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Scorpion - I Am The Scorpion (Swe 1970)

Scorpion - I Am the Scorpion (Swe 1970, psych flower-power)

Formed: Sweden

Original Release Date: March 9, 1966
Label: MNW
Copyright: 1970 Musiknätet Waxholm

* Bo Anders Larson (vocals),
* Hasse Jonsson (bass),
* Lars Erichsen (bass),
* Lasse Summanen (guitar),
* Pelle Holm (drums),
* Ted Ström (organ),
* Sam Ellison,
* Rolf Adolfsson.

Related Artists:
Contact, Fria Proteatern, Kebnekaise, Resan, Ron Faust, Rowing Gamblers, Tintacs, Vargen.

01. I Am The Scorpion (Composer: Larson Fowley)
02. Hey Girl I'm Ugly (Composer: Fowley Holm Jonsson Summanen)
03. Sagitarius (Composer: Strom)
04. Everybody Knows My Name (Composer: Larson Fowley)
05. Red Queen Of The Underground (Composer: Fowley Larson Holm Summanen Ellisson Jonsson)
06. Blues For Jimi Hendrix (Composer: Fowley Larson Holm Summanen Ellisson Jonsson)
07. Michoican (Composer: Allen Fowley)
08. Funky Yellow Car (Composer: Larson Fowley)
09. Are You My Friend (Composer: Bonfire Fowley )
10. Hey La La La (Composer: Larson)
11. We.....Are Through (Composer: Larson Fowley)
12. Love Is Ment For Two (Composer: Larson Fowley)

An underrated very rare album produced by Kim Fowley !!!
~ by Philmarie (RYM).

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Morning After - Blue Blood (uk 1971)

Morning After - Blue Blood (uk 1971)

Formed: 1967, Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

* Norman Hume [Norman Beaker] (guitar, vocals),
* Malcolm Hume (drums),
* Ian Stocks (bass),
* John McCormick (keyboards).

Related Artists: Norman Beaker Band, The Victor Brox Blues Train

A1. Trying to Find My Way Back Home
A2. As Before
A3. Gonna Make It
A4. Lonesome Road
B1. Crying Shame
B2. Look at Life
B3. Thats the Way It Goes
B4. Travelling Man

Here we have a completely unknown album from England from 1971. Morning After recorded this LP as a demo only to acquire a record deal (as so many bands did in the late 60/s early 70s). So the album was pressed only in tiny amounts. The recording was with home studio equipment. Some of the tracks on the album sound like Blues Rock from the late Fleetwood Mac and some have a more progressive touch such as Shuttah. Great & heavy guitar work, fuzz and wah-wah all over the album, snotty vocals, all own great compositions. The album title Blue Blood assumed a noble wealthy family and a member of the establishment, but the music and lyrics are just the opposite. The music on this album is pure British Underground, electrifying, pure and raw, no Sgt. Pepper sing a long tunes. Just superb!
~ Internet Source.

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Morning After - Blue Blood (uk 1971).rar (69.95 MB)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Days - Days (Denmark 1971)

Days - Days (Denmark 1971, Spectator)

Formed: 1967, København, Denmark

* Peter Lindhe (drums),
* John Kjaergaard (vocals, rhythm guitar, 1967-69),
* Ole Fester (vocals, bass, 1967-71),
* Lars Reinau (vocals, lead guitar, 1967-71),
* Jørn Anker (Hammond organ, 1969-?).

A1. Preambulum
A2. Discovery in Blues
A3. Believe Me
A4. Feel the Joy
B1. What Can I Do
B2. The Lonely Shepherd Boy
B3. Globe Without a Soul

This release offers in fact all the best elements a 70s rock band was able to offer, and which I won’t expect to find any more in almost any band of today. First of all, they make me realize how charming a Hammond organ can sound as a contribution to this sound. Also, this organist is really talented by bringing in surprising themes like a classical inspiration (intro) or a circus-barrel theme (fun outro), with many surprising breaks, in rhythm and style (like with small jazzier or bluesier instrumental passages), without any exaggeration of doing so. Most of all the evolution in the songs with its instrumental parts isn’t straight forward at all. There are perfect, calm, smooth evolutions, with breathing progressions, with nice sounding songs and vocals, with very harmonious and subtle arrangements with classical composition ability, without forgetting the smoothness, with a fluently direct performance with an intelligent cooperative group’s strength band where each member counts as much as the other for the composition and performance’s results, I hardly find such an approach in any today’s music : where everyone is really listening to the other one’s lines, but still make another and different additional layer that organically fits within the evolution of the composition, and nice electric guitar solos with moody organ. The album has everything to name it a classic.
~ Internet Source.
"From Denmark 1970; LP in edition of 450 numbered copies, glossy heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing, insert. The Danish group Days was formed in Copenhagen in the winter 1967/68 by Peter Lindhe (drums), John Kjaergaard (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ole Fester (vocals/bass) and Lars Reinau (vocals/lead guitar). The bands repertoire was mainly rock and blues oriented with cover versions of songs from John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. During 1968/69 Peter Lindhe and Lars Reinau started writing original material to the band and the repertoire started changing from rock/blues cover versions to self composed more lyrical songs with elements of the Beatles, Procol Harum and (early) Deep Purple. In 1969 Jørn Anker (Hammond organ) joined the band and he too started contributing new original songs to the band. The Days LP was recorded in the early summer of 1970 and in 1971 the band split up. Days is one the the rarest albums from Denmark which also came out on Spectator (Blues Addicts, Terje Jesper & Joachim, Moses). It is full of amazing prog tunes with great organ elements and strong fuzz guitar. A killer album from beginning to end."
~ By Shadoks Music.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mantis - Turn Onto Music (Fiji Islands 1973)

Mantis - Turn Onto Music (Fiji Islands 1973, Vertigo LP)

Formed: Suva, Fiji Islands

* Joe Heritage (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
* Ronnie Sammuel (Keyboards)
* Paul Stephen (Drums)
* Waisea Vatuwaga (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
* Reuben Davui (Guitar / Vocals)

A1. Day & Night
A2. In the Midnight Hour
A3. You Don't Love Me
A4. Mississippi Queen
A5. Shake That Fat
B1. Turn Onto Music
B2. Island Suite
a. Firewalker
b. Back at the Village
c. Hurricane Bebe

Mantis were a Fijian rock group that came to Wellington and took up a residency at one of the clubs. While they were in Wellington they recorded an album in 1973 called "Turn Onto Music". It was released on the Vertigo label. Two singles came from the album, "Night and Day"/"Time Is Tight" and "Turn On The Music"/"Get Down". Their style was very much funk. The group has come from the islands of Fiji.
~ by: 6070Rock.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shadrack - Shadrack Chameleon (us 1973)

Shadrack - Shadrack Chameleon (us 1973 psych-rock)

Formed: IA, United States

* Steve Fox (bass, vocals),
* Jon Porter (organ),
* Randy Berka (guitar),
* Dan Dodgen (drums),
* Artie Strutzenberg (drums)

Also Known As: Shadrack Chameleon

01. I Wonder Why - (bonus track)
02. Chameleon (I Love You)
03. Granite Feast
04. Don't Let It Get You Down
05. It Was Me - (bonus track)
06. Long Road to Ole' Miss.
07. That's the Way It's Gotta Be
08. Beyond Eternity

For an album created by a revolving group of friends from three separate bands, Shadrack Chameleon is quite a cohesive little surprise. Steve Fox is the only constant on each of the eight songs on the album, and, in a way, could be considered Shadrack Chameleon since his guitar, bass, songwriting, and vocal talents come to the forefront. Fox's thinnish vocals can be an acquired taste, but he is a strong, instinctive writer. A Jimmy Page influence (almost inevitable during the period) is discernible in the interesting, mystical chords and changes on the album. The band is certainly not a Zeppelin soundalike, though, because the changes that Fox and sometime-partner Randy Berka conceived are countered by a gentle acoustic feel and a languid rather than dynamic pulse. The band can employ a beautiful, stomping country-rock style, as on the opening cut "I Wonder Why," with its ensemble vocal hook (reminiscent of Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Lucky Man") and organ, or it can be a heavier progressive rock outfit, as on "Long Road to Ole' Miss" and "Granite Feast." Mostly, though, Shadrack Chameleon might be termed progressive folk, and songs like "That's the Way It's Gotta Be" and "Don't Let It Get You Down" reveal strummed chording that comes out sounding almost claustrophobic and is a good match for each song's subject matter. The members of Shadrack didn't lack ambition, either; "Chameleon (I Love You)" is an epic ballad with seemingly two songs combined into one, while the album ends on the spare acoustic-to-electric drone of "Beyond Eternity." The album ultimately passes by in an almost lazy haze and is occasionally accomplished, but too often Shadrack Chameleon sounds, if not uninspired, uninterested or flat.
~ By Evermoreblues.
One of those "special" albums you'll either get and love or probably find as exciting as rice pudding. Very Neil Young/Crazy Horse vibe to the music, but there's a sort of garage-y desperation/enthusiasm thing going on. Very solid, simple songs and melodies with more straightforward folk elements here and there. "Granite Feast" is definitely tops. Much like the slightly similar Rayne this definitely could pass for late 80s/early 90s college rock. Except it doesn't suck.
~ By Gafnerostow (RYM).
here is the album by this legendary garage band from Humbolt, Iowa. Taken from the original master tapes the one and only self titled album was originally released on IGL in 1970 and only 800 copies were pressed 500 of which were destroyed before it even got released. All former members of the band worked closely with GEAR FAB to realise this great CD.
~ By Miguel Angel (

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Prufrock - Visions (us 1967)

Prufrock - Visions (us 1967)
[unreleased since 2007]

* John Capanna- Vocals, guitar, percussion
* Charles Giana - Vocals, bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion
* John Hall - Vocals, guitar, drums, sitar, percussion
* Tom Lubin - Vocals, percussion
* Jim Onetake - Lead Guitar Gun

Album Credits:
Ojai Community String Quartet - Strings
Ojai Not Ready For Sunday Service Singers - Choir
Ensenada Brass - Horns
Two Dot Studio, Ojai, California - Studio recording & mixing
Dean Thompson - Technical assistance and mentoring
Rob Grant, Poons Head Studio, Fremantle - Transfer from the original tapes
Alex Ringis - Master assembly
Randall Lynton, Liquid Amber Design - Album cover design
Glenn Paris Martin - Illustration
Gold Star Studios, Hollywood - Acetates (in 1967 only 6 were made)
Special thanks to David Gold for permission to use original Gold Star label art.
Vinyl release: RD-19, RD Records, Switzerland.

01. Captain Jack
02. It Was A Good Day
03. Tired
04. Now The Time Is
05. You Came
06. Not With The Likes Of You
07. Too Young
08. Long Hard Road/ Look Out Of Your Window
09. Mr Wrighter's Writing
10. Whisper Of Love
11. Fredric Milpip's Mother
12. Captain Jack (Reprise)

Editorial Reviews:Product Description:Visions was recorded in 1967 at a small studio near LA. It was first released in 07 on vinyl through RD Records. This is its first release on CD.It is a rare recording of music that captures the mood and the times of that "Summer of Love".Early in 67 Tom Lubin had produced an album at Two:Dot Studios on a four track. When the owner upgraded to an 8-track, he asked Tom to make a recording that could show the studio's new capability. Tom brought together some friends, and Prufrock was born. By October Prufrock had recorded an eclectic collection of songs to form the album Visions. There was one major problem - Prufrock loved to record but two of them didn't want to perform.In late 67 Tom was hired as an assistant engineer at the legendary Gold Star Studios. So that Prufrock had something to remember, when no one was around at GS, he made 6 acetates of Visions. Each of the band members, the guitar player and Two:Dot got one. Several song demos were also made for a publisher who liked the songs. But Prufrock 's Visions was never released. That was the end of it, or so it seemed until mid 2006.It seems one of the publisher demos had found its way to Europe and one song "Too Young" was released in Austria on a sampler of rare recordings of the 60s. A couple of years later the acetate was pictured in a rare record collector's book. The Gold Star label had the song title with Lubin as producer. So, from an acetate label seen in a book to a Google Search, he was found and contacted by e-mail."Dear Sir Are you the Tom Lubin who produced and engineered the band Prufrock in 1967....?"Tom was floored. It seems the sender was a fan of 60s music, and had a label that released recordings of that era. He was based in Switzerland and had heard only the one song of Visions.Over time and situations things disappear, but a few years ago Tom had gone into a studio and transferred all the tapes he had in a box to digital, and Prufrock's Visions was one of them.Once RD heard it, they wanted to give it its first release and to be completely authentic, on vinyl.Prufrock's Visions stands on its own, not as just an interesting rare artefact. It is an amazing sounding recording made with basic multi-track equipment in the middle of no-where. The songs powerfully reflect the raging time in which they lived. The Vietnam war, the draft, civil rights, assassinations, social unrest, the cold war, the bomb, political protest, free love, the pill, getting stoned, hippies, the British invasion, Timothy Leary, Haight-Ashbury, LSD. The baby boomers were coming of age and soon would be in charge. So many of those songs of 40 years ago continue to resonate in the present day.
This is an album worth having. You'll be blown away.
~ By: Amazon.
Here is another lost and unreleased at the time Californian psychedelic masterpiece of the highest caliber from 1967!
Only a few (if even a few) acetate 45 singles where known by this incredible great band from the Ojai, CA area. The recordings for an album were done in the Two:Dot Studios in 1967. (The same studios the ARTHUR recordings and e.g. HENDRICKSON ROADHOUSE came from) and the acetates were pressed in the legendary “Gold Star Studios” the same year. The music is a mixture of superb garage folk, swinging London style garage pop and heavy fuzz loaded psychedelic to the max tracks with some incredible great eastern influences!
See the band's homepage

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Prufrock - Visions (us 1967).rar (74.83 MB)

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Kath - Kath 1 (us 1975)

Kath - Kath 1 (us 1975 Rockadelic Lp)

* Val Rogolino
* Cheese Sollers
* Bruce Lapier
* Brent Buckley
* Bob.

01. Love Me Down
02. I Want To Love You
03. Lonely Again
04. Goodbye Sunshine
05. Tell Laura I Love Her
06. As I Looked
07. It Doesn't Mean
08. Candleman
09. Norwegian Wood
10. Mother Dear
12. Just Like You
13. Say What You Feel
14. She's The Girl I Love

Originally released in a limited edition of 60 hand made copies, this LP has gone virtually unknown for 30 years and has only been whispered about by the heaviest of collectors. The band evolved from the local Maryland 60s band "Badge" and is heavily influenced by The Beatles. This is a real DIY effort recorded in the home of the bands leader and dedicated to his pet monkey!!!! No, we're not making it up. . . This release has most of the original LP cuts and a couple of unreleased songs for good measure.Metallic silver and blue paste over cover is a duplication of the original artwork and the inserts contain band photos and story. One of the few folks who have heard this LP, the Psychedelic High Lama, had this to say about Kath..... "Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out" "Not unlike the best tracks on Rockadrome" " At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day." "Good fuzz throughout, charming amateur vocals".Only a few hundred made and on ROCKADELIC!
~ by: Freakemporium.
KATH (MD)"Kath" 1975 (no label) [60p; gatefold] "Kath" 2005 (Rockadelic 51) [+bonus tracks; no gatefold; 500p]Obscure and quite impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on. The sound is a bit "Canadian" to me, with a few French language snips and a typical Maple Leaf sound with lots of keyboard and reverbed vocals, not unlike the best tracks on Rockadrome. As it turns out the band was actually from Maryland, though leader Val Rogolino was part-French. In any event, it's mostly originals with a few covers including a fuzzed-out cough syrup take on "Norwegian Wood" that could be the best version ever. The selfpenned material is good, with a 60s teenbeat sensibility rather than heavy/hard rock. At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day. At the same time there are obvious hints that this dates from a later era, and it was in fact recorded over a period of several months in 1974. Good fuzz throughout, charming amateur vocals, and a late-night rehearsal space ambience. "It doesn't mean" is a highpoint for me. There are also brief snips of aural experiments for the right $15 avantgarde touch. "Kath" appears to be a reference to the main guy's girlfriend. The band also had a non-LP EP from 1978 under the name Badge, with a more polished version of "It doesn't mean", and a 45 around the same time. The Rockadelic removes one track from the original, and adds a couple new ones. [PL]
A totally outside garage/psych/private LP that feels as personally projected as alla those Michael Yonkers sides and that was recorded in Maryland in 1974. Nuts lo-fi recording quality and impossible-to-figure production values gives this a nicely zonked almost real-people vibe and I've seen listings that compare the lost, garage feel of this record to revered sides like Mystery Meat and Index. At points the sound is so dosed in lo-fi F/X that it sounds like the tapes are somehow inside out. Buncha originals, some French language, keyboards, fuzz, heap of amateur avant spirit and a cover of "Norwegian Wood" that ranks up there alongside Bill Comeau's "Eleanor Rigby" as one of the few listenable Beatles covers ever cut by teens with brains. Beautiful silver/blue paste-on sleeves and insert with the full saga and pics.
~ by: Lost In Tyme.

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Federal Duck - Federal Duck (us 1968)

Federal Duck - Federal Duck (us 1968 Musicor Lp)

* Timmy Ackerman (drums-conga-percussion),
* Jack Bowers (guitar-dulcimer-recorders),
* Tony Shaftel (bass-vocal),
* George Stavis (guitars-vocals),
* Bob Stern (bass-vocals),
* Ken Stover (piano-organ-tuba),
* Huck White (guitars-french horn-recorders),
* Thesha Dow (triangle).

1(A) FEDERAL DUCK (Musicor MS 3162) 1968
NB : Reissued CD Radioactive RRCD 160

01. Knowing that I loved you so
02. Easy virtue blues
03. Tomorrow waits for today
04. Just like the snow
05. Bird
06. Hello
07. While you're away
08. Peace in my mind
09. Just a band
10. Friday morning
11. Dawn comes slow
12. Ain't gonna be nobody to sing the blues
13. Circus in the sea

The album, which was recorded in New York, is not greatly acclaimed although there are some good tracks including the mellow psychedelia of Tomorrow Waits For Today and Peace In My Mind. The outstanding track, however, is Bird with strong out-there vocals and a jazzy piano solo. In 1969, George Stavis and Timmy Ackerman recorded an album for Vanguard. In 1970 Stavis, Ackerman, Stern and Bowers formed a new band Oganookie in Santa Cruz, California with Bruce Frye. Oganookie released a great country psych album in 1973, and about half the members backed up Bruce Frye in 1974 on a local Santa Cruz compilation album.
~ (Vernon Joynson/Dave Monahan) (Fuzz, Acid & Flowers).
Federal Duck made its appearance on the Musicor label in 1968. Formed by banjo exponent George Stavis, Federal Duck (named after the Federal Duck Stamp Program which was enacted by conserv/nist Jay “Ding” Darling and US President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1934), produced this lone musical effort which, once you get past the absurd cover, contains a consistently good album which is mildly jazzy, has some fine bass and an ever present darkish vibe. There are a few upbeat mold-breaking songs (one even sounds like the Holy Modal Rounders) but generally a soft-psych feel pervades throughout. It is interesting to speculate as to how Federal Duck ended up on the Musicor label, whose other acts included far more illustrious artists such as Gene Pitney, The Platters and George Jones. However, the relationship was destined to last for just the one album, with Stavis departing soon after to form the Californian communal rock band Oganookie and then to record an eponymous album for Vanguard. Although there really isn’t that much information about Federal Duck out there, the general consensus is that this is an album that deserves greater recognition than it has hitherto received....
~ by: Georgie Hirezola.
Federal Duck were Ken Stover (piano-organ-tuba), Jack Bowers (guitar-dulcimer-recorders), George Stavis (guitars-vocals), Huck White (guitars-french horn-recorders), Timmy ackerman (drums-conga-percussion), Bob Stern (bass-vocals), and Tony Shaftel (bass-vocal) with Thesha Dow (triangle).
The bizarrely-named Federal Duck made its appearance on the Musicor label in 1968. Formed by banjo exponent George Stavis, Federal Duck (named after the Federal Duck Stamp Program which was enacted by conservationist Jay "Ding" Darling and US President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1934) produced this lone musical effort which, once you get past the absurd cover, is a consistently good album that is mildly jazzy, wtih some fine bass and an ever-present darkish vibe.
~ (Internet Source).

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Please - Seeing Stars (uk 1969)

Please - Seeing Stars (uk 1969)

Formed: United Kingdom

Line-up A
* PETER DUNTON: vocals, drums

Line-up B
* PETER DUNTON: vocals, drums
* ROD HARRISON: guitar
* NICK SPENSER: guitar
* ROB HUNT: flute, vocals

01. Seeing stars [3:18]
02. Words to say [3:21]
03. Before [3:20]
04. Time goes by [4:32]
05. The road [5:30]
06. Rise & shine [3:56]
07. Still dreaming [3:27]
08. Secrets [3:13]
09. Who you know [3:34]
10. But [2:57]
11. Steal your dreams [3:01]

All tracks composed by Peter Dunton.

Please were formed by Peter Dunton and Bernie Jinks in late 1967. They had just returned to Britain from Germany where they had played with Neon Pearl, which also included their third member Jurgen Ermisch. The fourth original member Adrian Gurvitz later co-founded Gun. Unfortunately this line-up left no vinyl legacy or unreleased recordings that have been located behind it. They disbanded in May 1968 when Peter Dunton joined The Flies for whom he wrote both sides of their Magic Train 45. When The Flies split up at the end of 1968, Dunton reformed the band (line-up 'B'). Rob Hunt had also been in The Flies. They recorded all the cuts compiled on this album. Please split again in April 1969 when Peter Dunton joined Gun. The remaining members recruited a new drummer and renamed themselves Bulldog Breed. They later cut the Made In England album. In the Autumn of 1969, Peter Dunton quit Gun to reform Please with Bernie Jinks and Nick Spenser (ex-Neon Pearl). This incarnation was relatively short-lived as they had difficulty recruiting a suitable keyboard player. In early 1970 Dunton, Jinks and a later Bulldog Breed member Keith Cross joined forces to form T2, who were responsible for the excellent It'll All Work Out In Boomland album. One of T2's tracks, No More White Horses also crops up in a radically different form on Please's 1968/69 retrospective.
~ (Taken from: "Tapestry Of Delights")

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 3

V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 3

01. lyn la salle - randee ram jet
02. zeitgeist - (herein lie) the seeds of revolution
03. leather soul - take me back
04. in-o-vations - this ain't real
05. denims - the ghost in your house is me
06. tenderfoot kids - tomorrow the moon
07. last friday's fire - something's happening
08. joseph - house of the rising sun
09. grump - heartbreak hotel
10. pure madness - freedom rides
11. indians - been so long
12. lazy nickels - struggle for freedom
13. licorice schtick - flowers, flowers
14. astral projection - our love is a rainbow
15. calliope - we've made it
16. hamilton streetcar - your own comedown
17. beau allen - georgia ground
18. american zoo - where am i
19. three heads - penetration
20. sons of may - morning dew (and the light turned red)
21. white wash - you better think it over
22. lost tribe - walk one way
23. people - fantasy in jade
24. hex - you laugh & i'll cry
25. salt - long way to go
26. morocco - ela 'tho
27. group axis - smokestack lightning
28. recurring love habbit - a day in the life
29. oxford watch band - love, love, love

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V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 3.rar
Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 3.rar (102.72 MB)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 2

V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 2

01. mc2 - smiling
02. j.d. blackfoot - who's nuts, alfred
03. new world with mary lou - world of love-
04. Captain Billy's Whizzbang - Paradise of Your Mind
05. Pembrook Ltd. - Love's So Easy Now
06. premiers - ring around my rosie
07. legay - the fantastic story of the steam driven banana
08. care package - vinegar man
09. wild ones - never givin' up
10. captain billy's whizzbang - kaleidoscope
11. springfield rifle - all she said
12. illinois speed press - get in the wind, pt. ii
13. trav'lers - shadow of defeat
14. these vizitors - for mary's sake
15. heroes of cranberry farm - children (save the world)
16. neighborhood bakery - a waste of time
17. panda - swingin' about
18. front line - i don't care
19. blue wood - turn around
20. wild ones - for your love (i would do almost anything)
21. family - so much to remember
22. lime - hey girl
23. mastermind - turn of the head
24. steff - she's all right
25. sound vendor - in paradise
26. bunalimar - kinali gelin
27. human touch - blues for the millions
28. butter rebellion - aftermath
29. magic ring - frodo lives

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V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 2.rar

Saturday, November 7, 2009

V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 1

V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 1

01. bluebeards - come on-at my house
02. apple corps - don't leave me
03. oxford watchband - diagnosis (one way empty and down)
04. jeep - feep feep
05. 2 of clubs - walk tall (like a man)
06. fever johnny - zombie
07. randy and the ring - caverns of my mind
08. the trolls - are you the one
09. art zoyd - something in love
10. chicago loop - beginning at the end
11. sense of humor - secret thoughts
12. the collection - paper crown of gold
13. the front end - the real thing
14. bunalimar - ask senin bilditin gibi degil
15. the country gentlemen - greensleves
16. tommy and cleve - i don't want to share your love
17. mother nature - lost in the pacific
18. the cockneys - oh no you won't
19. emeralds - don't listen to your friends
20. california bear - eulogy
21. fairchilds - (i couldn't think about livin' without you) thinkin' bout me
22. crystal empire - sour milk sea
23. the cockneys - i know you're gonna be mine
24. tunay akdeniz ve grup cigrisim - babam yaazdi ben besteledim
25. the hobbits - pretty young thing
26. myddle class - free as the wind
27. yankee dollar - reflections of a shattered mind
~ posted first at Chocoreve.

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V.A. - Holy Fuzz (1998)

V.A. - Holy Fuzz (1998, Hidden Vision AC-27)
"Late '60s early '70s Christian rock/psych/garage compilation."

01. The Exkursions - It's Been Sent Down - 1971
02. Selah - Romans - 1972
03. The Bridge - Jesus - 1975
04. The Search Party - The News is You - 1968
05. Agape - In the Light - 1967
06. Stonewood Cross - Majic Man - 1975?
07. All Saved Freak Band - All Across the Nation - 1975
08. The Search Party - You and I - 1968
09. The Exkursions - Dry Ground - 1971
10. Concrete Rubber Band - Christian - 1969
11. Pressed Down, Shaken Together and Running Over - Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over - 1972
12. Agape - Rejoice - 1971

Excellent overview of the Xian psych scene, with a focus on (finally) heavy rock instead of inept folk. Because the King of Kings is, after all, not the Joan Baez of the ages, he's the ROCK of ages. ~ by CROTCHBAT.
Vinyl was still alive in 1998 for this compilation of rare psychedelic Jesus music from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. “All the songs on this album were specifically chosen for their guitar content… some of it mellow and subtle, and some of it mind frying heavy fuzz”. For the budget-minded here’s you chance to sample tracks from rare pricey albums by Concrete Rubber Band and The Search Party, plus Agape, Exkursions, The Bridge, All Saved Freak Band, and Way International outfits Selah and Pressed Down Shaken Together & Rolling Over. And if you’ve already got all those there’s a 1967 pre-Agape song (‘In The Light’) and the six-minute stunner ‘Magic Man’ from the elusive Stonewood Cross single (man, if those guys had only cut an album – yeow!). Neat b&w cover art with Fillmore-styled psych lettering.
~ (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Happy Dragon Band - The Happy Dragon Band (us 1978)

The Happy Dragon Band - The Happy Dragon Band (us 1978)

Formed: 1978, Detroit, MI, United States

* The Happy Dragon (vocals, synths, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard),
* Tom Carson (vocals, guitar, keyboards),
* Cicely Lonergan (vocals),
* Clem Riccobono (vocals),
* Gary Meisner (guitar),
* Scott Strawbridge (guitar),
* Brian White (guitar),
* Dennis Craner (bass),
* John Fraga (bass),
* Mike deMartino (keyboards),
* John "Bee" Badanjek (drums),
* Ralph Sarafino (drums),
* Mike Orzel (tambourine).

Related Artists:
Detroit, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Phantom's Divine Comedy, Rockets

01. 3-D Free (Tom Court)
02. Positive People (Tom Court)
03. In Flight (Tom Court)
04. A Long Time (Tom Court)
05. Bowling Pin Intro (Tom Court)
06. Lyrics of Love (Tom Court)
07. Disco American (Tom Court)
08. Astro Phunk (Tom Court)
09. Inside The Pyramid (Tom Court)
10. 3-D Free (Electronic) (Tom Court)

Another Radioactive reissued rarity, and possibly one of the best yet. Oooh, we've got a weird one here. Seriously. But very cool we think. Didn't know what to expect from the whimsical band name and front cover artwork, but it wouldn't have been *this* anyway! The first track, "3-D, Free" starts things off pretty freaky with spacey vocal effects and a lethargic reggae beat, with heartfelt lyrics, singing lines like "I saw police shooting rats". It's reprised later at the end of the album in an even more wigged out "electronic" version. This is definitely psychedelic rock music, but also very futuristic for its time (circa 1977-1978), hinting at new wave/punk. With track two, "Positive People", things get even more Devo. And it doesn't get any more normal as it goes. Capt. Beefheart also seems to be at this party... weird weird weird. But these folks have a knack for melody amist the madness.
Having release a little noticed 1974 album for Capitol under the guise of Phantom's Divine Comedy, four years later drummer John Bdanjeck, singer/guitarist Tom Carson, bassist Dennis Craner, keyboardist Mike DeMartino and guitarist Gary Meisner reappeared as The Happy Dragon Band. Released by the small Michigan-based Fiddlers label, anyone expecting to hear another set of faux Doors-inspired psych was bound to be surprised by 1978's "The Happy Dragon Band". Whereas the earlier Phantom LP featured all-original material, here all nine tracks were penned by a Tommy Court. Whoever he was, Court was also credited with production, engineering and direction. Musically the set was a major shocker. Dropping their earlier pseudo-Doors stance, material such as "3-D Free", "In Flight" and the instrumental "Bowling Pin Intro" found the band plunging headlong into outright experimentation. Featuring extended tracks filled with synthesizers, odd sound effects and dazed vocals, the results didn't make for a particularly commercial outting. That said, the album sports a weird, hypnotizing appeal that's worth a couple of spins. Dark, heavy and disturbing, part of the aura may be explained by the liner notes. - "This album is in memory of: my friend Ritchie & my child Ritchie Joe".
~ Internet sources.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dry Ice - Mary's Meth Dream (us 1967-'69)

Dry Ice - Mary's Meth Dream (us 1967-'69)

Formed: Revere, MA, United States

Track list:
01. Mary Is Alone. 1:56
02. Ocean. 3:29
03. Sunny Day. 3:20
04. Mr. Sawyer. 3:11
05. Eyesight to the Blind. 2:23
06. I Saw Her Standing There. 3:16
07. Let's Go Down. 2:38
08. Mary Is Alone. 2:39
09. Oh Darling. 3:36
10. Lucy Mae. 2:26
11. Sweet Little Sue. 2:11
12. Sunny Day. 2:45
13. Ocean. 3:22
14. Mary Is Alone. 3:56

OK, first the physical aspect, the packaging. A limited and numbered edition of 300. Pressed on white vinyl and housed in a thick card cover with b/w pasted on sleeve designs. It looks and 'feels' like a classic '70s great white wonder, both nostalgic and splendid!So what about the music? The fourteen tracks were recorded between 1967-69 '…at Fleetwood and some other forgotten studio in Malden…' (and that's not in Surrey!) and may or may not represent the entire output of the legendary US psychsters. Dry Ice's rep hangs on two genre defining moments in the form of 'Mary Is Alone' ('Mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is death, Mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is meth' - hence the LP title) and 'Mr Sawyer'. Both these are present and correct, in fact in 'Mary's' case it is over-present, there are three takes included. The third, which is the final track on side 2, seems to be a mix and match of the other two to demonstrate how they differ (i.e. one is the released version, the other a demo). Mr Sawyer, a great US styled popsiker has just the one appearance whilst other originals (all written by band member John Tata) 'Ocean' and 'Sunny Day' appear twice each (see if you can hear a difference). Both these numbers have a strong affinity to Mr Sawyer's lightweight psych rock approach and are highly enjoyable. Then there is the cover of Sonny Boy Williams II's 'Eyesight To The Blind', which is neither a straight copy or a dreary blues rock dirge. It's short and sweet but reinvents the song in suitably lysergic tones. 'Let's Go Down' is a quiet and introspective number that makes you want to "shhh" other people in the room. Other covers are less adventurous and will have as much (or more) appeal to garage heads as to anyone else. 'I Saw Her Standing There', 'Oh Darling', 'Lucy Mae' and 'Sweet Little Sue' are all nicely fluid renditions with acid blues guitar breaks but which don't outstay their welcome and which as complete numbers have a distinct late era garage feel. Probably these are a taste of what comprised their usual live set. Overall the sound quality is good and as a whole the package represents a genuine (most of these recordings have not been issued before) and (a warmly welcomed) old-world type of collector's piece. If you're a vinyl sentimentalist or a US 60s psych/rock fan, this is something you're going to want.
~ by: Paul Martin, Shindig Magazine.
Pretty sweet pop-psych originals, some covers and some garagey stuff. i think one of them went on to be in angel. unreleased originally, acid archives compares it to july and that isn't too far off, but you know AMERICAN. "mary is alone" could've been the ending theme for an awesome drug scare film, "mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is death/mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is meth..."

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Team Dokus - Tales From The Underground (uk 1969)

Team Dokus - Tales From The Underground (uk 1969)
Mysterious and menacing 1971 acetate-only album from underground rockers.

* Roger (Dokus) Hope - vocals,
* Fred Fry - Lead Guitar,
* Stephen Hall - Guitars,
* Phil Bridle - Keyboards,
* Terry Lowe - Bass guitar,
* Roy Stockley - Percussion .

1 Tales From The Underground (Tenth Planet TP 007) 1994
(1) Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

01. 50 Million Megaton Sunset
02. Night Of The Living Dead
03. Here's Hoping
04. On The Way Down
05. Visions
06. Tomorrow May Not Come
07. Big Red Beast
08. I Can't Wait
09. Feel Your Fire
10. 50 Million Megaton Sunset (Reprise)

.... All songs written by Dokus.

Essentially a concept album based on the theme of nuclear destruction it relates the tale of World War 3 and life after a nuclear holocaust.

...'In the distance an orange sun burning through your eyes. The blisters burst on your body as the mushrooms rise!'...
(from Fifty Million Megaton Sunset).

"Team Dokus was formed in 1968 after I had been squeezed out of another one-LP blues/progressive/rock super(?)group called Room (the Deram release Pre-Flight). The name came from my nickname at the time given to me by Stephen. It was better than Bob. The members of Team Dokus at the time of the recording were Roger 'Dokus' Hope (vocals), Fred Fry (lead guitar), Stephen Hall (2nd lead & rhythm guitar), Terry Lowe (bass), Phil Bridle (keyboards) and Royston Stockley (percussion).
The album was recorded by Team Dokus in 1971 for the Sphere record label, a subsidiary of CBS. On the day of the recording, both Terry and I were suffering from one of the worst bouts of flu in our lives, and were only there because of the drugs and rum that the others had pumped into us. On top of that, we had played the Temple in Wardour Street the night before (and blown Nazareth off stage), and were going on to play Potters Bar Youth Club with Genesis (early days) the next night. That's explains why the vocals on the recording are so bad. They were meant to have been re-recorded later but it never happened. There were also harmonies recorded for '50 Million Megaton Sunset', 'On The Way Down', 'Magic Castle' and 'Feel A Little Higher' ('Big Red Beast' was actually called 'Magic Castle' and 'Feel Your Fire' was called 'Feel A Little Higher'). All songs were essentially a collaborative effort with the rest of the band of songs that I wrote and arranged, except for 'Magic Castle' - I arranged that song, but Terry came up with the main riff.
We also recorded a single in London in 1971, with shortened versions of 'Tomorrow May Not Come' and '50 Million Megaton Sunset', as well as an EP (I can't remember the contents of this). We made it to the final six in the Melody Maker Rock Contest finals at the Roundhouse in the same year, but were not placed in the top three as we already had signed up with Sphere Records - with the prizes for the top three being recording contracts, we were placed fourth, I believe. However, the band was given a special commendation by John Peel, and Terry was presented with a new Fender bass guitar for his efforts.
Team Dokus split shortly after recording the album, which is why I guess it wasn't released at the time."
~ Information regarding Team Dokus from founder member Roger Hope.
The members of this band are presently unknown but the reissue (Tenth Planet TP 007 / 1994) is from a 1969 acetate, of which only one copy is known to exist. Essentially a concept album based on the theme of nuclear destruction it relates the tale of World War 3 and life after a nuclear holocaust. The music is lightish progressive rock with the opener, Fifty Million Megaton Sunset, the highlight musically and lyrically. This cut had previously been included on Psychedelic Salvage Co. Vol. 2 (LP & CD) and both Psychedelia, Vol. 3 (LP) and Hen's Teeth, Vol. 3 (CD) include the un-abbreviated version. Side one closes with another gem, the doom-laden, gently flowing and melancholic On The Way Down. Side two opens with Visions, a pretty standard progressive rock offering, but Tomorrow May Not Come, which had previously got an airing on Psychedelic Salvage Co. Vol. 1 (LP & CD), has some good extended instrumental pieces and Big Red Beast featured some promising guitar and vocals, but the other real gem was Feel Your Fire, a very effective blend of vocals, catchy drumming, guitar and keyboards which previews the finale, a reprise of Fifty Million Megaton Sunset. Recommended.
~ (taken from "Tapestry Of Delights").

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