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Rodriguez - Cold Fact (us 1970)

Rodriguez - Cold Fact (us 1970)
(Tripped out psychedelia, on the early Bob dylan side of things.)

The album itself is a pretty good offering of leftist political folk/rock with a hint of psychedelia here and there. He comes across as bit of a Latino Bob Dylan.
The songs are well written and performed but for me the best thing about this this album is that I can slip it on the turntable and be 19 again.
A secret diamond for me. rodriguez, a single phaenomenon, a master of melodies, which hit into the open minded heart. very easy, very true.

01. Sugar Man
02. Only Good For Conversation
03. Crucify Your Mind
04. This Is Not A Song, It's an Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues
05. Hate Street Dialogue
06. Forget It
07. Inner City Blues
08. I Wonder
09. Like Janis
10. Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme)
11. Rich Folks Hoax
12. Jane S. Piddy

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez (also known as Rodriguez or as Jesus Rodriguez) is a US folk musician, born in Detroit, Michigan on the 10th of July 1942. He was named 'Sixto' because he was the sixth child in his family. Rodriguez's parents were middle-class immigrants from Mexico, who left in the 1920s. In most of his songs he takes a political stance on the cruelties facing the inner-city poor.
It was after the move to Sussex he changed his professional name to just Rodriguez. Rodriguez recorded two albums with Sussex - "Cold Fact", in 1970, and "Coming to Reality" in 1971. But after mixed reviews and low album sales he was later dropped from the label, which would later fold in 1975.
As his music career became a memory, Rodriguez's legend was growing - on the other side of the world. In South Africa and, to a lesser extent, Rhodesia, Australia and New Zealand, Cold Fact had become a major word of mouth success, particularly among young people in the South African armed forces, who identified with its counter-cultural bent. But Rodriguez was an enigma - not even the label knew where to find him - and his demise became the subject of debate and conjecture. Some rumours said he'd died of a heroin overdose or burned to death on stage. Others said he was in a mental institution, or in prison for murdering his girlfriend. Barring a couple of small-scale Australian tours in 1979 and 1981, nothing had been heard of him for almost 30 years. But the tide began to turn in 1996, when journalist Craig Bartholemew set out to get to the bottom of the mystery. After many dead ends, he found Rodriguez alive, well, free and perfectly sane in Detroit, ending years of speculation. Rodriguez himself had no idea about his fame in South Africa (the album had gone multi-platinum, Rodriguez has received not so much as a Rand in royalties), and embarked on a triumphant South African tour followed, filling 5,000 capacity venues across the country.
A documentary named Dead Men Don't Tour: Rodriguez in South Africa 1998 was screened on national TV. Rodriguez was still largely unknown in the northern hemisphere until 2002, when Sugar Man, the album's extra-terrestrially wonderful lead track, was picked up by David Holmes.The DJ discovered the album in a New York record store, and included it on his Come Get It, I Got It compilation, re-recording the song with Rodriguez for his Free Association project a year later.
Most of the people prefer the "Sugar Man" but I love "Rich Folks Hoax "
That's why...
Rich Folks Hoax
The moon is hanging in the purple sky
The baby's sleeping while its mother sighs
Talking 'bout the rich folks
Rich folks have the same jokes
And they park in basic places.

The priest is preaching from a shallow grave
He counts his money, then he paints you saved
Talking to the young folks
Young folks share the same jokes
But they meet in older places.

So don't tell me about your success
Nor your recipes for my happiness
Smoke in bed
I never could digest
Those illusions you claim to have going.

The sun is shining, as it's always done
Coffin dust is the fate of everyone
Talking 'bout the rich folks
The poor create the rich hoax
And only late breast-fed fools believe it.

So don't tell me about your success
Nor your recipes for my happiness
Smoke in bed
I never could digest
Those illusions you claim to have going.

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Sweetwater - Sweetwater (us 1968)

Sweetwater - Sweetwater (us 1968)

Formed 1968, Los Angeles, CA, United States

* Albert Moore (flute) ,
* Alan Malarowitz (drums),
* August Burns (cello),
* Elpidio Cobian [aka Pete] (conga) ,
* Nancy Nevins (lead vocals) ,
* Alex Del Zoppo (keyboards) ,
* Fred Herrera (bass) ,
* Joe Bruley (guitar) ,
* Mike Williams (drums) ,
* Henry Arias (percussion) .

01. Motherless Child 5:09
02. Here We Go Again 2:34
03. For Pete's Sake 2:53
04. Come Take a Walk 3:51
05. What's Wrong 4:04
06. In a Rainbow 3:18
07. My Crystal Spider 3:57
08. Rondeau 1:19
09. Two Worlds 3:59
10. Through an Old Storybook 2:35
11. Why Oh Why 3:01

In the late 60’s the USA Psychedelic/Proto Prog movement was full of great artists ahead of their time but the band that pioneered the fusion of Rock, Classical, Folk and Jazz was a modest group of kids from Los Angeles called SWEETWATER.They didn’t just limited to hiring a Symphony Orchestra to enhance the music, instead they were one of the first USA bands to include Cello, flute and Congas to the usual rock instruments, having a lineup of eight official members (plus guests), something pretty unusual for 1968.
It’s unclear if they joined in 1967 or 1968, but due to the excellent voice of Nansi Nevins plus the absolutely innovative and eclectic blend of influences in their music they were immediately recruited by Warner Reprise and released their self titled debut album “Sweetwater”.
This LP was ahead of their time, the killer keyboards of Alex Delzoppo were efficiently backgrounded by the unusual (for that moment) flute of Albert Moore, Cello by August Burns and Conga of the amazing Elpidio Cobian plus the usual instruments of a Rock band.
They toured with and/ or shared the bill with every major act of the time, including: Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Cream, the Grateful Dead, Big Brother & The Holding Co. w/ Janis Joplin, C S N & Y, the Who, Frank Zappa, Jefferson Airplane, Chicago, Chuck Berry, Spirit, the Allman Bros., E.L.P., Joe Cocker, War, Linda Rondstadt, Santana, Joan Baez, Beach Boys, Steve Miller, Chambers Bros., and many others.The group performed on all major network television shows (Red Skelton, Steve Allen, Playboy After Dark, Hollywood Palace, American Bandstand, Etc.), and at all major national rock venues and pop festivals of the time including WOODSTOCK, where they were the first band to play.In December of 1969 their lead vocalist, Nancy Nevins, was hit by a drunken driver, suffering nearly fatal injuries including a severely damaged vocal cord. Awaiting her recovery, the band continued to gather fans with their exciting performances while releasing two more albums on Warner/ Reprise, “Just For You” and “Melon”. However, Nancy's prolonged recovery as well as other pressures forced them to eventually disband.
~ internet source.
Sweetwater was a rock band originally from Los Angeles. They were the act scheduled to play first at the Woodstock Festival in 1969, although due to problems within the band, solo folksinger Richie Havens became the first performer. Sweetwater performed next, becoming the first band to play the festival.Sweetwater were early developers of the psychedelic rock/fusion style that was popularized by Jefferson Airplane to be regarded as the archetype "60s Sound". In 1968-69, the band often toured with The Doors. They were also one of the opening acts for Eric Burdon & The Animals in 1968. One of their best-known recordings is a version of the traditional folk song "Motherless Child".The original members of the band were Nancy Nevins (lead vocals/guitar), August Burns (cello), Albert Moore (flute/backing vocals), Alan Malarowitz (drums), Elpidio Cobian (conga drums), Alex Del Zoppo (keyboards) and Fred Herrera (bass).Three days after Sweetwater performed on The Red Skelton Show (December 1969), singer Nancy "Nansi" Nevins was severely injured in a car accident, which stopped the progress of the band. Due to the accident, Nancy experienced brain damage for a number of years following the collision, and permanent damage to one of her vocal cords.The group reunited for Woodstock '94 in 1994 with three original members - Nevins, Herrera and Del Zoppo. August Burns died in the 80s, Alan Malarowitz was killed in a car crash near 1981, Albert Moore died of pneumonia in 1994. Elpedio Cobian works as a film statist. In 1999, the story of the band was depicted in a VH1 TV-movie called Sweetwater: A True Rock Story. Amy Jo Johnson portrayed Nancy Nevins, while Michelle Phillips portrayed a much older Nancy.
~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Gothic Horizon - The Jason Lodge Poetry Book (uk 1970, acoustic-folk)

Gothic Horizon - The Jason Lodge Poetry Book (uk 1970)

Formed: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Andy Desmond (vocals, guitar, bass),
Richard Garrett (vocals)

01. The Jason Lodge Poetry Book
02. Song For Susan
03. Odysseus
04. A.J. Lone's Dog
05. Willow Tree Vale Song
06. Six Summers Back
07. Song
08. Althea Williams
09. Wilhelmina Before Sunrise
10. St. Valentine's Day Massacre
11. A Third For Jason Lodge
12. Pisces
13. A Farewell Ode To Port Sunlight

Beautiful debut album by UK band Gothic Horizon. The music exposed on this album is highly unique, transparent and fragile. Kinda like Left Banke meets Honeybus larded and sauced with UK folk. A real beautiful album. Originally released on Argo in 1970.
Gothic Horizon made two albums: 'The Jason Lodge Poetry Book' (Argo ZFB 26) 1970, which also gained an American release: ([USA:] London PS592) 1971; and 'Tomorrow Is Another day' (Argo ZDA 150) 1972. Their music is not gloomy, brooding, damp, ghoulish, dark, threatening, creepy, bloody, horrifying or any of the other adjectives which spring to mind when one thinks of "Gothic". Instead it is warm, chatty, light, breezy, informal, witty. The albums are sometimes hyped as "psych-pop" (the former especially on account of its convoluted title and colourful pop-art cover) or even "acid-folk", but essentially they are neither of these things; they tends mostly towards folk and acousticism. However there are some tracks here to delight the psychedelically-inclined. The title track of the first album, 'The Jason Lodge Poetry Book', is great. Complex pop of sufficient quality to delight the pop-syke faithful. 'Song For Susan' is so close in sound and style to Fairfield Parlour that it just about escapes charges of plagiarism. 'A J Lone's Dog' is ragtime pop; and unsurprisingly with a title like 'Willow Tree Vale Song' this song is folk. But 'A Third For Jason Lodge' is very weird. Bizarre changes and references to flying, mushrooms and toadstools!
~ (by Dave Thubron)

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Blue Sun - Blue Sun (Denmark 1971)

Blue Sun - Blue Sun (Denmark 1971)

Formed: 1969, København, Denmark

Related Artists: Dream City, Bo Jacobsen World Jazz Conspiracy, Nada, Jytte Pilloni & Blue Sun, Dale Smith Blues Band, The Sympathy Orchestra

* Jesper Zeuthen (saxophone),
* Dale Smith (vocals, percussion),
* Jan Kaspersen (piano, keyboards),
* Bo Jacobsen (drums),
* Poul "Hvem Ellers" Ehlers (bass),
* Niels Pontoppidan (guitar),
* Søren Berggreen (saxophone, flute, harmonica),
* Leif Falk (congas, vocals),
* Ole Kühl (saxophone),
* Ole Nordenhof (piano, organ).

1. Peace Be Unto You 1970 Spectator Records
2. Blue Sun 1971 EMI
3. It's All Money Johnny 1976 Genlyd (as Jytte Pilloni & Blue Sun)
4. Blue Sun 73 1992 Danish Music Archives, archive live recordings
5. Live 1970 2001 Karma, CD archive live recordings

A1. Gryets vinger
A2. Blue Sun
A3. Tareperseren
A4. Efterar
B1. Son af solen
B2. Bladene falder
B3. Ivalo Og Liza
B4. Solhverv

Formed in 1969 in Copenhagen, Blue Sun was hippie band having their roots in avant-garde jazz-rock. Most of their works come from live recordings - mostly improvisations dominated by sax, organ and guitar. The music is mainly instrumental, with some South African inspiration. The band was very popular at that time among youngsters, having strong spiritual power when they performed live. Their album from 1971 presents similar style but a bit more peaceful with leading sax and vocal, alternately.

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The Daisy Chain - Straight Or Lame (us 1967)

The Daisy Chain - Straight or Lame (us 1967)

Fantastic farfisa-fueled female foursome from Fullerton (California)!!

Formed: 1967, Fullerton, CA, United States

Rosemary Lane (vocals, guitar, bass guitar),
Shel Le (vocals, rhythm and lead guitar),
Dee Dee Lea (vocals, flute, harmonica, percussion),
Camille (vocals, piano, organ)

Genres set: psychedelic, girl group, 60s garage, flower power

Extremely rare Southern California 1967 privately pressed psych / pop girlgroup album, that is highly sought after.The original L.P. was limited to only 500 copies. This album includes 12 tracks and the girls play all their own instruments, guitars, bass, drums, organ, the occassional fuzztone and sometimes horns and flute. Two of the members, Rosemary (as Rosemary Butler) and Shel Le (as Shele Pinizzotto) later went into the all female hard rock trio "Birtha" who released two albums in 1972 and '73.

01. I'll Come Runnin'
02. All Because of Him
03. Zzotto
04. Run Spot Run
05. Unhappy for Me
06. Got to Get You in My Arms
07. Superfluous Daisy
08. Love Them All
09. We'll Meet Again
10. Love to Share
11. I'll Say Goodbye
12. Final Hour

Female rock bands were not unheard of in the '60s, but they were rare. The Daisy Chain were one of the few. Hailing from southern California, the quartet cut an album of mostly original material in the summer of 1967 -- aka the Summer of Love, of course -- which was released later that year by United International. It made almost no impact but became something of a collector's item (as most little-heard psychedelic pop records do), eventually seeing a CD reissue in 2005 by obscuro rock specialists Sundazed. This straight-up reissue -- no bonus tracks, just typically good sound and liner notes from the label -- proves that the Daisy Chain are primarily interesting because of the novelty of a girl group recording a set of vaguely trippy, mildly swinging psych pop in 1967, not because the music is any great shakes. As brightly colored and fluid as a kaleidoscope, built on a swirling organ and trebly guitar, peppered with flute and brass, swinging between soulful stompers and dreamy pop tunes, and recorded in an appealingly thin mono that preserves the music's colors while muting them, Straight or Lame is quintessentially of its time, sounding as if it were the template for the Karry Nation in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Only it's not quite as interesting as that, since the Daisy Chain weren't a particularly good band. The sounds are here, but the songs simply aren't: there are hooks, but the songs never gel, so Straight or Lame becomes interesting for the sound of the record itself, but even that is hampered because the group members aren't good singers, partial to histrionic oversinging and all possessing a tendency to drift out of tune, whether they're singing harmony or lead. All this enhances Straight or Lame's standing as a '60s psych artifact, and for all of its faults, it surely does evoke the era, which will surely be enough for most collectors of rare '60s rock, but anybody expecting a lost masterpiece will find this quite a letdown.
~ []

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Growing Concern - Growing Concern (us 1968)

Growing Concern - Growing Concern (us 1968 Mainstream Lp)

Pete Guerino (lead vocals, guitar),
Bonnie MacDonald (vocals),
Mary Garstki (vocals),
Ralph Toms (lead guitar),
John Pedley (bass),
Dan Passaglia (organ, vocals),
Ralph Williams (drums)

01. Hard Hard Year (L. Ramsford)
02. Edge of Time (Dan Passaglia)
03. Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled (John Pedley - Ralph Toms)
04. A Boy I Once Knew (John Pedley - Ralph Toms)
05. All I Really Want (Dan Passaglia)
06. Mister You're a Better Man Than I (M. Hugg)
07. What Kind of Life (Dan Passaglia)
08. Other Side of Life (Fred Neil)
09. I Know a Girl (Dan Passaglia)
10. Sit Down I Think I Love You (Stephen Stills)

Although virtually nothing is known of Growing Concern, their only album (Mainstream, 1968) is an enjoyable piece of West Coast psychedelic pop. The opening track 'Hard, Hard Year' sets the tone for the album: it opens with melodic guitar work, which is joined first by bass, then by excellent keyboards; it also features beautiful female vocal harmonies from group members Bonnie MacDonald and Mary Garstki. 'Edge Of Time' features excellent lead guitar work, as does 'Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled'; 'A Boy I Once Knew Well' is a folky lament, which again features fine vocal harmonies, keyboards, and guitar work. Overall, quite a good blend of folk rock, pop, and psychedelia. The album is brilliantly recorded, and is of a consistently high musical quality. The band surely deserved a better fate than the obscurity to which they were consigned by the bizarre business practices of the Mainstream label.
Although formed primarily as a blues label, Mainstream Records released a number of interesting psychedelic albums in the late 60s. Some of the better of these include Bohemian Vendetta, The Jelly Bean Bandits, Orient Express, and The Growing Concern!

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Brainbox - Brainbox (Hol 1969)

Brainbox - Brainbox (Hol 1969)

Formed: 1969, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Disbanded: 2005 //

- Jan Akkerman (guitars, organ, vibes, bass),
- Kazimierz Lux (vocals, guitar, percussion),
- Andre Reynen (bass),
- Pierre van der Linden (drums),
- Tom Barlage (flutes) (1, 4)
- Rob Hoeke (piano( (9)

Track List :
01. Dark Rose
02. Reasons To Believe
03. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
04. Scarborough Fair
05. Summertime (from "Porgy and Bess")
06. Sinner's Prayer
07. Sea Of Delight
08. Down Man (Bonus)
09. Woman's Gone (Bonus)
10. Sea Of Delight (Bonus Try Out)
11. Sea Of Delight (Bonus Take 1)
12. Amsterdam, The First Days (Bonus)

Part of a vibrant Amsterdam pop music scene in the late sixties with their harder edged blend of psychedelic rock and Chicago blues, Dutch band Brainbox paid hommage to both American and British Contemporaries while at the same time developing their own more progressive brand of pop music.
Brainbox was formed in 1968 shortly after guitarist Jan Akkerman and drummer Pierre van der Linden joined 19 year-old singing prodigy Kazmierz "Kaz" Lux.
While Lux's emotive voicings sounded similar to contemporary blues rocker counterparts such as Rory Gallager and Joe Cocker, when fused with Akkerman's immaginative guitar the result was a blistering meltdown of emotive blues and heavy rock with jazz attitudes. They experimented with interpretations of the music of George Gershwin, Tim Hardin as well as Simon and Garfunkel in addition to their own compositions.
Akkerman's adventurous guitar work gave the band a progressive aspect wth his extensive soloing and intricate rhythms and resulted in a 16 minute plus showpeice, "Sea Of Delight", on their first self-titled album which was almost unheard of in pop music at the time. The flute was also an instrument which many psychedelic bands were becoming increasingly interested in during the late sixties most notably Jethro Tull and a guest musician, Tom Barlage, contributed to a couple of tracks on the band`s first album with the flute also resurfacing on later Brainbox recordings.
Despite their experimental approach they became better known for their singles three of which had been released by the end of 1969.
However, Akkerman's appetite for more explorative and complex instrumental music saw him jamming with another young Dutch musician, Thijs van Leer, who possessed similar aspirations which resulted in Akkerman`s dismissal from the band by the end of `69. He subsequently formed "Focus" along with Van Leer which later became one of the first internationally acclaimed rock bands to eminate from the Netherlands. He was followed by Van der Linden into "Focus" a few months later. ~ (Review from

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Los Vidrios Quebrados - Fictions (Chile 1967)

Los Vidrios Quebrados - Fictions (Chile 1967)

Formed: 1965, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Disbanded: 1969 //

Juan Mateo O'Brien (guitar, vocals),
Cristian Larrain (bass),
Juan Enrique Garces (drums),
Hector Sepulveda (guitar, harmonica, flute, vocals)

Also Known As: The Lawyers, Los Cuervos

01. Oscar Wilde
02. Que Importa El Tiempo
03. En Tu Mirada
04. Una Manera De Vivir
05. La Primavera De Miss L.O'B.
06. Ficciones
07. Concierto En La Menor, Opus 3
08. Introduccion A La Vida Narrada Por Tio Juan
09. Palabras Y Palabras Y...
10. Las Dos Caras Del Amor
11. Se Oyen Los Pasos
12. Como Jesucristo Usa El Suyo

A highly-rated beat / R'n'B / folk-rock outfit from Chile. Originally known as Los Cuervos (The Crows), three quarters of the band met whilst studying law at the Catholic University in Santiago and discovered a common love of bands such as The Beatles, Kinks, Yardbirds and The Byrds. At their first gig as Los Vidrios Quebrados in 1965, at the University, they played just three songs, but these were sufficient to win them a record contract with Emilio Rojas' Odeon label. After the Friend and She'll Never Know I'm Blue single, in 1966, they recorded their sole album Fictions in 1967. This was recorded in two nights on only three channels and spans Byrds'-influenced chiming folk-rock, to Yardbirds-influenced R'n'B material. The original release came with a four-page lyric booklet which is now hard to find. All twelve tracks were originals and overall a very consistent standard was achieved - with the catchy title track the pick of the bunch. All their recordings were made with mostly home-made instruments and/or amplifiers, creating everything from scratch using furniture, record player cartridges for pick-ups, bottle-caps for tambourine parts and loud speakers - the only "bought" item being a Gretsch pick-up! Although the band never recorded any cover versions, they considered that rock 'n' roll could only be sung in English and refused to sing in their native language, arguing that a cueca (the Chilean national dance) could not be sung in English. Their baroque approach also helped introduce them to a wider audience, including classical radio, whilst at T.V. appearances, where they were required to lip-sync, Juan Enrique would on occassion play the drums with flowers whilst the band would sing phrases not in the audio mix. Locally, they were so successful that, in 1967, they went to Europe to attempt to make it big. However, they soon went their separate ways.(taken from "Dreams, Fantasies & Nightmares")

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Churchill's - Churchill's (Israel 1968)

Churchill's - Churchill's (Israel 1968)

Formed: 1965, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
Disbanded: 1971 // London, England, United Kingdom

Yitzhak "Churchill" Klepter (guitar, 1965-67),
Selvin Lifshiz (vocals, 1965-67),
Amy Triebitch (drums, 1965-71),
Haim Romano (various guitars, mandolin, vocals, 1965-71),
Miki Gavrielov (bass, vocals, 1965-71),
Robb Huxley (various guitars, vocals, 1967-71),
Stan Solomon (vocals, 1967-70),
Danny Shoshan (vocals, 1970-71)

Related Artists:
Apocalypse, Arik Einstein, Shalom Hanoch, Oshik Levi, Lions of Judah, The New Tornados
Also Known As:
Jericho Jones, Jericho, The Whisperers, Tequila, Churchill’s Band, Churchill’s Hermits

The Churchills' sole album is above average for a rare psychedelic late-'60s obscurity, and an important document as the only Israeli psychedelic record to achieve even a bit of an international cult, but not as interesting as some of the buzz generated on the collector's circuit may have you believe. Heavily influenced by both West Coast psychedelia and late-'60s British hard rock, there's often a Jack Bruce-type resonance to the vocals, and a garage-Doors vibe to the guitar-organ interplay and spacy-but-somber lyrics. Sometimes they let more of a Middle Eastern element into play, as on "Subsequent Final," a mandolin tune which sounds like a psychedelic hora dance.
One of the top 10 psych albums of all time (fact). Only released in Israel in 1968, this is an incredible psych fest with superb tripped out songs in English, amazing multi-layered, phased freaked out acid guitar solos, weird effects and exotic arabian instruments.

More Information about the group you can find here (and an interview of Miki Gavrielov).

01 - Open Up Your Eyes
02 - Song From The Sea
03 - Pictures In My Mind
04 - Comics
05 - Where You're Gone
06 - Strangulation
07 - Straight People
08 - Subsequent Final
09 - So Alone Today
10 - Debka
Bonus tracks:
11 - Living Loving
12 - Signs Of You
13 - She's A Woman
14 - Sunshine Man

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San Ul Lim - My Heart Vol. 3 (South Korea 1978 Psychedelic Rock)

San Ul Lim - My Heart [Vol. 3] (South Korea 1978)

Formed: 1976, Seoul, South Korea

Chang Wan Kim - (guitar, keyboards, vocals),
Chang Ik Kim - (drums),
Chang Hoon Kim - (bass)

Also Known As: A Mu-Lee, San Ul Rim
Genres: Psychedelic Rock

01."Nae MaEum [Nae MaEumEun HwnagMuJi]" = My Heart [My Heart is a Wasteland]
02."AMuMal AnHaeDo" = Even If Nothing is Said
03."Han MaRi Sae DoeEo" = Become a Bird
04."AMuDo EopNeun BamE" = In an Empty Night
05."GeuDaeNeun IMi Na" = You are Already I
06. Two of Us [Demo]
07. This Joy [Demo]

Anyway definitely their second album made 1970s rock stars in Korea. So they tried to experiment more music after success of these albums. They considered the musical originality of their 1st and 2nd albums, but were conscious of USA and UK Hard rock style at the time of the 3rd album. They wanted to make this album as Western top class Hard rock music. Firstly they didn’t use organ and used only guitars, drums and bass as a power rock trio and also made songs in a Hard rock style,( songs which were not ballad style or popular).
So their 3rd album is the most rocky album of their albums. But they failed both commercially and musically, because they did not have the ability to play the complete songs in performance.
However we had to value this as positive. They produced the best rock and now were the best rock band. The reason is that their music had creativity and rash braveness, scary frankness even though they did not have sufficient ability as musical performers they had just creativity and rash braveness. Therefore many Korean rock specialists called this album half a success or an exciting failure.

After then they made many albums and Kim Chang Wan, who was a leader of San Ul Rim, released solo albums and Children’s songs collections. But their creativity was dried up and the music became more popular, so they focused on commerciality.

Description Dusty Groove of San Ul Lim - My Heart Vol. 3: Super fuzzed out, trippy 70s psych rock from Korea's San Ul Lim -- an album recorded by the Seoul rockers in the power trio format of guitar, bass and drums -- but with such a fuzzy, dense tone that it's hard to fathom how on Earth they got the sound! The opening track starts in wonderfully eye-opening fashion with the buzzing guitar sound and raspy vocals -- but the follow up tracks have a softer vocal tone and more of a spacey effect -- kind of evocative of "Sister Ray" in the relentless buzz sounds, but with a more lilting overall vibe! Includes notes in English, but the titles are Korean -- 5 tracks in all, including a mammoth 18 minute closer! (Apologies for the lack of track titles -- the booklet includes an English language essay, but not a translation for the song titles!)

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Filename: San Ul Lim - My Heart Vol. 3 (South Korea 1978 Psyche...rar Size: 72.65 MB

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Blackbirds - No Destination (Ger 1968)

Blackbirds - No Destination (Ger 1968)

Formed: May 1, 1965 , Püttlingen, Saarland, Germany

Wolfgang Bode (Bodo): bass, vocals
Werner Breinig: Guitar, flute, voilin
Peter Bely: keyboards, vocals
Charles Sikora: drums, vocals

01. Golden Sun (Breinig/Koop) 03:12
02. Space (Breinig) 03:20
03. No Destination (Breinig/Koop) 04:21
04. Long Tall Dorothe (Breinig/Koop) 02:09
05. Sandmann/s Bound (Breinig/Koop) 03:00
06. That's My Love (Breinig/Koop) 02:38
07. Girl I'm Wondering (Breinig/Koop) 03:06
08. Show Me That You Love Me (Breinig/Koop) 03:24
09. Something Different (Breinig) 02:05
10. She (Breinig/Koop) 04:32
Bonus Tracks:
11. Lead On Light (Reilly/Darham/Reilly) 03:31
12. Sherry Baby (Gaudio) 02:40
13. Burning Out For Rock'n Roll (Breinig/Klein) 03:24
14. Sherry Baby (Gaudio) 03:02

The story of Blackbirds is the story of two different groups, both led by Werner Breinig. Originally, the Blackbirds were kind of a beat group and the album No Destination released in 1968 captures this sound which was mostly a psychedelic beat music. Three years later, with different personally, the Blackbirds returned with a Touch of Music a classical influenced progressive album. Both of these albums are considered to be quite rare.

More information on the band under:

Filename: Blackbirds - No Destination (Ger 1968).rar Size: 80.32 MB

Ten Years After - A Space In Time (uk 1971)

Ten Years After - A Space in Time (uk 1971)

Formed: 1966, London, England, United Kingdom

Ten Years After is a British blues-rock quartet consisting of:
Alvin Lee (born December 19, 1944), guitar and vocals;
Chick Churchill (born January 2, 1949), keyboards;
Leo Lyons (born November 30, 1944) bass; and
Ric Lee (born October 20, 1945), drums.

Related Artists: Alvin Lee & Ten Years Later, Alvin Lee & Mylon Lefevre, The Kick, The Breakers (featuring Ric Lee), Stan Webb's Chicken Shack

Also Known As: The Jaybirds, Blues Trip, Bluesyard

01. One of These Days 5:55
02. Here They Come 4:38
03. I'd Love to Change the World 3:43
04. Over the Hill 2:27
05. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock 'n' Roll You 2:15
06. Once There Was a Time 3:20
07. Let the Sky Fall 4:18
08. Hard Monkeys 3:10
09. I've Been There Too 5:43
10. Uncle Jam 1:57

The group was formed in 1967 and signed to Decca in England. Their first album was not a success, but their second, the live Undead (1968) containing "I'm Going Home," a six-minute blues workout by the fleet-fingered Alvin, hit the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Stonedhenge (1969) hit the U.K. Top Ten in early 1969. Ten Years After's U.S. breakthrough came as a result of their appearance at Woodstock, at which they played a nine-minute version of "I'm Going Home." Their next album, Ssssh, reached the U.S. Top 20, and Cricklewood Green, containing the hit single "Love Like a Man," reached number four. Watt completed the group's Decca contract, after which they signed with Columbia and moved in a more mainstream pop direction, typified by the gold-selling 1971 album A Space in Time and its Top 40 single "I'd Love to Change the World." Subsequent efforts in that direction were less successful, however, and Ten Years After split up after the release of Positive Vibrations in 1974. They reunited in 1988 for concerts in Europe and recorded their first new album in 15 years, About Time, in 1989 before disbanding once again. In 2001, Ric Lee was preparing the back catalog for rerelease when he discoverd the Live at the Fillmore East 1970 tapes. He approached Alvin about getting back together to promote the lost album, but Alvin Lee declined. The rest of the band was up for it, though, and together with guitarist Joe Gooch, Ten Years After started touring again. In addition to touring the world, this new incarnation recorded their first new material in about a decade and a half and released Now in 2004 and added the live double CD set Roadworks in 2005. ~ Biography by William Ruhlmann (

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Filename: Ten Years After - A Space In Time (uk 1971).rar Size: 86.34 MB

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On A Day Like Today, On February 14, 1947 Was Born... Tim Buckley!

. . . Goodbye ! ! !

Born: February 14, 1947 , Washington, DC, United States
Died: June 28, 1975 // Santa Monica, CA, United States

Tim Buckley was born on February 14, 1947 at Washington D.C., U.S.A. He lived in New York for ten years before transferring in Southern California. When he was in his childhood, his favorites were Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Nat King Cole and Miles Davis. In 1966, he signed a recording contract with Electra Records. He released his self-titled album in that year. In 1968, he released his album Happy Sad. His album Starsailor was a failure. Because of the failure of his album, he turned to alcohol and drug binger. In 1971, he releases three albums Greetings From L.A., Sefroma and Look At The Fool, there were bit a hit. On June 28, 1975, he died at the age of 28 years old because of drugs.
~ ( From

. . . And Hello ! ! !

Tim Buckley - Goodbye And Hello (us 1967)

Tim Buckley - Goodbye and Hello (us 1967)

- Tim Buckley / 6-string,12-string, bottleneck guitar, kalimba, vibes
- Lee Underwood / lead guitar
- Brian Hartzler and John Forsha / guitar
- Jimmy Bond and Jim Fielder / bass
- Eddie Hoh / drums- Carter C.C. Collins / congas, percussion
- Dave Guard / kalimba, tambourine
- Don Randi / piano, harmonium, harpsichord
- Jerry Yester / piano, organ, harpsichord

Recording Director: Jerry Yester
Production Supervisor: Jac Holzman
Mixing: Bruce Botnick

01. No Man Can Find the War Beckett, Buckley 2:58
02 Carnival Song Buckley 3:10
03 Pleasant Street Buckley 5:15
04 Hallucinations Beckett, Buckley 4:55
05 I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain Buckley 6:02
06 Once I Was Buckley 3:22
07 Phantasmagoria in Two Buckley 3:29
08 Knight-Errant Beckett, Buckley 2:00
09 Goodbye and Hello Beckett, Buckley 8:38
10 Morning Glory Beckett, Buckley 2:52
Often cited as the ultimate Tim Buckley statement, Goodbye and Hello is indeed a fabulous album, but it's merely one side of Tim Buckley's enormous talent. Recorded in the middle of 1967 (in the afterglow of Sgt. Pepper), this album is clearly inspired by Pepper's exploratory spirit. More often than not, this helps to bring Buckley's awesome musical vision home, but occasionally falters. Not that the album is overrated (it's not), it's just that it is only one side of Buckley. The finest songs on the album were written by him alone, particularly "Once I Was" and "Pleasant Street." Buoyed by Jerry Yester's excellent production, these tracks are easily among the finest example of Buckley's psychedelic/folk vision. A few tracks, namely the title cut and "No Man Can Find the War," were co-written by poet Larry Beckett. While Beckett's lyrics are undoubtedly literate and evocative, they occasionally tend to be too heavy-handed for Buckley. However, this is a minor criticism of an excellent and revolutionary album that was a quantum leap for both Tim Buckley and the audience.
~ (Review by Matthew Greenwald,

Tim Buckley's second album was a far cry from the folk-rock conventions of his 1966 debut, rich in acid-Renaissance trimmings (harpsichord, harmonium) and dominated by the elaborate title suite. Compared to the radical vocal freedom and liquid sadness of Buckley's imminent classics (1969's Happy Sad, 1971's Starsailor), Goodbye and Hello - produced by Lovin' Spoonful guitarist Jerry Yester - was a triumph of form, with Buckley's light tenor voice curling through "Hallucinations" and "Morning Glory" like incense smoke. But Goodbye and Hello was also a deeply personal album, even though Buckley wrote lyrics to only half of the ten songs (he co-wrote the others with Larry Beckett). In the thrilling gallop and stratospheric scat-singing of "I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain," Buckley soars in desperate need yet defends the wanderlust that was breaking up his marriage. The song was so important to him - the child in the second verse, "wrapped in bitter tales and heartache," was his then-infant son, Jeff - that Buckley did twenty-three vocal takes, singing live with the studio band.
~ (The 40 Essential Albums of 1967,
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Michaelangelo - One Voice Many (us 1971 Folkrock)

Michaelangelo - One Voice Many (us 1971 Folkrock)
Ripped By: ChrisGoesRock
Artwork Included

ANGEL autoharp, vcls
STEVE BOHN gtr, vcls

1. ONE VOICE MANY (Columbia C 30686) 1971
1. 300 Watt Music Box/Half A Tap (Columbia 4-45328) 19712. West/It's Crying Outside (Columbia 4-45459) 1971

A1. West 2:40
A2. Come to Me 1:51
A3. This Bird 3:11
A4. Son (We've Kept the Room Just the Way You Left It) 4:15
A5. Medley: 5:15
a) Take It Bach
b) Michaelangelo
B1. It's Crying Outside 3:40
B2. 300 Watt Music Box 2:32
B3. Okay 1:53
B4. Half a Tap 2:55
B5. One Voice Many 6:48

This lost classic finally makes its CD debut here. Led by the aptlynamed Angel, the band only recorded one album, which has become one of the best-loved folk-rock albums of its era. Recorded in New York and produced by longtime Wendy Carlos collaborator Rachel Elkind, it's a haunting collection of autoharp-led pop songs, boasting strong melodies and powerful electric guitar, but sold poorly on release in 1971, causing the band to splinter.
Delicate and melodic baroque soft-rock with a mellow hippie aura. Vocally not unlike the softer moments of the Peanut Butter Conspiracy or Comfortable Chair. Where they came from is unknown, though some of the credits hint at it being recorded in New York City. To be taken in the drawing-room with perfumed tea.
Little's known about this group, even though their sole album, 1971's One Voice Many, came out on a major label, Columbia. Sounding more like a record from the late '60s than the early '70s, its folk-rock-psychedelic blend was unusual for prominently featuring the autoharp of Angel Autoharp (as she's billed on the record), which sometimes functioned much as a lead guitar or organ would within a rock lineup. Autoharp also wrote the material on the LP, which presented both instrumentals (on which the autoharp took its strongest role) and vocal numbers with male-female vocal blends/alternations, all the while maintaining a slightly haunting yet cheery flavor consistent with the sound of many Californian bands of the era.

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San Ul Lim - Laying Silks and Satins on my Heart Vol. 2 (South Korea 1978 Psychedelic Rock)

San Ul Lim - As Laying Carpet on My Mind [Vol. 2] (South Korea 1978)

01 Laying Silks and Satins on my Heart
02 Let's Sing
03 A Flower in the Mist
04 Two Of Us
05 Like a Child Sleeping on a Shoulder
06 Lay Silk on My Heart [Demo]
07 Let's Sing [Demo]
08 It Bloomed One Day
09 What Am I to Do
10 This Joy
11 It Really Looks Like It
12 My Love is Leaving

Their second album was released After five months in 1978. They tried to define their musical genre on this album. They had added organ sounds by their sister Kim Nan Suk. Especially the most important thing is that not only Korean music fans but also Korean music mania outside Korea had been wildly excited by their music. Their music became more psychedelic and interomptu.
Dusty Groove description: The middle child in the mighty Seoul combo San Ul Lim's trio successive garage/psych masterpieces of the late 70s -- and San Ul Lim 2 might be the best and most adventurous of the lot -- full of spacey, more experimental passages! If San Ul Lim 1 was the most sunshine rock oriented set, and San Ul Lim 3 flirted with hard rock, album 2 splits the difference with a little bit of groovy prog elements and lots of spacey organ! The tunes have some more languorous, moody bits that are rich with atmosphere and some really sweet work on bass, fuzzy guitars and the swirling organ -- but the group's excellent ear for melody and a catchy groove are still very much intact! 10 tracks in all. (The booklet includes a an essay translated into English, but no English tracklist.)

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Jumble Lane - Jumble Lane (uk 1971 Acid Psych)

Jumble Lane - Jumble Lane (uk Acid Psych 1971) (Holyground HG 115)

01. Prelude In D Minor Allemande
02. Girl From Gothenburg
03. Flutelode
04. Blues For Joanne
05. Five In A Van
06. Red Hot Daddy (Reprise)
07. Frustration Ends Away
08. Little Frederique
09. The Shipper, Rock Me Babe
10. Organics Red Hot Daddy
11. Gallery, The
12. Preserve
13. Train Ago Last Saturday (bonus)

Another of these ultra rare privately-pressed albums, this was one of the rarest released on the Wakefield-based Holyground label but was recorded by a local college band. Only 99 copies were pressed and according to 'Record Collector', it begins with a couple of dull folk instrumentals before going through some wholly unexpected and bizarre changes; long before the end it becomes completely uncategorisable
Originally released on the fabled Holyground label - and recorded in 1971 by students who later went on to work with Bill Nelson and other Holyground acts - only 99 copies of this album were made. Consequently this reissue will be much sought after by collectors. Mixing elements of folk and jazz into a progressive and sometime psychedelic stew, this is an interesting release that lives up to its reputation.

*Bill Nelson appears: Astral Navigations, Gagalactyca, Be-Bop Deluxe... etc.


File-Size: 96,31 MBUploaded: 8/2/2009, 7:47:12

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David Mcwilliams - Days of David McWilliams (uk 2001, a compilation of 1967-1969 recordings)

David McWilliams - The Days of David McWilliams (1967-1969 recordings)

Born: July 4, 1945 , Belfast, Co Antrim, United Kingdom
Died: January 8, 2002 // Ballycastle, Co Antrim, United Kingdom

Track Listings:
01. Days Of Pearly Spencer
02. For Josephine
03. Brown Eyed Girl
04. Marlena
05. For A Little Girl
06. Lady Helen Of The Laughing Eyes
07. What's The Matter With Me
08. There's No Lock Upon My Door
09. Tomorrows Like Today
10. Mister Satisfied
11. I Love Susie In The Summer
12. Harlem Lady
13. Letter To My Love
14. City Blues
15. Three O'clock Flamingo Street
16. Redundancy Blues
17. Hiroshima
18. Question Of Identity
19. Time Of Trouble
20. And I'm Free
21. In The Early Hours Of The Morning
22. Born To Ramble

An Irish folk rock artist who in 1967 released three albums of his own material on the Major Minor label. An amazing period of productivity matched by the amazing consistency of quality throughout all the material he wrote and recorded. Musically he backed himself on 6 and 12 string guitar with further arrangements and orchestration provided by the then wunderkind producer Mike Leander. The combination of McWilliams heartfelt lyrics and songstyle with Leanders evocative arrangements of the simple melodies still sound bewitching today.
Biography:David McWilliams was a Belfast born singer-songwriter who gained some acclaim in the late 60s for his hit "The Days Of Pearly Spencer", which was memorable for its distinctive use of distorted vocals in the chorus. Much to McWilliams' frustration the song, which had been getting airplay on the pirate radio stations in the UK, was not playlisted by the BBC, possibly due to the fact that his manager was also a director of pirate station Radio Caroline. As a consequence the song was a huge hit in most of mainland Europe but not in the UK. Not until a faithful cover version by Marc Almond in the early 90s would it finally enter the UK charts.
McWilliams went on to release numerous albums throughout the 70s and 80s and though he enjoyed a sizeable live following throughout Europe, major mainstream success eluded him. In the 1980s he settled in the coastal town of Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, occasionally playing local festivals until his death in 2002.

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The Druids Of Stonehenge - Creation (us 1968, Uni Records - 73004)

The Druids of Stonehenge - Creation (us 1968, Uni Records - 73004)

Formed: New York, NY, United States

Dave Budge (vocals),
Carl Hauser (lead guitar, vocals, keyboards),
Steve Tindall (drums, keyboards),
Billy (B.T.) Tracy (guitar),
Tom Paine Workman (bass)

Track listing:
01. Six Feet Down
02. Earthless
03. I Put A Spell On You
04. Speed
05. Bring It On Home/Can't Get By Alon
06. Painted Woman
07. Pale Dream08 Signed D.C.
09. Forgot To Be Begot10 A Garden Where Nothing Grows
11. It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Formed while students attending New York's Columbia and Syracuse Universities, by 1966 singer Dave Budge, guitarist Carl Hauser, drummer Steve Tindall (personal note - the Sherlock Holmes pipe didn't exactly foster a "hip" image) rhythm guitarist Bill Tracy and bassist Tom Workman had come together as The Druids of Stonehenge; recorded a series of demos and relocated to Los Angeles in hopes of scoring big time successes. Two years of toil on the local club circuit eventually brought overnight success in the form of a contract with MCA's newly formed Uni label.
Produced by Jerry Goldstein (he also contributed one song to the proceedings), 1968's "Creation" didn't exactly set the world on fire, though it's far better than most mid-'60s of ferings. Propelled by Budge's nasty growl (imagine Eric Burdon after a week long bender), in contrast to most of their contemporaries who were pursuing ever more sophisticated arrangements, the band exhibited a penchant for roaring Animals-styled R&B (check out "Painted Woman", their blazing cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "I Put a Spell On You" and the original "Bring It On Home (Can't Get By Alone)"). The band's other area of interest seemed to be drug-oriented material; check out the subtle "Speed" and their cover of Love's "Signed DC"). Intriguing for it's raw and rugged sound in an era of increasing audio sophistication.
This album is too freakin cool. The first track tricks you, with a classic soft psych track. From there it builds to become a pure punk psych gem. The lead singer is incredable with vocals that can be described as Mick Jagger meets Iggy Pop meets Lou Reed. Some of the tunes are kinda blues psych and some disply a Velvet Underground minimalizm. It's guaranteed to please even the staunchest 60s psych critic.
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Filename: The Druids Of Stonehenge - Creation (us 1968, Uni Rec...rar Size: 60.19 MB

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Mind Garage - The Mind Garage (us 1969, Rare Psych)

 The Mind Garage - The Mind Garage (us 1969, Rare Psych)

Formed: 1969, WV, United States
Disbanded: 1970

Larry McClurg (vocals),
Jack Bonasso (keyboards),
John Vaughan (guitar),
Norris N. Lytton (bass, saxophone),
Ted Smith (drums)

01. - Ruby Rose
02. - Life
03. - Back Down Home
04. - Futher Back Down Home
05. - There Was A Time
06. - Sweet Potato
07. - Doctor John
08. - Never Leave Me
09. - Angel Asks
10. - What's Behind Those Eyes

From Morgantown, West Virginia. Although some of their material is psychy rock-pop, much is '69 class-of-brass too. The Electric Liturgy is reportedly along the same lines as the Electric Prunes' Mass In F Minor although Mind Garage were not aware of Mass In F Minor and had been performing their Electric Liturgy in churches for several years before they released the above album. Larry McClurg: "My own contributions were original, and I assumed the others were also. Mind Garage collaborated on the Electric Liturgy at the suggestion of Reverend Michael Paine and his wife Tori. The idea was to bring the contemporary music into the church while attracting the young people who might not otherwise ever visit a church. We started as "garage" musicians and were not into ministry. In fact we were very much a part of the 'street'. As I remember, Reverend Paine explained the church seemed too far away from real life... "you shouldn't leave your humanity at the door" when you enter church."

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Filename: Mind Garage - The Mind Garage (us 1969, Rare Ps...rar Size: 49.57 MB
You can buy the Mind Garage album and support the group at:

D.R. Hooker - The Truth (us 1972 Privatepressed Psychedelia)

D.R. Hooker - The Truth (us 1972 Privatepressed Psychedelia)

Formed: New Haven, CT, United States

D.R. Hooker (vocals, guitar),
Vincent de Paul Linus Pasternack (guitar),
George Sheck (bass),
Nick Oliva (keyboards),
Tom Kobela (dobro),
Rick Sanders (syntheziser),
Art Ryerson (electric piano, background vocals),
Haywood Sheck (drums),
Ken Lovelett (percussion, vibes),
Carroll Yanni (lead guitar),
Bert McDevitt (drums),
Bob Reardon (keyboards),
Steve Malkan (bass)

Ripped by: ChrisGoesRock
Japan 24-Bit Remaster

01. The Sea
02. Fall In Love
03. A Stranger's Smile
04. Weather Girl
05. This Thing
06. Forge Your Own Chains
07. I'm Leaving You
08. The Truth
09. The Bible
10. Falling Asleep

Bonus: (From the album "Armageddon" 1979)
12.This Moment
15.A Tornamented Heart

Widely cited as one of the most important private press releases in all 1970s psychedelia, D.R. Hooker's The Truth might actually be one of those obscure lost gems that's worth the customarily inordinate amount of interest such period pieces are afforded.
D.R. Hooker was a man slightly askew with his time: from the robes he wears on the cover to the quasi mystical lyrics, he's very much connected to the hippy era, and given that this album was recorded in 1972, in a time post-Charles Manson, he was brave to associate so strongly with all the imagery pertaining to cults. Musically, Hooker looks beyond the parameters of the hippy movement, dipping into a more ambitiously studio-oriented sound than Hooker's half-troubadour, half-prophet image on the sleeve might suggest. The noisy, fuzzy elements are particularly effective, and surprisingly intricate in their arrangement and recording.
'Forge Your Own Chains' takes this to an extreme, expertly deploying advanced loungey jazz figures with an onslaught of brass. This all sounds far more ambitious and accomplished than the vast majority of private press releases that tend to emerge, and there's certainly a strong case to be made for this record being one of those precious few curiosities from the private press movement to feel like more than a kitsch comic aside. Well worth your investigation.
~ by ChrisGoesRock
One of the rarest US psych LPs, The Truth, recorded in Connecticut in 1972, might very well be the ultimate North American acid rock album ever.
Everything is absolute perfection, the wailing fuzz guitar, the psychy arrangements, his awesome voice, layers of instruments and well-crafted songs. One of those LPs that keeps revealing new depths even when you've played it a hundred times. True psychedelia.
~ by dj fanis
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Filename: D.R. Hooker - The Truth (us 1972 Privatepressed Psych...rar Size: 128.05 MB

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Cosmic Michael - Cosmic Michael (us 1969 psych)

Cosmic Michael - Cosmic Michael (us 1969, ACID PSYCH)

Born: New York City, NY, United States
Currently: CA, United States

01. Now That I Found It
02. Salty Jam
03. Cosmic Michael Theme
04. Too Much
05. River City
06. People's Fair
07. Mother Earth
08. Heavy Boogie

''I am a child of Woodstock nation, I've come a long way from my home...' So sings the one and only Cosmic Michael, on this the opening track of his second album released by the Bliss label in 1970. An album now high on serious psych collector wants lists too... Cosmic Michael. Well, some regard him as a 'Godhead,' the ultimate spiritual hippy, with songs of love, freedom & peace, all delivered with just piano, vocals and kazoo...A true guru... But, what of the music? I guess these days you'd call it loner psych, but back then the term 'freak rock' might have been applied to such a release. After his eponymous, and equally enigmatic debut album released a year earlier, he'd witnessed the Woodstock festival, absorbed the vibe, and relocated to Los Angeles where he then recorded After a While, seemingly quite quickly...'I've seen The Who, and Ten Years After, Jefferson Airplane they nearly blew my mind....' The nine tracks on After a While are stoned '60s DIY rock 'n'roll. You can call it lo-fi or home made, but the message remains: Cosmic Michael preaches love and freedom, and he's a mean boogie-woogie player too. The songs run one after the other, as if part of one spontaneous recording -- the moment one ends, he's into the next, and so on. After a While is of its time, a snapshot of innocence when it was believed music could change the world, and maybe it will yet."
~ (info by

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Filename: Cosmic Michael - Cosmic Michael (us 1969 psych).rar Size: 40.68 MB