That same year, Saxon recorded a largely unrehearsed live album with Purple Electricity, a one-off project featuring members of Redd Kross and the Primates, entitled Private Party. Firewall returned in 1988 with In Search of Brighter Colors, which was released in the U.S. as World Fantastic, with several rare '80s cuts replacing the former version's weaker tracks. Saxon has since returned to Hawaii.

~ By: Steve Huey, All Music Guide.

Download Link: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0RIZJZUW/Sky_Sunlight_Saxon___Firewall_-_A_Groovy_Thing__us_1986_.rar_mirrors

-Sky ''Sunlight'' Saxon - The Wind Blows Your Hair

More Infos:

And Don't Forget!
You Can't Have Flower Power Without The Seeds!

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Dennis Olivieri - Come To The Party (us 1968)

Dennis Olivieri - Come To The Party (us 1968 VMC Lp) (VMC 130)

About Dennis Olivieri:
Television actor Dennis Olivieri released his album with the help of Tandyn Almer, who wrote (or co-wrote) the Association’s big hit “Along Comes Mary”, in addition to Almer who plays keyboards, musicians also appearing here are saxophonist Tom Scott, drummer Eddie Greene, guitarist Jack Elliott, and bassist Ronnie Brown. You’ve got to hand it to these ultra-tiny record labels (in this case VMC), they seem to have a peculiar knack for finding people that redefined the term “artist’. Dennis Olivieri was one such person. This disc is filled with strange studio effects and even stranger thematic preoccupations.
~ by: www.myspace.com/dennisolivieriparty.

Credits of Come to the Party:
*Dennis Olivieri: Piano, Main Performer, Vocals
*Thomas Organ: Autoharp
*Tandyn Almer: Producer, Rocksichord
*Ronnie Brown: Bass
*Tommy Scott: Saxophone
*Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Guitar
*Eddie Greene: Percussion, Drums
*John Guess: Engineer
*Tom Perry: Engineer

01. Opportunity
02. Sad Song #1
03. Mama's Funeral Song
04. Walk Rite Out
05. Fuzzy Soft Thing
06. I Cry In The Morning
07. Come To The Party
08. You Gotta
09. Lady Fair
10. More Friends
11. Yesterday Was Nuthin' Like Today

Dennis Olivieri Credits:
-Phantom Of The Paradise (Actor - Reporter) 1974 Movie
-Breezy (Actor - Bruno) 1973 Movie
-The Naked Ape (Actor - Arnie) 1973 Movie
-Outside In (Actor - Bernard) 1972 Movie
-New People (Actor - Stanley Gabriel) 1969 TV Show Series.
Freeform folky psych rock with organ, rocksichord, sax, guitar, percussion. Weird, uncommercial LP produced by songwriter Tandyn Almer, this has been used for samples. Olivieri was primarily a TV actor, and this LP release parallels Rex Holman's in some ways.
~ http://www.lysergia.com/.
Television actor Dennis Olivieri released this weird “Freeform Folk Psych” album with the help of Tandyn Almer, who wrote (or co-wrote) the Association’s big hit “Along Comes Mary”, in addition to Almer who plays keyboards, musicians also appearing here are saxophonist Tom Scott, drummer Eddie Greene, guitarist Jack Elliott, and bassist Ronnie Brown.
~ by Redtelephone66.
You’ve got to hand it to these ultra-tiny record labels, they seem to have a peculiar knack for finding people that redefined the term “artist’. Dennis Olivieri was one such person. This is a self-conscious hippie vanity disc that’s filled with strange studio effects and even stranger thematic preoccupations. Much of this is the story of a grown man railing against his overbearing mother. Things come to a head on “Mama’s Funeral Song”, wherein our protagonist rants “Oh mama, mama, sometimes I wish that you would die / BECAUSE YOU HANG ME UP, MAMA!”
Why would he say such a thing? As a sort of explanation, he informs us in Sinatraesque tones, “I got this fuzzy soft thing in my head!” This album is a paradise of neuroses that would bludgeon Freud if he weren’t already dead. I can’t tell if he’s serious, or if it’s all just a campy put-on, but in the end I guess it doesn’t matter. Either way, Olivieri is on his own wavelength. “I bought me a brand new toy the other day / It’s a two-way radio that only goes one way”. That sums things up better than I ever could.
~ by Ochsfan (RYM).

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John Sase - Aessence (us 1975)

John Sase - Aessence (us 1975 dreamy acid folk)

01. Zothique
02. Winter Song
03. Industrial Age
04. Laughing and Free
05. Only A Play
06. Get It Together
07. King Alfred
08. Grand Illusion
09. Silver Winter's Morn

Total Time : 29'35"

Great dreamy acid folky psych LP released in limited 300 copies circulation in 1985 although it was recorded in 1975.Great LP utilizing a plethora of intruments including String Bass, Nylon String Guitar, Indian Bells, Hand Percussion, Noseflute and Harmonica with deep vibe.Similar to Arthur Lee Harper, Bobb Trimble, Bill Clint, and the likes ....
~ by mutantsounds.
Rare and excellent private press Acid folk album out of Detroit. This was recorded in 1975 but only released for the first time in 1985 in this limited edition of 300 numbered copies, signed by John Sase; Musically this is introspective downer/Loner acid-folk with a great tapestry of intstruments including string Bass, Nylon string guitar, Indian Bells, Hand percussion, Nose-flute and harmonica. Comes in a nice home-made style silkscreen with pasted-on photograph.
~ by sychmusic.com.
AESSENCE (Detroit, MI) "Aessence" 1985 (Freezer) [insert; 300#d]
Hippie folk and singer/songwriter sounds with artistic ambitions and a slightly refined air, but like so many others in the genre damaged by unconvincing vocals. The Joseph Pusey LP is a more successful exploration of a similar trajectory. John Sase is the name of the artist, and the LP features a wide variety of instruments. Recorded in 1975, which is why it is included here.
~ by lysergia_2.tripod.com.

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Day Blindness - Day Blindness (us 1969)

Day Blindness - Day Blindness (us 1969)

Formed: 1967, Daly City, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1970 //

*Gary Pihl (guitar, vocals),
*Felix Bria (bass, organ, vocals),
*Roy Garcia (drums, 1967-69),
*Johnny Vernazza (guitar),
*Dave Mitchell (drums, vocals, 1969-70)

Track Listing:
01. Still Life Girl
02. Jazz Song
03. Middle Class Lament
04. I Got No Money
05. House And A Dog
06. Live Deep
07. Young Girl Blues
08. Holy Laned

This very obscure & classic album created by the San Francisco psychedelic band Day Blindness in 1969 features driving guitars & crunching organ. Long jams sum up their music, which shows influences of both Iron Butterfly & The Doors.
Day Blindness came together in 1968 from a pair of competing bands at Jefferson High School in California's San Mateo county. One of the bands was a trio led by guitarist Gary Pihl -- from nearby Santa Clara High -- and included Felix Bria on keyboards and Dave Neuman on drums. This unit ran across one of its rivals, the Dimensions, at a county battle-of-the-bands competition at which both were short-listed. The Dimensions were made up of the Tabucci brothers, Mark and Charles, on saxophones; lead guitarist Ken Starr (younger brother of a Ventures member); Roy Garcia behind the drums; John Vernaza on rhythm guitar; and bass player Ramos Ramirez. So impressed were Pihl and Bria by Garcia's drumming abilities upon seeing the band play that they soon asked him to replace Neuman. The resulting trio officially became Day Blindness in thesummer of 1968.
Over the next year, Day Blindness played gigs at many of the most notable venues throughout the Bay Area, even landing an opening slot for Sly & the Family Stone, both locally and on tour. By 1969, Mark Tabucci, who had also become a behind-the-scenes supporter of the band during the Dimensions swap, began to construct a small studio at 10 Claude Lane, funded by local backers and sponsors, in anticipation of the recording of an album. Once Studio 10 was ready, Day Blindness, with new skinsman Dave Mitchell in Garcia's old spot, set about working on that debutrecord. During the sessions, both Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin stopped by to submit a variety tips, including song titles and artwork. Soon thereafter, Day Blindness was released, though to little fanfare.
The band started to come apart almost immediately after the album's release. Producer and engineer Tom Press used some of his proceeds from the album to buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and disappear into the '70s. Tabucci became an automobile repairman for the Jefferson Airplane. Drummer Mitchell went on to produce and engineer for other acts, including Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Pihl later turned up in platinum-selling rock band Boston, then went on to play with Sammy Hagar in the 1990s. Day Blindness, not a big seller upon its release, took on a life of its own in collector's circles, including the circulation of a pirated bootleg CD in the late '90s. Gear Fab brought it back legitimately with an official 2002 CD reissue.
~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide.

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Filename: Day Blindness - Day Blindness (us 1969).rar Size: 84.28 MB

The Tiffany Shade - The Tiffany Shade (us 1969)

The Tiffany Shade - The Tiffany Shade (us 1969)

Formed: 1966, Cleveland, OH, United States
Disbanded: 1968 //

* Bob Leonard - keyboards
* Mike Barnes - guitar/vocals
* Barrow Davidian - 12 string guitar/ vocals
* Rick Hohn - bass, (Replaced by Robb Clarke-Murphy)
* Tom Schuster - drums.

01. Would You Take My Mind Out For a Walk (Michael Barnes)
02. An Older Man (Robert Leonard-Michael Barnes)
03. Sam (Robert Leonard)
04. Jaguar City Blues (Rob Murphy-Robert Leonard)
05. A Very Grand Love (Robert Leonard)
06. Come Softly to me (Gretchen Christopher-Barbara Ellis-Gary Troxel)
07. No Reality (Michael Barnes)
08. One Good Reason (Michael Barnes-Robert Leonard)
09. A Quiet Revolution (Michael Barnes)
10. Not Worth the Pain (Michael Barnes)

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio (and you thought Devo, The Raspberries and Rachel Sweet were the city's only music exports ...), this outfit's always had a special place in our hearts. As The Tiffany Shade, singer/guitarist Michael Barnes, rhythm guitarist Bob Leonard, bassist Rob Murphy and drummer Tom Schuster deserve plenty of credit, if for no other reason than the fact they managed to turn in one of the year's most impressive set's of English-inspired psychedelia. Not impressed? Imagine how hard it is to sound English when you're from Cleveland !!! With Barnes and Leonard responsible for the bulk of the material ("Come Softly To Me" being the lone non-original), 1969's "The Tiffany Shade" served up an enjoyable blend incorporating garage, psychedelic, pop and even Vaunderville ("A Very Grand Love"). While it may not have been cutting edge in terms of originality, full of fuzz guitar, nifty harmonies and shimmering melodies ("Come Softly To Me"), you could've done far worse in terms of purchases. Personal favorites included "the dreamy "No Reality" and the feedback drenched rocker "One Good Reason". Unfortunately, backed by Mainstream's standard marketing support (e.g. none), the set vanished without a trace).
~ Internet Source.

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The Tiffany Shade - The Tiffany Shade (us 1969).rar

Filename: The Tiffany Shade - The Tiffany Shade (us 1969).rar Size: 41.7 MB

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The Comfortable Chair - The Comfortable Chair (us 1968)

The Comfortable Chair - The Comfortable Chair (us 1968, Ode z12-44005, Lp)

Superb psychedelia !Excellent melodies accompanied by great male and female vocals.Discovered By The Doors' Jim Morrison And Produced By Robby Krieger, This Was Their Only Album Which Features All Original Songs.

Formed: 1968, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1970 //

*Tad Baczec (guitar),
*Greg Leroy (bass, guitar),
*Gary Davis (keyboards),
*Warner Davis (drums),
*Gene Garfin (vocals, percussion),
*Bernie Schwartz (vocals),
*Barbara Wallace (vocals).

01. Ain't No Good No More
02. Child's Garden
03. I'll See You
04. Princess
05. Now
06. Some Soon Some Day
07. Be Me
08. Loved It All
09. Let Me Through
10. Stars In Heaven
11. Pale Night Of Quiet
12. The Beast (Kali Yuza).

What little attention 1969's "The Comfortable Chair" has gotten seems to stem from the fact The Doors' Jim Morrison discovered them, while John Densmore and Robbie Kreiger served as producers for their sole 1969 album. That's unfortunate since this set is actually quite impressive in its own right. Featuring all-original songs (virtually every band member contributing to he writing chores), the album bounces all over the musical spectrum. Lead singers Bernie Schwartz and Barbara Wallace are both quite good, navigating through the different genres without any trouble. Highlights include the opening rocker 'Ain't No Good No More', the sweet ballad 'I'll See You' and ''Let Me Through. Exemplified by 'Some Soon, Some Day' and 'Stars In Heaven' much of the set features a lazy, dreamy aura that's quite captivating. Had it been a little more original and the band churned out a couple more rock numbers, and the album could have been a classic. As is, the album makes for a fascinating game of 'spot theinfluence'. My ears hear bits of David LaFlamme and It's a Beautiful Day (luckily without the violins) and even The Jefferson Airplane ('Be Me'). Ode also tapped the album for a pair of instantly obscure singles.
~ by [SB].
A California-based pop-psychedelic sextet, the Comfortable Chair was formed in 1968 by songwriter and singer Bernie Schwartz, vocalist Barbara Wallace, guitarist Gene Earfin, bassist Gary Davis, drummer Greg Leroy, and keyboard player Tad Baczek, and left behind a self-titled album recorded for Lou Adler's Ode Records label -- it fell in the pecking order just ahead of Peggy Lipton's folk-rock album, at a time in the label's fortunes when, if you blinked, you might miss the release altogether. They made a slightly longer-lasting contribution to the 1969 Bob Hope/Jackie Gleason comedy vehicle How to Commit Marriage, with an appearance in the movie. The most notable aspect of the group's history, however, may concern two musicians who were never actually members -- the Doors’ Robbie Kreiger and John Densmore, stepping outside the context of their own band for the first time, produced the Comfortable Chair's Ode album.
~ by Bruce Eder, All Music Guide.


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Filename: The Comfortable Chair - The Comfortable Chair (us 196...rar Size: 56.49 MB

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Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys - Good Old Rock'n Roll Music (us 1969 psych)

Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys - Good Old Rock'n Roll Music (us 1969)
[Barclay 921018 - Vinyl LP]
AKA: "The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away "

Formed: 1967, Greenwich Village, New York, NY
Disbanded: 1977, New York City, NY

*William David "Charlie" Chin (guitar),
*Roy "Bones" Michaels (vocals, bass),
*Bob Smith (vocals, keyboards, drums),
*Michael Equine (drums, guitar),
*Larry Israel Packer (guitar, violin)

*Produced by: Jimi Hendrix.

01. Good old rocn'n roll (Michaels/Smith/Equine/Chin/Parker)
- a. Sweet little sixteen
- b. Long tall Sally
- c. Chantilly lace
- d. Whole lotta shakin'Goin'on
- e. Blue suede shoes
- f. part doll
02. Favors (Michaels/Smith/Equine/Chin/Parker)
03. Chalie's Waltz (Charlie Chin)
04. How I spent my Summer (Robert Smith)
05. Marie (Chin/Smith/Parker)
06. Probably won't (Robert Smith)
07. Can you dance to it? (Robert Smith)
08. Bramble Bush (Roy Michaels)
09. Bad news (Chin/Michaels/Equine)
10. Boston Burglar (Michaels/Smith/Equine/Chin/Parker)
11. Track in 'A' (N. Nights/Michaels/Smith/Equine/Chin/Parker)

Grassroots rockers Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys formed in New York's Lower East Side in 1967 -- comprising singer/guitarist Larry Parker, lead guitarist Charlie Chin, bassist Roy Michaels, keyboardist Bob Smith, and drummer Michael Equine; By year's end they were regularly headlining the Cafe Wha?, and soon were ensconced as the house band at the famed Electric Circus. In 1969 the group signed to Polydor Records, with longtime friend Jimi Hendrix agreeing to produce their debut LP The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away -- supported by a series of appearances as Hendrix's opener, the record generated Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys' lone Top 40 hit "Good Old Rock and Roll," a medley of pop classics from the late 1950s. Chin left the lineup soon after, and in an attempt to also sever ties with manager Michael Jeffrey, the remaining bandmembers traveled to San Francisco to record the follow-up, 1970s Albion Doowah, a pastoral, country-inspired effort featuring Paul Johnson on guitar and Jay Ungar on bass. Parker split soon after, and the remaining trio of Michaels, Smith and Equine returned to New York, abbreviating their name to simply Cat Mother and recruiting guitarist Charlie Prichard and percussionist Steve Davidson for their eponymous 1971 LP. Guitarist Charlie Harcourt replaced Prichard for Cat Mother's fourth and final album, 1973's aptly-titled Last Chance Dance, although the group continued playing live for several years to follow.
~ by Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide.

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Filename: Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys - Good Old Rock...rar Size: 70.67 MB

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Gordon Jackson - Thinking Back (uk 1969 acid folkrock)

Gordon Jackson - Thinking Back (uk 1969 acid folkrock)

*Poli Palmer - Keyboards, Vocals
*Jim King - Saxophone
*Chris Wood - Wind
*Julie Driscoll - Vocals
*Rick Grech - Bass
*Luther Grosvenor - Vocals
*Gordon Jackson - Guitar, Sitar, Main Performer, Vocals
*Reg King - Vocals
*Robbie Blunt - Sitar
*Rocky Dzidzornu - Percussion
*Patrick Gammon - Keyboards, Vocals
*Remi Kabaka - Percussion
*Jim Capaldi - Vocals
*Dave Mason - Bass
*Steve Winwood - Bass, Keyboards
and also:
*The Blossom Toes
*Meic Stevens.

01. The Journey
02. My Ship, My Star
03. Me And My Dog
04. Song For Freedom
05. Sing To Me Woman
06. When You Are Small
07. Snakes And Ladders
08. A Day At The Cottage (non-album B side)
09. My Ship, My Star (demo version)
10. Song For Freedom (single mix)
11. Sing To Me Woman (single mix)
12. Me And My Dog (long version)

Ripped By: ChrisGoesRock

Singer, guitarist, and drummer Gordon Jackson released a rare album for the Marmalade label in 1969, Thinking Back, that bore much similarity to records of the era by Traffic and (more distantly) Family. The resemblance wasn't casual, as several members of Traffic and Family helped out on the record, alongside other notables like Julie Driscoll and Luther Grosvenor of Spooky Tooth; Traffic's Dave Mason, in fact, was the producer. Thinking Back had the same sort of loose mixture of psychedelic rock with jazz, folk, and bits of soul and world music that characterized some of Traffic's work. The material wasn't as strong or focused as Traffic's or Family's, but it had a nice introspective groove with haunting, minor-keyed melodies.

Prior to the album, Jackson had been intimately connected with musicians in bands that evolved into Traffic, Family, and Spooky Tooth, although he never attained anything near the same recognition as those groups in his brief solo career. He'd been in the Hellions, the Birmingham group also including Mason, Grosvenor, and future Traffic percussionist Jim Capaldi, who made some flop singles for Piccadilly in the mid-1960s. After the Hellions broke up, Jackson played in Deep Feeling with Capaldi, Grosvenor, and future Family multi-instrumentalist Poli Palmer. Deep Feeling, unfortunately, never released anything, although an excellent early psychedelic track they recorded, "Pretty Colours," did eventually get released on Grosvenor's Floodgates Anthology. Jackson was an odd man out, though, when Mason and Capaldi helped form Traffic, and little was heard from him after the 1960s despite the promise of Thinking Back.

Gordon Jackson's only album sounds a little like a Traffic LP with a singer who isn't in the band. The similarity is really no surprise, since Traffic men Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, Jim Capaldi, and Chris Wood all played on the record, and Mason produced. Other notables with connections to the Traffic family tree or Marmalade label also appeared, including Luther Grosvenor; Rick Grech, Jim King, and Poli Palmer of Family; and Julie Driscoll. There's a languid, minor keyed jazz-folk-psychedelic vibe to the songs, which have a meditative, spontaneously pensive air, appealingly sung by Jackson. Touches of Indian and African music are added by occasional tabla and sitar. What keeps this from being as memorable as Traffic or some of the other better late-'60s British psychedelic acts is a certain meandering looseness to the songs that, while quite pleasant, lacks concision and focus. That was a quality also heard in the album from the same era by fellow Marmalade artist Gary Farr, Take Something With You, and while Thinking Back is better and more original than Farr's effort, the songs are more interesting mood pieces with a yearning, mystic tone than they are outstanding compositions. At times this is like hearing psychedelic sea shanties (as on "My Ship, My Star"), such is the lilt of the tunes, though hints of blues and more playful pop-psych whimsy are heard in cuts like "Me and My Dog." [The 2005 CD reissue on Sunbeam adds lengthy historical liner notes and five bonus tracks, including the non-LP B-side "A Day at the Cottage"; a haunting, sparse home demo of "My Ship, My Star"; single mixes of "Song for Freedom" and "Sing to Me Woman"; and a long version of "Me and My Dog."]
~ By ChrisGoesRock.

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Farmyard - Farmyard (New Zealand 1970)

Farmyard - Farmyard (New Zealand 1970 psych-prog)

Formed: 1970, Wellington, New Zealand
Disbanded: 1971 //

Related Artists: The Relics, Tom Thumb, Arkastra, Redeye .

*Rick White (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals),
*Tom Swainson (Drums),
*Milton Parker (Lead Guitar),
*Andy Stevens (Saxophone),
*Paul Curtis (Bass Guitar),
*Bernard Lee (guitar, vocals).

Farmyard were a Wellington group who were around only for a short time from 1970 to 1971. Rick White, previously of the Relics and Tom Thumb, started with the group but was later replaced by Bernard Lee.Their first single for Polydor in 1970 was "Learnin' 'bout Living"/"Da Woirks". It was successful enough to gain entry in to the 1971 Loxene Gold Disk Awards. A self-titled album was also released and came in a plastic bag with a poster. A second single "Nothing's Happening Here"/"Me, The Dog, Ma And Dear Ol' Dad" also came out in 1970 and was included on their second album called "Back To Fronting" released in 1971. Their third and last single was "Which Way Confusion Part 1"/"Which Way Confusion Part 2", taken from their first album and appeared during 1971.Both of their albums were repackaged in 1991 into a double album called "Looking For A Place" on the Little Wing label. That album appears below. After Farmyard disbanded, Tom Swainson joined Wellington underground band Arkastra in February 1972, and Redeye in 1976.
~ From http://www.sergent.com.au/farmyard.html
*Special thanks to: Luiz Carlos Menegon (VENENOS DO ROCK).

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Invaders - There's a Light There's a Way (South Africa 1970)

Invaders - There's a Light There's a Way (South Africa 1970)

Formed: Cape Town, South Africa

*Joey Moses - lead guitar, vocals
*Errol Gobey - rhythm guitar, vocals
*Johnny Burke - bass
*Dave Burke - drums
*Spewy Pillay - organ

Tracks :
01. Turn On The Sun
02. Ocean Of Peace
03. Astral III
04. Second Coming
05. I Need You
06 There's A Light There's A Way
07. Astral II [Including excerpts from: 'You Really Got Me' (The Kinks) and 'I Want To Take You Higher' (Sly & The Family Stone)]
08. You Can't Always Get What You Want

Funky organ-driven rock song from Cape Town group The Invaders. Sounds like these guys had been listening to Rare Earth, and judging by the guitar solo, maybe some Hendrix as well.
More info & full biography :http://www.theinvaders.co.za/ (official)
~ Internet Source.

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Rainman - Rainman (Holland 1971 electric folk)

Rainman - Rainman (Holland 1971 electric folk)

Born: Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Member of: Circus, Cuby + Blizzards, Freelance Band, Q65, Red White & Blue Band.

Also Known As: Frank Nuyens [birth name]

Recording information: Bovema Studios, Heemstede.

*Enno Velthuys (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar)
*Piet Kuyters (piano)
*Philip Peters (keyboard)
*Jay Baar (drums, maracas)
*Willie Beekman (drums).

01. Rainman
02. Natural Man
03. Don΄t
04. Vicious Circle
05. Don΄t Make Promises
06. You Will Be Freed By Me
07. Money Means Nothing At All
08. Get You To Come Through
09. She Told Me So
10. They Did΄t Feel
11. The Joy That Is Inside
12. The Bird (Bonus)

Ripped by: ChrisGoesRock

Originally released only in Holland, this is the first CD reissue of the superb 1970 solo LP from Frank Nuyens aka Rainman -- the lead guitarist of legendary Dutch blues/psych-rockers, Q65.
A moody blend of folk, pop and psychedelia, with some blazing guitar leads, the album also features his Q65 bandmate Jay Baar, as well as Dick Beekman (Cuby & The Blizzards), Francois Content (Swinging Soul Machine) and other leading Dutch musicians on flute, vibes, congas and other instruments. It's presented here complete with an ultra-rare bonus track taken from his sole, non-LP 45, making it an essential purchase for all fans of acid-tinged singer-songwriting.
~ by: ChrisGoesRock

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The Brazda Brothers - The Brazda Brothers (Can 1973, Folk-psych)

The Brazda Brothers - The Brazda Brothers (Can 1973, Folk-psych)

Currently: ON, Canada

* Mac Babb (bass),
* Andy Brazda (lead guitar, acoustic guitar),
* Bystrik Brazda (acoustic guitar),
* Vinston Dookie (congas),
* Fred O'Quinn (guitar),
* Vince Romano (accordion),
* Jim Skriboleit (drums)

Ripped By: ChrisGoesRock

01. Walking the sun
02. 20th century
03. Blooming flowers
04. Share with love
05. My little girl
06. Calm river
07. Gemini
08. Nature
09. Civilization
10. Soldier in the battleground
11. Lonely Time
12. Your Kingdom

Canadian rural acid folk from 1973, that recalls early 70s UK psych-folk. There's some groovy acid fuzz guitar work interwoven with gentle acoustic numbers. The original LP is rumored to go for $600-800 and is incredibly hard to find.
~ internet source.
1973 album by the Canadian band fronted by acoustic guitarist Bystrik and lead guitarist Andy Brazda. Mesmerizing acid folk/rock featuring gentle acoustic material with bursts of electric guitar and keyboards. There is some great acid fuzz guitar work and at times the sound is more garage psych than folk. Leigt reissue of this 1973 release. "Mesmerizing Canadian acid folk that is easy to drift away to. Cuts like 'Walking in the Sun', 'Gemini' with fuzz guitar, 'Soldier in a Battleground' and more. This in some ways reminds me of the great UK folk pieces of the very early 70's. The original album goes for $600 now and is never seen.
~ By: ChrisGoesRock.

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Normal version :
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...and also...


...and also...

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Caedmon - Live (uk 1978 folk-rock)

Caedmon - Live (uk 1978 folk-rock)

Formed 1973, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Angela Naylor (Lead vocals, 1973-78),
Jim Bisset (Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals),
Simon Jaquet (Acoustic guitar, mandolin, bongos, vocals),
Sam Wilson (bass, vocals),
Ken Patterson (keyboards, cello, acoustic guitar, vocals)

Related Artists: The Night Visitors

The original private pressing of Caedmon's sole 1978 album is one of the most valuable and best '70's UK folk rock records around. This live CD collects together previously unreleased live material for the first time.

01. London Psalm
02. Ivory Tower
03. Worlds and Friends
04. Aslan
05. Sea Song
06. Garden
07. Caedmon Hymn
08. Sunchild
09. Heaven Haven
10. Ten Maidens Fair
11. Maker Man
12. Storm
13. Beyond the Second Mile
14. Columba

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Earth & Fire - Song of the Marching Children (Hol 1971)

Earth & Fire - Song of the Marching Children (Hol 1971 + 3 Bonus Tracks.)

Formed: November 23, 1968 , Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Disbanded: 1990 //

Year of release: 1971
Original Label: Polydor, Holland (2925 003)

*Chris Koerts: Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, oscillator
*Gerars Koerts: Organ, piano, mellotron, vibes, synthesizer, flute, virginal, vocals
*Hans Ziech: Bass guitar
*Ton van de Kleij: Drums, percussion, vocals
*Jerney Kaagman: Vocals

01. Carnaval of the animals (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [2:42]
02. Ebbtide (T. van de Kleij, C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [3:07]
03. Storm and thunder (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [6:25]
04. In the mountain (C. Koerts) [3:03]
05. Song of the marching children (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [18:25]
- a) Theme of the marching children [2:20]
- b) Opening of the seal [1:10]
- c) Childhood [3:10]
- d) Affliction [1:30]
- e) Damnation [2:53]
- f) Purification [4:17]
- g) The march [3:02]
CD Bonus tracks:
06. Lost forever (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [2:48]
07. Invitation (C. Koerts) [3:50]
08. Song of the marching children (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) (single version) [4:08]

Produced by Fred Haayen and Jaap EggermontRecorded at the GTB studio, The Hague, Phonogram studio, Hilversum and Soundpush studio, Blaricum.
Engineered by Henri Bentzon, Eric Bakker, Pieter Nieboer, Jan Schuurman, Albert Kos, John Sonneveld and Dick Bakker.
Cover design by Erik van der Weijden.
Lost forever is the flip side of the Storm and thunder single.
The tracks [7] and [8] are the a- and b-side of another 7".
Both were released in 1971.

LP Polydor 2925003 (1971)
CD Polydor 831 641-2 (1987) (together with Atlantis)
CD Universal music (2004)

In October 1971 'Song of the marching children' was released, the second Earth and Fire album, regarded by many publications as one of the best Dutch albums ever made. This album still reaches high positions in all kinds of album charts, even after thirty years. The first album contained individual songs, but ‘Song of the marching children’ was Earth and Fire’s first concept album. It was recorded in three studios. Apart from the GTB studio in The Hague, the band also recorded in the Phonogram studio in Hilversum and the Soundpush studio in Blaricum. Producer Fred Haaven was assisted by Jaap Eggermont and Dick Bakker, the present director of the famous Metropool Orchestra, was one of the sound technicians.
~ by: flex.
Their second album was probably their definitive masterpiece in my opinion. The sound from the debut-album had became softer, more polished and much more symphonic as the band now had introduced Mellotron to their sound. And they used it VERY well, especially on the 20-minute title-track on side 2. This was their first attempt at long-scale compositions and remains a classic among 20-minute progressive rock songs. The melodies and themes are extremely strong and the very mighty and powerful Mellotron-arrangement along with the organ, tasty synths and their vocal-harmonies with the distinctive female-voice of Jerney Kaagman in front makes this a truly delightful listen. Side 1 consists of 4 shorter tracks, but of the same high quality. "Ebbtide" sounds like one of the softer and atmospheric tracks from the debut, while the instrumental "In the Mountain" may revealed that they had been listening a bit to their countrymen in Focus. "Carnaval of the Animals" and "Storm and Thunder" were on the other hand more in their new symphonic style. The latter starts with some powerful organ before the Mellotron joins in and Kaagman starts to sing the atmospheric lyrics and then the harpsichord also starts. The track gets gradually more dramatic as the lyrics do the same. Try to get the German pressing from 1975 if you can find it, as it also includes their hit song "Memories" that previously only had been available on single.
Highly recommended .
~ by: vintageprog.com.

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Erlkoenig - Erlkoenig (Germany 1973)

Erlkoenig - Erlkoenig (1973 german psych progressive and symphonic krautrock + 4 Bonus Tracks)

Formed 1972, Helmstedt, Niedersachsen, Germany
Disbanded 1977 //

*Eckhardt Freynik - organ, piano, grand piano
*Friedrich Kruger - guitars
*Gunter Armbrecht - bass
*Michael Brandes - drums, vocals

01. Erlkoenig impression (8:30)
02. Tomorrow (6:02)
03. Thoughts (9:31)
04. Castrop-Rauxel (7:13)
05. Blind alley (8:07)
06. Divertimento (8:40)
Bonus tracks:
07. The lad in the fen (7:28)
08. Love is truth (2:30)
09. Run away (3:10)
10. Monday morning (4:51)

This relatively short-lived (from 1972-77) obscure German symphonic/kraut band consisted of three members from a band called Paradise on Earth, these were; keyboardist Eckhardt Franke, drummer Michael Brandes and bassist Gunter Armbrecht, when guitarist Friedrich Kruger joined, the band name was changed to ERLKOENIG (taken after the German poem of the same name, written by the famous poet Goethe), this line-up lasted until the band disbanded in 1977.Erlkoenig played a very interesting and unique blend of krautrock and symphonic rock, it would probably be fair to characterise them as a symphonic prog band with evident krautrock leanings.The music of Erlkoenig is dominated by the organ skilfully and inventively played by the main composer Eckhardt Franke, much fiercer than your average symphonic prog band.The music is full of intensity, beauty, virtuosity and fairy-tale like imagery. Their output is largely instrumental but when vocals are added it has a very unique and interesting sound as to serve the mysterious nature of the music, and also a very charming German accented pronunciation.Unfortunately Erlkoenig only released one self-titled LP during their almost 6-year long career; it was released in January 1973. It was originally privately pressed in only 1000 copies, mainly to be sold at concerts.In 2001 it was released on CD on the Garden of Delights label with 4 bonus tracks.It’s very unfortunate that Erlkoenig arn’t more known than they are, for the average prog listener there should be a lot of interesting music to seek out.If you like organ-driven music with lot of dynamics and intensity, do yourself a favour, track down a copy of Erlkoenig self–titled debut.
~ by: OldrockerBR.
Erlkoenig, named after the famous Goethe poem and originating in Helmstedt on the former inner-German border, played powerful and inventive symphonic rock with occasional lyrics in English. Keyboarder Eckhardt Freynik, author of all the tracks, was the creative head of the band, and one would wish that he had received more recognition for his work as it seems that the world has lost an incredibly gifted musician. The guitar is also highly remarkable. Erlkoenig's only LP appeared in early 1973 with a circulation of 1000 copies and is basically known to collectors only. This CD contains four so far unreleased bonus tracks, partly in a different style.
~ by: mutantsounds.

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Filename: Erlkoenig - Erlkoenig (Ger 1973).rar Size: 144.05 MB