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V.A. - Psychedelic Jumble Vol. 1 - What's The Rush Time Machine Man? (2007)

V.A. - Psychedelic Jumble Volume One: What's the Rush, Time Machine Man?
(2007 Rev-Ola Records, crrev217 cd)

VARIOUS Psychedelic Jumble Volume 1: What's The Rush Time Machine Man? (2007 UK CD album, featuring 20 slices of impossibly rare British pop-psych, all previously unreleased at the time! A fantastic collection of beautifully restored gems, rescued from acetates, tapes and wax discs, including material from Tintern Abbey [the proposed follow up to their £1000-rated 'Beeside' single], Opal Butterfly [featuring a pre-Hawkwind Lemmy & Simon King], Penny Peeps [featuring a pre-Jethro Tull Martin Barre], Honeybus, Rupert's People and many more, dazzlingly packaged in the tried & tested Rev-Ola Fashion!).
Rev-Ola Records
Year of Release: 2007

01. The Majority - You Can Run
02. Tintern Abbey - Do What You Must
03. Paradox - What's The Rush, Dillbury?
04. The Honeybus - Delighted To See You
05. The Penny Peeps - Meet Me At The Fair
06. The Majority - Our Love Will Be So Strong
07. Tintern Abbey - How Do You Feel Today?
08. Five's Company - Friends And Mirrors
09. Paradox - Mary Colinto
10. The Penny Peeps - Into My Life She Came
11. The Majority - Time Machine Man
12. Opal Butterfly - Mary Anne With The Shakey Hand
13. Tintern Abbey - Naked Song
14. Paradox - Like The Day Goes
15. The Penny Peeps - Helen Doesn't Care
16. unknown - You And Me Baby
17. The Majority - Don't Know What You're Doing
18. Tintern Abbey - It's Just That The People Can't See
19. Paradox - Somebody Save Me
20. Rupert's People - Flying High

This review is from: Psychedelic Jumble Vol.1: What's the Rush Time Machine Man? (Audio CD):
What a top compilation of magic gems on this 1 CD. I ordered this album knowing that it will be a great listen and as soon as it arrived through the letterbox of my front door, I played it. It was what I was looking for in a British psychedelic pop compilation as the songs are rare and probably only feature on this disk. The artists deserve to be listened to. Some songs will always remind you of songs by well known artists (The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks for example), but it ISN'T them.
The sleeve is a bonus with an introduction by Stefen Granados (I assume he compiled the tracks) and a write up on the bands featured. The Majority, Tintern Abbey, Paradox, The Penny Peeps, Honeybus, Opal Butterfly, Five's Company, The Obscured Rays and Rupert's People are all here.
According to Stefen; 'Be warned that Psychedelic Jumble is not always a hi-fi listening experience, given that all but one of these were rescued from well worn crumbling tapes, but through the tireless efforts of sound wizard supreme Nick Robbins, all have been restored to a more than acceptable level of fidelity.' In other words, they are great songs with some slight crackle and hiss amongst the sound (some sound better than others)...I think that is the beauty of it.
If you're a collector of music, especially Psychedelic music, get this album.
~ By Mr. Brass (Manchester, England)

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Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love (us 1968)

Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love (us 1968, 2003 cd, Sub Pop SPCD 508)

Formed: 1967, Minneapolis, MN, United States

* Michael Yonkers (guitars, vocals, electronics),
* Tom Wallfred (bass),
* Jim Yunker (drums).

Related Artists:
Jim Woehrle and Michael Yonkers, Michael & the Mumbles, Michael Yonkers and Plastic Crimewave Sound, Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake

Genres: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock

01. Jasontown 2:40
02. Microminiature Love 3:00
03. Boy in the Sandbox 3:43
04. Smile Awhile 4:24
05. Returning 3:49
06. Puppeting 3:06
07. Killing the Enemy 3:38

Bonus Tracks:
08. The Clock Is Running 4:07
09. My House 3:11
10. Hush Hush 3:49
11. Sold America 3:34
12. The Thunder Speaks 3:34
13. Scat Jam 4:20

“The body was sawed off, and it was silvery, and there were a couple of large knobs on it, and –I swear this is true –some kind of antenna thing sticking out of it. Kind of spronging around, like a prop from a 1950s science-fiction movie. Then he plugged it in and we went for the first take. Hraww wrahhraw hhharah hhhrahhh! It was wah-wah-ing even before I knew what a wah-wah was! And I started laughing, it was such a shock!”~ Recording engineer Steve Longman on his first encounter with Michael Yonkers & his heavily-modified guitar.
This is one o’ those platters that is often relegated to the “Record Collector Rock” pile by snobby rockcrits (no money to be made pimping this kinda stuff, y’see) insuring that only a handful of those of us with an Appetite For Distortion will ever seek it out. You can remedy this situation by playing it for yer granny and gramps, 2.4 kids, Ma and Pa… it should be experienced by all and sundry.
A DIY electronics wizard, Yonkers cut his Telecaster in half, outfitting it with a variety of homemade effects and gadgets (the “antenna” that Longman saw was actually a theremin protruding from Yonkers’ guitar case– he’d made it out of a PIAA kit)– oscillators, a makeshift echoplex constructed from a cassette deck with an extra recording head– he also designed his own distortion boxes, one of which, the “Fuzz ‘N’ Bark,” earned raves from local musicians. “Microminature Love” was recorded at Minneapolis’ famed Dove Studios in an hour-long session (!) in 1969– most tracks being (natch) one take wonders (!). Initially, a deal was in place with Sire Records to release it, but for reasons unknown, this never came to be. The master tapes languished in Yonkers’ house for 35 years.
According to legend, Yonkers discovered his odd guitar tuning when he accidentally knocked over his axe at a gig– liking what he heard at first strum, he memorized the outta whack timbre and began using it regularly as it also conformed nicely to his vocal pitch. Its mournful drone blends in perfectly with the all-pervasive sense of doom hovering over this LP– Vietnam figures prominently in the lyrics, albeit in a cryptically poetic way, making this a work very much relevant to the political climate of today. Ditties like “Kill the Enemy” and “Boy in the Sandbox” positively reek of death– the latter particularly affecting with its irony-laden storyline– a boy who loved to play with his toy soldiers in his sandbox, growing to adulthood, sent to war and ultimately, “a tomb of sand.”
It is Yonkers’ fretwork that will keep you returning to MML, though– whirring and sloshing around in shapeless fragments one moment, slicing through the murk with punkish authority the next. I can think of no one doing anything quite this extreme at the time– not the Stooges, the ‘Five or even VU’s epic odysseys into Feedback Hell on the dozens of live boots I’ve heard. Yonkers was exploring a musical dimension that contained only himself– and fuck all the high-falutin’ types that would dismiss this magnificent goop as yet another poorly-executed stab at “downer rock”: Michael Yonkers was/is a one-of-a-kind innovator on par with Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman and Sonny Sharrock. Too bad we had to wait over three decades to find that out.
~ TheePope (RYM).
A cult artist the likes of Captain Beefheart, the Fugs and the Godz, Minneapolis' Michael Yonkers has been toiling in obscurity since the late '60s. With a solid foundation of surf rock and garage, Yonkers pushes the limits of distortion with guitar and effects modifications, and a raw and blunt approach to underground rock & roll.Born in 1947, Yonkers began playing guitar in the early '60s. Raised on Link Wray and the Trashmen, he officially started his music career as the leader of Michael & the Mumbles who played proms and dances in the Twin Cities area. Constantly redefining and stretching the limits of their sound, the group eventually evolved into Michael Yonkers Band with Michael's brother Jim on drums and Tom Wallfred on bass.In 1967, Yonkers cut his Telecaster down to a plank and began the other modifications on his equipment that would solidify the band's unique approach. Soon, Minneapolis music impresario Peter Steinberg landed the band a contract with Sire Records -- not unusual for a time when major labels were combing the underground for bands like the Mothers of Invention.Microminiature Love was the group's first full-length and was intended to be released in 1968, but for reasons still unknown, the deal with Sire fell apart and the band broke up, their brilliant debut left languishing on a shelf.In 1971, Yonkers' back was broken in an on-the-job-accident at an electronics warehouse -- a twist of fate that led to years of exploratory surgery that only made matters worse, and an allergic reaction to X-ray dye that left the guitarist with a degenerative spinal cord condition. But Yonkers kept recording, and released three solo albums on his own label in 1974 -- Grimwood (recorded in 1969), Michael Lee Yonkers (recorded in 1972) and Goodby Sunball (recorded in 1973) -- as well as Borders of My Mind with Jim Woehrle. Thy Will Be Done followed in 1976 and then Yonkers was relatively unheard of for two decades.In 1997, Get Hip Records released a compilation of songs recorded at Richfield, Minnesota's Dove Studios called Free Flight: Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-69 which contained two songs from Microminiature Love, "Puppeting" (which was mislabeled as "Microminiature Love") and the anti-Vietnam war song "Kill the Enemy." These stripped-down, seminal art rock tracks caught the attention of De Stijl's Clint Simonson, who spent over a year searching for Yonkers. Simonson released the virtually forgotten Minneapolis psychedelic-garage album Microminiature Love in 2002. The vinyl-only edition quickly became a record collector favorite, and in 2003 Sub Pop put out the CD of this strange, lost album complete with six bonus tracks recorded circa 1968.
~ (Charles Spano).
Recorded in Minneapolis in 1968, but not released until about 35 years later, Microminiature Love is both of its time and out of time. Certainly there's some late '60s power trio hard rock- psychedelia to the way Michael Yonkers Band grinds out his creepy, unrelentingly minor-keyed songs of gloom. The bashing of the drums is as shaky in tempo as his voice is in timbre, wailing in a tormented tone that's something of a somewhat less off-key, more powerful forefather of later auteurs like Jandek. There were few other rock songwriters of the era as plugged into such an incessantly downer mood, and when he sings "heaven's turning into hell, life is turning into death" on the title track, you believe it, or at least you believe it's happening to him. Perhaps the closest reference point might be the Stooges, but Microminiature Love is much rawer in some respects than the Stooges' first few albums, sounding as if it's the product of a basement rehearsal that was caught on tape unbeknownst to the band. (Indeed, it's hard to believe that this was intended for release on Sire Records, although the deal never came to pass.) Some-of-the-time anti-establishment ethos is present in the anti-war protest of "Kill the Enemy," though rarely has it been offered in such a bluntly horrific and ugly fashion as Yonkers did here. Though limited melodically, Yonkers also cooks up some impressive guitar pyrotechnics here and there, particularly on "Boy in the Sandbox," which climaxes with truly frightening bursts of machine gun guitar. All that said, this isn't a great record or a lost masterpiece. It's far too monotonous for that, with most of the material sitting on a minor E chord as if it's trying to bludgeon itself to death by repetition. The CD reissue adds six additional bonus demos from 1969 cut in Yonkers's parents' basement that are quite similar in feel to the recordings that made it onto the projected LP.
~ (Richie Unterberger).

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Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love (us 1968) [2003 cd with Bonus Tracks].rar (108.88 MB)

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V.A. - Back to Peru: The Most Complete Compilation of Peruvian Underground '64-74 (2002)

V.A. - Back to Peru: The Most Complete Compilation of Peruvian Underground '64-74
(Released 2002, 2LP, VampiSoul VAMPI LP 001)

Outside of a handful of reissues from Inca rock outfits like We All Together, Traffic Sound, and Laghonia, the Peruvian music of the rock roll era has gone largely unrecognized and underappreciated in the English-speaking world. Back to Peru, a superbly eclectic and comprehensive overview of the scene during its 1964 to 1974 heyday, goes far in correcting the error, casting a net over the best hard rock, garage, soul, and unclassifiable weirdness the country has to offer. According to the engaging liner notes, this stuff is rare even in its native land, going far beyond the few Peruvian artists who have earned international notice into uncharted territory -- the sheer scope of the material is impressive enough, but its consistently high quality really pushes the disc over the top. Highlights include Hot Butter Sound's "Pa Pa Pa," los Holys' "Holy's Psicodelicos," and Black Sugar's "Funky Man."
~ #headphones.
35 track collection of Peruvian beat/psych/prog covering the period from 1964 to 1974. Includes St Thomas Smelter,Los Mutables, Jaguars, Smog, Los Datsuns (nothing to do with current NZ rockers), We All Together, Traffic Sound and many more. With the album tracks running (almost) chronologically, you get a good idea of the progression of Underground music in Peru during the decade featured; from the beat/r&b of Los Saicos to the funky psych of Los Mirlos. Pressed on heavy vinyl and housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.
This is the album rip.

Disc 1 side A:
A1. Los Saicos - Demolicion 2:55
A2. Los Atomos - La muere de mi Hermano 2:21
A3. Los Mads's - The Last Time 3:03
A4. Termits - Bailemos 2:31
A5. Los York's - Abrazame Baby 4:08
A6. Snacks - La pitita 1:49
A7. Los Silverton's - Te amo 2:48
A8. Golden Stars - Tema de los Golden Stars 2:48
A9. Texao - Stone 2:29
A10. Los Mutables - Pasos en la luna 2:44

Disc 1 side B:
B1. Los Holy's - Holy's Psicodelicos 2:23
B2. Los 007 - No te puedo encontrar 3:04
B3. Los Belkings - Negro es negro 3:14
B4. Pina y sus Estrellas - Los extraños 2:43
B5. Hot Butter's Sound - Pa-Pa-Pa 3:07
B6. Los Doltons - Horizontes perdidos 2:44
B7. Los Jaguars - Melodia Apache 2:33
B8. Los Shain's - Summertime 4:28
B9. Ringers - You Gotta Try 4:40

Disc 2 side A:
C1. The (St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter - You, I 3:12
C2. New Juggler Sound - Glue 3:21
C3. Smog - Wiched Man 3:28
C4. Los Comandos - Eleva tu mente 2:44
C5. Los Datsun's - Who'll Stop the Rain 2:23
C6. Illicit - Realize 3:48
C7. Laghonia - World Full of Nuts 3:34
C8. We All Together - Carry on Till Tomorrow 4:49

Disc 2 side B:
D1. El Polen - Mi cueva 4:23
D2. El Opio - Una bruja en el cuczo 3:11
D3. Telegraph Avenue - Tookie Tookie 3:47
D4. Black Sugar - Funky Man 2:03
D5. Zulu - Candela. 3:58
D6. Pax - Exorcismo 4:14
D7. Traffic Sound - Meshkalina 3:29
D8. Los Mirlos - Sonido amazunico 2:41

Download Links:
Disc 1:
V.A. - Back To Peru (disk 1).rar
V.A. - Back to Peru - Peruvian Underground 64-74 (2001 vinyl).rar (129.99 MB)

Disc 2:
V.A. - Back To Peru (disk 2).rar
V.A. - Back to Peru - Peruvian Underground 64-74 (2001 vinyl).rar (129.31 MB)

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The Steppes - Enquire Within (us-Ireland 1989)

The Steppes - Enquire Within (us-Ireland 1989, Voxx Records VXS 200.058)

* John Fallon - Vocals, Guitars
* David Fallon - Vocals, Bass Guitar
* Tim Gilman - Lead Guitar
* James Bailey - Drums, Percussion

A1. Master James
A2. In Your Prime
A3. Who Am I to Say?
A4. If We'd But Care
A5. The Brightest Lights
B1. Time Goes By
B2. Sailing the Silver Cloud
B3. Alvernia
B4. You Don't Know How Late
B5. Begin

The Steppes were originally formed as a powerpop trio in 1982 by brothers John and David Fallon with drummer Eddie GrzybThe Blue Macs". There were five demos that were recorded and given a brilliant review in Melody Maker in March of '83. John and David relocated from Dublin to Los Angeles and added Tim Gilman to the line up. The name of the band was now changed to The Steppes. They recorded 8 songs that were released by Mystic Records in Hollywood February of '84. James Bailey became the drummer shortly after. The Steppes gigged in Los Angeles and around southern California from 1983-1985. John and David Fallon returned to Ireland for several months. Greg Shaw of Bomp Records signed The Steppes to a multi-album deal after The Steppes played one show at Greg's Cavern club in Hollywood near the Capital Records building. The Steppes then recorded Drop of the Creature LP in west Los Angeles in '86. the album was realeased in '87. The Steppes then recorded the Stewdio LP in '87 in Hollywood. The album was released in '88. John Fallon played guitar on a Dementia 13 album called "Disturb the Air" which came out in '88. The same year, The Steppes toured Europe. They played shows in England, Belgium, Germany, and Greece. After the tour, they recorded 'Enquire Within' in London. The Steppes then did 22 shows plus a TV appearance in Greece in '89. The Enquire Within album resulted with a second and larger European tour in October. There were 30 shows in England, Germany, Italy, Greece, Belgium, and Holland. After the tour, they returned to London to record 'Harps and Hammers' in December of '89 and January of '90. To be continued...
~ MySpace URL :
«Easily one of the best and most distinctive combos of the neo-psychedelic crop, combining a subtly baroque musical sensibility with an ability to pull off ambitiously original arrangements and production ideas. The Steppes capture the essence of vintage psychedelia without sounding pretentious or unduly derivative. The band's albums have steadily grown more accomplished and impressive, Enquire Within is a mesmerizing, extraordinarily realized work…»
~ (Bompstore) .
«Enquire Within was recorded at Goldust Studios in Bromley and was engineered by Mark Dawson, who had been recommended by Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond. Over a four week period the band laid down a selection of recordings that would give the band's recorded work the kind of production for which they had long hoped. This album was certainly a turning point in The Steppes sound and, when it was released in 1989, The Steppes started to get major press. The fledgling Q magazine described the album as “a strange, but rather fascinating brew” whilst Italy's Rockerilla compared the album to Hendrix meets Nick Drake! In truth Enquire Within was surely The Steppes attempt to finally satisfy their love for '60's music and bring it into the '90's. Master James which was slated for a UK 12" single that was never released, is a hard edged number that hints at Beatleseque vocal harmonies without being derivative. The love song “In Your Prime” hangs piano on a waltzing melody line, while the understated passion of “You Don't Know How Late” is reinforced by brilliantly subdued, electric guitar bursts. During “Who Am I To Say” Tim Gilman pours some of his most fiery guitar work into a crisp, Hendrix influenced, blues rock mould while “The Brightest Lights” is pure Steppes – magnificent lyrical, Irish rock blended with acid guitar ragas, mysterious and lethal. The Beatles like “Time Goes By”, a demo version of which is included on this CD, is the kind of song that has made Oasis famous while “Sailing The Silver Cloud” rocks out with Celtic abandon. Enquire Within was released on CD in Germany by the Music Maniac label with bonus tracks [included]. Despite critical success Enquire Within was not helped by the cheesy, computer generated packaging and lack of effective promotion…»
~ (
more info:
Absolutely wonderful !!! The Forever Changes of the 80's...
~ by Philmarie (RYM).

~ Alfaios.

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The Steppes - Enquire Within (us-Ireland 1989).rar (53.76 MB)

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Fourth Sensation - Fourth Sensation (Italy 1970)

Fourth Sensation - Fourth Sensation (Italy 1970)

Formed: Italy

* Vince Tempera (organ)
* Ares Tavolazzi (guitar)
* Angelo Vaggi (bass)
* Ellade Bandini (drums)

Related Artists:
Area, The Flippers, The Pleasure Machine, Il Volo

01. Julia
02. Clarissa
03. Vanessa
04. Petula
05. Elena
06. Lisa
07. Diana
08. Marta
09. Cinzia
10. Georgia

Another of those mystery groups that were so common in Italy at the end of the 60's, Fourth Sensation only appeared on an album released on the Ricordi International label, as if they were a foreign group. No names are mentioned on the cover though there are four musicians pictured on the back, but two of the band members may have been Vince Tempera (later with The Pleasure Machine and Il Volo) and Ares Tavolazzi (Area).All the tracks are composed by Massimo Catalano (that was one of The Flippers, a very popular beat band of the early 60's).Musically speaking the album has the same style as The Underground Set or Blue Phantom, a totallly instrumental psych-influenced acid-jazz sound, with the Hammond organ in evidence. The ten tracks have all women names.From:
This album is more typical of the instrumental psych/blues/jazz tinged library film/TV music, with roller rink organ and half Les Paul era electric leads/half psychedelic fuzz.
~ by mutantsounds.

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Fourth Sensation - Fourth Sensation (Ita 1970).rar (90.27 MB)

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Shin Yung Hyun & Men - It's A Lie (South Korea 1973)

Shin Jung Hyun and the Men - It's a Lie (South Korea1973)

A great psychedelic album with 3 long tracks and very good guitar and organ work
'the Collection of Korean psych's golden age'. This album contains the peak of the 70's psychedelia of Korea.
The opening track '???? ??(Beautiful Country)' is the song which was originally forced to praise the then-military government.
But Shin Jung-Hyun refused to make the song like that and he made his own version which praises the beautiful country. Intro led by Kim Gi-Pyo's keyboard and Son Hak-rae's oboe emits classical magnificence and tragic beauty. After the indulging intro, Lee Tae-Hyun's bass which shows an outstanding groove develops the main theme. It could be described as an accordance amidst avant-garde discordance. There it goes, the essence of psychedelic.
The title track '?????(It's a Lie)' is a jamming leviathan. Although this is not a live album, this song has striking improvisations.(so these things make the album like a live or jamming album) The last track '???? ??(Woman in the Mist)' is also a fantastic jam. With Lee's Bass and Mun's Drum trembling on and making the rhythm tight and loose, the guitar, keyboard, oboe show the great jam. The endless flow of psychedelic jamming invites you to the state of complete absence of ego.
It is not so popular methodology that one can be attracted at once, but when you fell in love with, this is amazing.Just avoid your prejudice. Enjoy the trip!
Reorganized(& edited) & Translated by DH.Kang(Sorry for my poor English, but I wish this could lead you to the introduction of Korean rock)the original review by Lee Young-Woo in KoreanURL
~ by slgma (RYM).

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Shin Yung Hyun & Men - Its A Lie (Korea 1973).rar (81.42 MB)

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Shin Jung Hyun and the Men - Woman of the Evening Sun (South Korea 1972)

Shin Jung Hyun and the Men - Woman of the Evening Sun (South Korea 1972)

01. the evening sun
02. woman of fog inside
03. lingering
04. it will be extensive, it loves
05. sound of mind
06. beautiful rivers and mountains
07. grass

" Shin Jung-Hyeon is the Godfather of Korean pop/rock. He started his musical career in 1955. In those days, immediately after the Korean War, there were few musicians. At 1957 he could play at the US army in Korea. His psychedelic play fascinated US soldiers, and some record company asked him to make an LP. His 1st band Add 4 constructed in 1962. Add 4 is the first rock band in Korea. After the time SJH started to make hit songs. Kim Jeong Mi, Park In Su, Pearl Sisters, Kim Chu Ja, Im A Yeong, Jang Hyeon and other singers debuted with the support of Shin Jung Hyeon. They debuted with his hit songs and he became the biggest power in Ga Yo scene."
~ Folkie Jin.
Woman of the Evening Sun has a lot more singing in it than the follow up. The psychedelic vibe is in full effect; this sounds like a Korean Doors band. It's more slower paced though. The second album is faster paced too and more progressive in a sense. The music is heartfelt and very nature-esque. Beautiful Rivers and Mountains definitely portrays that well. ~ Review by Selfmonarch.
That a first album by that band not as good as their second It's a Lie but still good enought for not being forgotten album.
Thanks to origynal ripper.
~ Posted by Ricsi.

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Shin Yung Hyun & Men - Woman of the Evening Sun (Korea 1972).rar (45.56 MB)

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Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice (Germany 1970)

Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice (Ger 1970)

Formed: 1966, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Disbanded: 1972 //

* Rainer von Gosen (bass),
* Werner von Gosen (guitar),
* Arno Bredehöft (drums),
* Gerd Adlung (drums),
* Hans-Hermann Jäger (organ),
* Karl-Heinz Blumenberg (vocals, alto saxophone, percussion, flute, guitar),
* Wolfgang Buhre (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet, percussion),
* Wolfram Minnemann (organ, piano, guitar)

Related Artists: Altona, Dirty Dogs, Leinemann

Genres: Krautrock

01. Joe Joe 8:48
02. Vivaldi 11:31
03. Torakov 12:51
04. Fancy Desire 7:56
Bonus Tracks:
05. Drive Me 2:17
06. Pig II 10:52
07. Vivaldi's Revival 7:15
08. Trying 5:06
09. New Life 2:17
10. Dawn 2:54
11. An Invtation 3:08

This singular album by Hamburg based band THRICE MICE is a nice example of early Krautrock exhibiting influences by Blodwyn Pig and Curved Air, both bands they’re paying tribute to by cover versions added up on the CD re-release. After some local success and a gig on legendary Fehmarn festival in 1970 (where Jimi Hendrix gave his last concert) they disbanded in 1972 when Rainer von Gosen decided to leave. His brother Werner and Karl-Heinz Blumenberg continued their progressive jazz-rock style with the band ALTONA.Thrice Mice which grew up from a beat school band originally presented here a quite noteable and for those days very unique blend of jazz elements, influences from classical themes and heavy rock using some technical sound effects that bring HAWKWIND into one’s mind. Although the four compositions are basically rather melodic and straightforward they’re highly enriched by improvising solos, intricate dual sax playing and use of big band-alike brass. The classically inspired "Vivaldi" was quite a big success for them when they played it live (can be heard as well on the CD release). Each one of the other three tracks is based on either a particular theme or story. "Jo Joe" is about someone’s idiosyncratic philosophy, “Pancy Desiree” is inspired by Joachim Ringelnatz’s novel "Fancy Desire" and "Torekov" is telling the very personal experiences of some band members with a Finnish girl on a camp tour in Sweden.Overall this album is a quite unique and noteworthy one, certainly not to be considered essential but anyway good. Highly recommended to collectors of rare and obscure German progressive albums!
~ By hdfisch (RYM).
Early summer 1966, infected with Beatlemania, brothers Rainer and Werner v. Gosen decided to form their own Beat band. Born in Flensburg and raised in Hamburg they attended the Alexander-von-Humboldt grammar school in the suburb of Harburg. Both had previously taken piano lessons. Rainer took up the bass, Werner guitar and schoolmate Arno Bredehöft drums. The trio called themselves Thrice Mice and had ambitions of making it to the top which started well by successfully taking part in many of the "Battle Of The Beat Band" competitions.
In August they beat 6 other bands to win first prize in the Hamburg grammar school Beat-Band-Battle at Hamburg-Alsterdorf School. The newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt used the following headlines to report the event: "Beat Battle Too Loud For Music Teacher" and "Judge Sat Outside". The article from August 24th reported "ear numbing Beat Music, ear numbing applause, 7 Hamburg Beat Bands fought it out in the heat of the moment for the first prize. The Hall was boiling and only one person was left outside - the judge! It was just too loud for the music teacher who should have been a competent jury member, which he in fact was albeit from a distance. He sat on a bench in the gangway in front of the hall and listened from there. After 2 hours of noise the loudness ebbed and he announced the winners - Thrice Mice".
That Thrice Mice didn't even attend the host school and still won was a sign of their talent and ambition. The victory brought them recognition in the already growing Hamburg scene and was followed by ...
...more infos included...

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Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice (Ger 1970).rar (145.02 MB)

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V.A. - Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges 1968-1974

V.A. - Forge Your Own Chains: Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges 1968-1974
(Album: Now-Again Records NA5046)

01. Top Drawer - Song of a Sinner
02. Sensational Saints - How Great Thou Art
03. East of Underground - Smiling Faces
04. D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains
05. Shin Jung Hyun and the Men feat. Jang Hyun - Twilight
06. T. Zchiew & The Johnny - Let Your Life Be Free
07. The Strangers [NIG] - Two to Make a Pair
08. Damon - Don't You Feel Me
09. Ellison - Strawberry Rain
10. Morly Grey - Who Can I Say You Are
11. Shadrack Chameleon - Don't Let It Get You Down
12. Ofege - It's Not Easy
13. Ana y Jaime - Nina Nana
14. کورش يغمائي - Hajm-e Khaali
15. Baby Grandmothers - Somebody Keeps Calling My Name

Compilation produced, annotated and researched by: EgonLiner notes by: Egon, except for the Ellison entry by Tim Perlich.
Restoration and remastering by Sean C., Traffic Entertainment Group, Boston.Art direction by Matthew Boyd for Way Shape Form.
Description: Subtitled Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges 1968-1974, this compilation introduces a new direction for Now-Again Records and its owner, Egon. With the same detailed, no-stone-unturned approach he used for deep funk on The Funky 16 Corners and Cold Heat he tackles beat-heavy global psychedelia with Forge Your Own Chains.
Now-Again’s Foray Into Funky Psychedelia: American gospel, paranoiac soul, loner folk, East-Nigerian fuzz, Thai rock, Iranian ballads and more….
This compilation introduces a new direction for Now-Again Records and its owner, Stones Throw Records GM, A&R and producer Egon. With the same detailed, no-stone-unturned approach he used for Deep Funk (The Funky 16 Corners, Cold Heat ), he tackles beat-heavy global psychedelia with Forge Your Own Chains.
Forge Your Own Chains showcases music from all corners of the world: Colombia, Nigeria, Sweden, South Korea, Thailand and Iran. The focus – in keeping with Now-Again’s tradition – is on melody, driving rhythms and accessibility. Not one song is included on this compilation because it is from a “rare” album. Certainly, many of these songs do spring from albums that exchange hands for many thousands of dollars. Certainly, many of these songs have never seen reissue. But these songs are all beautiful in their own right and work to form a coherent album.
Psychedelic records, long the mainstay of older, grizzled collectors and seemingly quaint, are, in the hands of Egon and those of his generation, giving up new ghosts. And, with comps like Forge Your Own Chains, inspiring new investigations into our not so distant (and still very much alive) musical past.
Is it me or has there just been an underwhelming amount of promo for this? I sometimes wonder if people want to sell stuff at all. Egon and Now Again records dig deep in the funky psychedelia...
(PRESS RELEASE) With the same detailed, no-stone-unturned approach he used for deep funk on The Funky 16 Corners and Cold Heat, Egon's Now-Again Records tackles beat-heavy global psychedelia with Forge Your Own Chains. Psychedelic records, long the mainstay of older, grizzled collectors, are giving up new ghosts in the hands of Egon and those of this generation.
Digipak CD package includes 40-page full color booklet with detailed liner notes, annotation, photos and ephemera. Gatefold 2/LP includes all liner notes.
Physical purchase comes with the bonus 7-inch single Forge Your Own Chains 45, by Guilty Simpson, Oh No, J.Rocc and Egon, while supplies last.
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