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Ariesta Birawa Group - Vol. 1 (Indonesia 1973)

Ariesta Birawa Group - Vol.1 (Indonesia 1973)

Released in 1973, this is the first CD version of this psychedelic pop album. Much of the inventive melodies, delicate harmonies, and breezy guitars are rooted in the '60s Western tradition but contain enough twists on the genre to give the tunes a subtly unique flavor. While not terribly groundbreaking, this album does hold the distinction of being the firstavailable psychedelic album from Indonesia.
~ Contributed by Matthew Amundsen

* Oedin Syach,
* Jeffry Zaenal,
* Noerche.

Track listing
01. Si Ompong
02. Masa Depanmu
03. Minggu Pagi
04. Senyumlah Sayang
05. Untukmu Pujaanku
06. Qill Never Die
07. Pergi Pacaran
08. Persembahanku
09. KR. Bunga Nusa Indah
10. Terimalah Cintaku
11. Gadis Ayu
12. Didunia Yang Lain

Shadoks' first release from Indonesia is very special and was featured in Hans Pokora's 4001 Record Collector Dreams book as one of the rarest items from Asia. Originally released in 1973, this album contains beautiful, well-crafted songs with lots of guitars. Pure, heavy psychedelic with a good progressive Indonesian touch. If you like Juan De La Cruz' Maskara, or the Cambodian Rocks comp, this one is for you. If there would be a Vertigo release recorded in Indonesia this could be it. So far the only psychedelic release from Indonesia on the market, this CD version of the previously-released LP became a big success.
~ Internet Source.
It doesn’t take long after cracking open Hans Pokora’s renowned 4001 Record Collector Dreams (part 4 of the amazing record collector book series concentrating on rare Folk, Psychedelic, Progressive, Garage and Beat music from “Austria to New Zealand”) before stumbling across three serious-looking, hippified Indonesians, one with a mini-fro and a killer stache, who go by the Ariesta Birawa Group. Originally released in 1973 and extremely rare, ‘Vol. 1, Indonesia’ contains twelve 3-minute songs of psychedelic guitar-heavy songs that draw as much from their geographic roots as it does the Western 70s psych scene, like Hendrix’s melodic electric-funk accentuated by Eastern flute and exotic stringed instruments. One of the very few psychedelic re-releases from Indonesia, this album will please fans of worldly, psych and progressive tastes though don’t be scared, it is more accessible than you think, as well as connoisseurs of compilations like Cambodia Rocks. Releases like this one are why labels like Normal and distributors like Forced Exposure are so amazing.
~ Internet Source.

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New Zealand Trading Company - New Zealand Trading Company (us 1970)

New Zealand Trading Company - New Zealand Trading Company (us 1970)

* Label: Memphis Records (3)
* Catalog#: MS-1001
* Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
* Country: US
* Released: 01 Sep 1970
* Genre: Rock
* Style: Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock
* Credits: Artwork By [Cover Photo] - Renee Koopman
* Engineer: Steve Stepanian
* Producer: N. Rosenburg
* Notes: Re-mixed at Universal Recoding Studio, Memphis Tennessee.

A1. Oh What A Day (2:45) Written-By - Alberto Carrion
A2. Jam And Anti-Freeze (4:11) Written-By - B. Kennedy , T. Kini
A3. Nine To Five (2:17) Written-By - B. Kennedy , M. Moore , T. Kini
A4. Hey Jude (8:18) Written-By - John Lennon , Paul McCartney
B1. Winnifred Jelicode (3:47) Written-By - B. Kennedy , M. Moore
B2. Ruo Moko (2:45) Written-By - T. Kini
B3. Could Be (3:45) Written-By - M. Moore , T. Kini
B4. The Prisoner (3:10) Written-By - B. Kennedy , T. Kini
B5. Total Stranger (4:28) Written-By - Alberto Carrion

Along with The New Mix, The Travel Agency, and The Music Asylum, the one and only NZTC album is a "never found" (as opposed to "lost") psychedelic classic. The album contains no list of personnel, no background information on the band, nothing. The record label itself is a mystery. Even Vernon Joynson's American psychedelic bible Fuzz, Acid, and Flowers overlooks the group (the review in the web-based version of that book is mine)! Not surprisingly, you can still pick this one up on the cheap.
This is psych - jazz that will appeal to-fans of Wake Up...It's Tomorrow era Strawberry Alarm Clock. The material is all original, save for an engaging cover of "Hey Jude". The writing is of consistently high quality, and the harmonies grab the listener and don't let go. Particular highlights include the fuzz guitar / vibes interplay on "Jam And Anti - Freeze", and the vivid character study "Winnifred Jellicoe". I'd not only take this one to the desert island, I'd stay with it if the rescue party didn't have room for the both of us! Indescribably essential!
~ BY Ochsfan (RYM).

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Pôle - Inside The Dream (Fra 1975)

Pôle - Inside The Dream (France 1975, POLE 0002)

* Eric Dervieu - Bass
* Christian Rouch - Vocals
* Marc Azad - Guitar

* Arranged By, Effects:
Arp 2600 - Paul Putti
Arp 2600 - Jean-Louis Rizet
Arp 2600 - Pierre Chavigny.

01. Inside The Dream (24:48)
02. Outside The Nightmare (14:44)
03. In The Mäelstrom (4:37)

To start, "Inside The Dream" by Pôle the band / collective is a completely different beast from it's predecessor, "Kotrill" (both 1975). Not just musically but, beyond synthesist and Pôle records major domo Paul Putti, the line up is entirely different. Where "Kotrill" started with it's title track exploding out of the speakers in a synthoid götterdämmerung, "Inside The Dream" begins with an acoustic tranquility. A mellow folk riff (Michael Azad) rises into focus and is joined by a sopping wet electric guitar (Paul Putti) and near subliminal bass (Eric Dervieu). Then a smooth pleasant vocal (Christian Rouch) follows "Walking inside your dream now / So sweet, so cold / Watching your face in rainbows" . As so it goes, but somewhere along the line the electric guitar decides it's sick of playing nice and forces it's way into the front of the mix; if that means it's completely out of key and pushing the needle into the red - so what? The following track, 'Outside The Nightmare' (solo composition by Jean-Louis Rizet) is more in keeping with 'Kotrill' in that it is based in the realm of synthesizers, but if 'Kotrill' was the soundtrack to the apocalypse, then 'Outside The Nightmare' is most certainly the soundtrack to the post-apocalypse. You may have lived through the worst, but you're not out of the woods yet, kid. The third and final track, 'In The Mäelstrom', bleeds in from 'Outside', the sound of acceptance of the horrible turn the world has taken, and the will to face it, come what may. Slashing synths (courtesy Mssrs. Putti, Rizet, and Pierre Chavigny) march along with our hero, bloodied but unbroken. Along with "Kotrill", "Inside The Dream" feels like it was either quickly and cheaply put together to get some product on the streets for Pôle (the record label), or they were the projects that inspired the start of Pôle (again, the label). Either way, they are all the better for their raw immediacy and near punk primitivism.
~ Reviewed by MarsHottentot (RYM).

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Riverson - Riverson (Canada 1973)

Riverson - Riverson (Canada 1973, Columbia CS 90136)

Formed: Montreal, QC, Canada

* Franki Hart (vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, recorder),
* Rayburn Blake (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo),
* Brian Edwards (vocals, bass),
* Graham Lear (drums).

Related Artists: Mashmakhan, Lisa Hartt Band, Freedom North.

A1. Clear Night   3:05
A2. Winter Garden   3:16
A3. Eleanor Rigby   4:12
A4. I'll Be There   3:15
A5. Empty Sky   4:17
A6. Take Me   2:58
B1. Stoney Day   4:33
B2. Between the Lines   4:15
B3. Can't Live Without You   3:06
B4. Medallion Castle   4:25
B5. Hermit Glen   3:10

Of all the zillions of CSNY-inspired westcoast hippie rock LPs from the early 1970s, this is one of the very best. Another feather in the cap for the great Columbia Canada office, with an excellent production bringing out the max from these talented longhairs. Clearly out of a "Deja Vu" corner (minus the sugary Nash crap, naturally), the songwriting here is very good, grabbing your attention without being overly commercial, while the band lays down a groove that is both relaxed and tight. You can hear early AOR moves creeping into the hippie stylings, and much like on Homer this is not a disadvantage but helps broaden the album's impact. Female vocalist Franki Hart of Freedom North handles a few tracks, but is given solid competition by the male vocalists who sing just as well. Soaring, lyrical guitar leads recur throughout the LP, and there are some vague prog moves with flute on one track. Clocking in at 42 minutes, this could have omitted 1-2 tracks, and it's a testament to Riverson's strength that the playtime seems warranted. Recommended to anyone with an ear for top-level, upscale 70s westcoast sounds.
~ by: [PL] (

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Delta Blues Band - Delta Blues Band plus... (Denmark 1969, & bonus 2001)

Delta Blues Band - Delta Blues Band plus... (Den 1969, & bonus 2001)
(Rare Blues & Beat from Denmark 1969-70)

Formed: 1968, Kobenhavn, Denmark

*Troels Jensen (guitar, organ, piano, vocals),
*Thomas Puggaard-Muller (guitar, vocals),
*Bent Hesselman (flute, saxophone),
*Soren Engel (bass, vocals),
*Michael Puggaard-Muller (drums),
*Preben Feddersen (drums)

Related Artists: Culpeper's Orchard, Delta Cross Band, Pan, Troels Jensen & H.P. Lange
Also Known As: Delta Blues & Boogie Band, Delta

01. The Return of the Pink D.F.
02. Clouds Covering the Sun
03. We've Got Hard Times
04. Shit on My Shoes
05. Simple Sound
06. You Don't Know My Mind
07. Highway 51
08. Lock Me up in Jail
09. The King of Denmark
10. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
11. Opus 4 -Bonus Track - Delta Blues Band
12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken

-Bonus Tracks - Hurdy Gurdy
13. Tick Tock Man
14. Lend Me Your Wings

-Bonus Tracks - Gnags
15. I Can't Talk About It
16. Eyes and Ears

-Bonus Tracks - Gasolin'
17. Harry the Loverman
18. Speedboss

Delta Blues Band was originally formed as Delta Blues Boogie Band in may 1968 in Copenhagen. The group was established around Troels Jensen and Thomas Puggaard Muller,who had been the bluegrass-duo Troels & Thomas. Together with Michael Puggaard Muller and Soeren Engel they started to play traditional blues in the small clubs in Copenhagen. In the spring 1969 they got the chance to record an album for the big established record - company E.M.I. and their album was one of the first rock albums using multitrack technique in Denmark. Technique or not the album sold extremely badly. Just after the release of their debut album the brothers Thomas and Michael left the group to form the successful, but very short living group Pan. The next couple of years the group was playing a lot on Festivals and as backing for touring blues people like Sonny Terry, Link Wray, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley etc., but the group was still underground and had not got their real breakthrough. One of the reasons might had been the constant change of members, so the group never really learned to play together. The group began to sell records,when they recorded "No Overdubs" with the american guitar player Billy Cross. The group had already worked together with Cross, when he visited Denmark in 1974-75 then as Billy Schwartz. In the eighties became Delta Cross Band a very popular live band, not only in Denmark,but on festivals inScandinavia, Germany and the rest of Europe. But all that is history. Here you have the very first album from the Danish blues legends Delta Blues Band.
Hurdy Gurdy started as B.B.Brothers in Copenhagen and had released a terricfic single "Balla Balla/Dont Reply" in 1966. The group more or less split up in march 1967,but reunited as a trio and had in the summer same year a very short period as backing for Peter Belli. This team did not work as Belliwas more to pop and the group was into the new sounds from Hendrix and Cream. Their scottish bass player was thrown out of Denmark because of adrugtrial and the trio renamed them Hurdy Gurdy and moved to England, where they actually had ashort releationship with Donovan and recorded a never published version of "Hurdy Gurdy Man". In 1970 they returned to Denmark and recorded "Tick TockMan/Lend Me Your Wings" for the small independent record label Spectator. Later Hurdy Gurdy was known as the main acid group in Denmark and recorded a highly praised album for CBS in 1971 (released in 1972).
Gnags formed as Those Gnags back in 1966 in Skjern, Jutland. Won the Danish Championship in Beatmusic 1969 and recorded shortly after the extremely rare "Eyes and Ears" single for Jacks Beat Records. This was probably the only record Gnags recorded in English. Became hippie group number one inthe 70s and developed during the 80s and 90s toone of the biggest rock groups in Denmark exspecially known for their great live concerts.
Gasolin are probably the most popular Danish band ever. They was formed in 1969 as a real underground group and appeared on the semi-legendary Thy Festival. In 1970 they made some very rare recordings for Danish Radio, were we have choosen two "Harry The Loverman" and "Speedboss". Like Hurdy Gurdy they made their first single on Spectator records and sold nothing. Two more singles on more established companies like Sonet and CBS did not any better. Their breakthrough came when they made the first album in 1971 in Danish language -which actually included "Harry The Loverman" as "Hey Christoffer"- and in the next eight years they became the biggest group in Danish rock ever. Loved for their funny and suprising Danish lyrics. After Gasolin the lead singer Kim Larsen went solo with a big huge success and he is still around with his current band Kjukken playing new music and great versions of Gasolin songs.
~ Internet Source.

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La Vida - La Vida (Mexico 1971)

La Vida - La Vida (Mexico 1971)

Formed: Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico

* Antonio Gutiérrez Fernández (vocals, guitar),
* Luis Enrique Gutiérrez Fernández (bass),
* Fernando Gutiérrez Fernández (keyboards, vocals),
* Tomás Escudero (drums),
* José Luis Garrido (guitar, percussion).

01. Around Me
02. Touch Me
03. Words Of King
04. Sharon
05. History Man
06. Listen My Song
07. Rollin Baby
08. The Life Is Golden
09. Coffe And Milk
10. Open The Door
11. Peace Of Mind

Essential Mexican album from 1971.A fantastic blend of psychedelic rock and garage punk with great Doors / Seeds like keyboards and freaky wah wah guitar sounds that clash with funky Latin American percussion.If you dug the Mexican Kaleidoscope album then you'll also like this !
Musically similar to the Kaleidoscope albumwith absolute KILLER fuzz tracks and top-notch swirling organ madness.A great and essential garage psych rock album that is one of the jewells of South America.
~ by: Opa-Loka
Enjoy !!!

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Filename: La Vida - La Vida (Mex 1971).rar Size: 55.58 MB

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Fairy Tale - Once Upon a Time... (Hol 1969)

Fairy Tale - Once Upon a Time...... (Holland 1969)

Formed: 1969, Den Haag, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
Disbanded: 1971 //

This band rose from the ashes of nederbeat band "The Nicols".
Fairy Tale released one album in 1969 and two singles (in 1970 & 1971):
- 1969 LP Once upon a time - (Blossom 17001)
- 1970 A reason to stay/Oh boy - (Philips 6075101)
- 1971 Story with no end/Streetnoise - (Philips 6075123)
- 1980 Hilversumse kliek/Oh what a day [op LP Groeven uit Heerenveen] - (Friesche Haagje FH 001).

* Ed Koetsier (bass, vocals),
* Ellen Zonruiter (vocals),
* Harry Koetsier (drums),
* Herman Ansink (guitar),
* Peter Seilberger (organ, piano).

01. Yesterday's Tears
02. Will I Be Saved
03. Can I Take You By The Hand
04. Birds Of Passage
05. Everybody's Going Down To The Scene
06. Lookin' In The Mirror
07. Doddering Wailings
08. From Home
09. Tadadatatadoewh

Group from The Hague, not to be confused with the group from Tilburg. They existed from the end of 1969 till the end of 1971.
Lineup 1969:
* Cees Hoogerheide (vocals, ex-Nicols; in 1970 replaced by Ellen Zonruiter; Cees went to Big Wheel),
* Herman Ansink (guitar; in 1970 to Blow Ball and replaced by one John Miles, who in turn got replaced by Martin van Wijk in 1971, later with Jupiter),
* Peter Seilberger (organ and piano, ex-Tee Set, later to Big Wheel and Jupiter),
* Ed Koetsier (bass, vocals, ex-Nicols) and
* Harry Koetsier (drums, ex-Nicols, later with Big Rock Revival).
~ Alex Gitlin.
FAIRY TALE - Once Upon a Time LP on the Blossom label, 17001, from 1969. Super rare original Dutch pressing of a Dutch psych album.

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T.I.M.E. (Trust In Men Everywhere) - Smooth Ball (us 1969)

T.I.M.E. (Trust In Men Everywhere) - Smooth Ball (us 1969)

Formed: 1968, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1970 //

* Larry Byrom (guitar),
* Bill Richardson (guitar),
* Nick St. Nicholas (bass),
* Steve Rumph (drums).

Related Artists: Steppenwolf, World Classic Rockers
Also Known As: Trust in Men Everywhere

1(A) T. I. M. E. (Liberty LST 7558) 1968
2(B) SMOOTH BALL (Liberty LST 7605) 1969

NB: (1) and (2) have been reissued on one CD (See For Miles C5HCD 643).

1 Make It Alright/Take Me Along (Liberty 56020) 1968
2 What Would Life Be Without It/Tripping Into Sunshine (Liberty 56060) 1968

Track List :
01. Preparation G - 0:52
02. Leavin' My Home - 3:08
03. See Me as I Am - 5:47
04. I Think You'd Cry - 4:21
05. I'll Write a Song - 4:21
06. Lazy Day Blues - 1:44
07. Do You Feel It - 2:28
08. Flowers - 2:39
09. Morning Come - 10:03
10. Trust in Men Everywhere - 5:01

A competent quasi-psychedelic band from the Los Angeles area. They evolved out of Hardtimes which had included Byrom and Richardson. The opening track to their debut album, Tripping Into Sunshine, starts with a typical psychedelic introduction, although the remainder of Side One is comprised of rather mundane rock material. However, the standard improves on Side Two, particularly with I Really Love You and the closing track Take Me Along. Three of their 45 tracks are taken from this album. The two opening tracks on their second LP released as LBS 83232 in the UK, were featured on the Gutbucket sampler helping to give the band international exposure, which they failed to exploit. Their blues influence is evident on tracks like Lazy Day Blues, while See Me As I Am, Trust In Men Everywhere and Flowers are examples of their attempts to get to grips with the predominant psychedelic influences of the time. The group made considerable use of phasing techniques, Their second album was the better of the two. The 'A' side to the second 45 is not on the album - it's a catchy pop-rock ditty with some tasty guitar. Both Byrom and St. Nicholas later played with Steppenwolf and in 1973 Couchois and Byrom formed Ratchell.
~ Internet Sources.
Smooth Ball, their second album, featuring new bassist Richard Tepp is heavier, more psychedelic, features longer tracks and shows a more technically competent band who make full use of the studio.
The twin guitars of William Richardson and Larry Byrom are center stage on "Smooth Ball" and the result is quite pleasing to the ear.The centerpiece of "Smooth Ball" is the 10 minute tour-de-force "Morning Come" featuring Byrom at his finest. Their blues influence is evident on tracks like "Lazy Day Blues", while "See Me As I Am", "Trust In Men Everywhere" and "Flowers" are examples of their attempts to get to grips with the predominant psychedelic influences of the time.
~ (Review from amazon,

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Frantics - Relax Your Mind (us 1968, Unreleased Live Lp)

Frantics - Relax Your Mind (us 1968, Unreleased since 1994 Live Lp)

Formed: 1965
Disbanded: 1971

About This album:
Released: 1994 Cicadelic Record (Col CD 0570),
Recorded: 1968 (unreleased) live material.

* Kim Sherman - (lead guitar, vocals),
* Max Byfuglin - (lead vocals),
* Dennis Devlin - (rhythem guitar, vocals, harmonica),
* David Day - (bass, vocal),
* Jim Haas - (keyboard, vocals),
* Phil (Gordo) Head - (Drums).

01. Her And Her Mountain
02. Lady Of The Night
03. Child Of The Universe
04. Sweet Mary
05. Think About It
06. Relax Your Mind
07. Just For Awhile
08. Stranger
09. She
10. Great Tomato
11. Scitnarf
12. Stone Goddess

Formed in 1965 in Billings, Montana, the Frantics were a sextet who drew their influences from Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and, later, Jim Morrison (note the Lizard Records imprint for their second album). They were a little on the heavy side in terms of their musical approach, and were ambitious--they played throughout the United States and relocated several times, to New Mexico and then to Colorado Springs, Colorado, before settling in Los Angeles in 1969. The group released a pair of singles, "La Do Da Da" b/w "Route 66" and "Midnight To Six Man" b/w "Shady Sam." They also cut two albums, Relax Your Mind, which dated from 1968 and was unreleased until the 1990's, and a second album, Conception, late in their history. At around that same time, they dropped the "s" from their name and worked as The Frantic.
~ by Bruce Eder (AMG).
We are informed that this group hailed from Billings, Montana, originally, though they toured all over the country. In 1968 they relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, then moved onto Colorado Springs before making L.A. their final base in 1969, removing the final 'S' from their name and recording the Conception LP. All told they lasted from 1965 to 1971 and just 1,000 copies of their first 45 were pressed back in 1966. The Conception album has been likened to early MC5, but the "Relax Your Mind" CD of an unreleased 1968 album, is more overtly psychedelic and is one of Collectables' more worthwhile reissues. It was recorded at Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico. I wish that someone will reissued it on vinyl !!!
~ by Philmarie (RYM).

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V.A. - Acid Dreams Testament - 75 Minutes Of Psychotic Terror

V.A. - Acid Dreams Testament - 75 Minutes Of Psychotic Terror

Here's another great 60's garage and psychedelic rock compilation for you all. Liner notes were not included with this, and once again it's been hard for me to find out much information about this release. Most of the songs on this comp were recorded between 1966-69, with the exception of a track by Macabre, which was recorded in 74'. I'm not sure when this was originally released, or if it was orignally on vinyl, but it was reissued on CD by Head Records around 1987-88. Another comp entitled Acid Dreams Epitaph was also released, but the material on it isn't nearly as good as the music found on this comp. I'll post it for any completists who are interested in grabbing it also though.
~ by: Zer0_II.
We're not entirely sure if "terror" is the right way to describe this music -- but the striking subtitle definitely hints at the work within -- a pretty freaky batch of tunes from the late 60s American underground! The music's psyche, but with a garagey undercurrent too -- a great blend that almost borders on madness at times -- of the sort that we love in the best music of Love, and which we really enjoy here in the collection's host of contemporary groups who hit a very similar style!
~ by: dustygroove.
This collection expands on the original vinyl release of ACID DREAMS in 1979 with many of the same tracks, artists, and a promise of "75 minutes of psychotic terror" on the cover. With a remastered sound that emphasizes the vengeance with which bands like Balloon Farm, Outcasts, and Music Machine attacked three chord garage-psych, the collection delivers and then some. ~by:

Track List:
01. The Balloon Farm - A Question Of Temperature
02. The Music Machine - You'll Love Me Again
03. The Painted Faces - Anxious Color
04. The Velvet Illusions - Velvet Illusions
05. The Unrelated Segments - Cry Cry Cry
06. The Outcasts - I'll Set You Free
07. Murphy & The Mob - Born Loser
08. The Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine
09. The Painted Ship - Frustration
10. Mouse & The Traps - Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice
11. Macabre - Be Forewarned
12. The Calico Wall - I'm A Living Sickness
13. The Velvet Illusions - Acid Head
14. White Lightning - William
15. The Outcasts - 1523 Blair
16. The Zakary Thaks - I Need You
17. The Painted Ship - Little White Lies
18. Swamp Rats - Louie Louie
19. The Unrelated Segments - It's Unfair
20. The Shy Guys - Black Lightening Light
21. The Bourbons - A Dark Corner
22. The Mind's Eye - Help, I'm Lost!
23. The Stereo Shoestring - On The Road South
24. The Zakary Thaks - Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps
25. The Caretakers Of Deception - Cuttin' Grass
26. The Remaining Few - Painted Air
27. Teddy & His Patches - Suzy Creamcheese
28. Puddin' & Pipe - Hashish

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Filename: V.A. - Acid Dreams Testament - 75 Minutes Of Psychoti...rar Size: 111.63 MB