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Miles Corbin - Musique De Paradiso (us 2003)

Miles Corbin - Musique de Paradiso (us 2003 exotic cool surf)

Year: 2003
Record Label: Rip Tide Records

01. Graciella of the Dunes 4:37
02. Akumal 3:37
03. Gringo Hangs Ten 3:45
04. Lost in the Blue Lagoon of Her Eyes 4:06
05. Beguine Ala Bond 5:04
06. Vaya Con Dios 3:44
07. Arrivaderchi 4:28
08. Italiano Surf Carnivali 5:13
09. Bonga Tonga and Her String of Pearls 5:49
10. Leila Dreaming 4:49
11. Francis Holds Sophie in the Courtyard 5:59
12. Graciella Revisita 4:34
13. Hangin Low in Paradise 5:45
14. Exotica Bloom 5:10

The Kingsounds were a Roots Rock revival band that held court in San Francisco music clubs in the late 1980's. They were a vibrant live act, but never released any recordings- Until Now!! The band features guitarist Miles Corbin who went out to form the surf instrumental group the Aqua Velvets. Also featured is vocalist Andy Milton, who sang with Joe Satriani and Crowded House. Elvis meets the early Beatles!!
Musique de Paradiso is the 2nd solo cd from guitarist Miles Corbin of the Aqua Velvets. Corbin's music can be heard in many film and tv soundtracks, as well as the many Aqua Velvets releases. 'Paradiso' ventures into Exotic terrain combining Miles's signature surf sounds with Cuban and Middle Eastern rythms and instruments.
~ internet source.
Although he's penned music for TV and movies, guitarist/composer Miles Corbin is best known for being the leader of surf rockers Aqua Velvets. Taking their cue from such '60s surf trailblazers Dick Dale and the Ventures, Aqua Velvets (which includes members Hank Maninger [second guitar], Michael Lindner [bass/keys/accordion], and Donn Spindt [drums], in addition to Corbin) are completely an instrumental... ...MoreAlthough he's penned music for TV and movies, guitarist/composer Miles Corbin is best known for being the leader of surf rockers Aqua Velvets. Taking their cue from such '60s surf trailblazers Dick Dale and the Ventures, Aqua Velvets (which includes members Hank Maninger [second guitar], Michael Lindner [bass/keys/accordion], and Donn Spindt [drums], in addition to Corbin) are completely an instrumental band. 1992 saw the release of their self-titled debut release, which was largely a low-budget affair (recorded in the band's own home basement recording studio, with Corbin's guitar overdubs recorded in the back of a car!). Shortly after the initial pressing on their own label sold out, more releases followed — 1995's Surfmania, 1996's Nomad, and 1997's Guitar Noir. In 2000, Corbin issued his very first solo release, Sounds From the Tiki Hut.
~ Greg Prato, Rovi.

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The Cimarons - Maka (Jamaica-uk 1978)

The Cimarons - Maka (Jamaica-uk 1978)

Formed 1967, London, United Kingdom

* Carl Levy - Keyboards, Accoustic Guitar, Marimba, Vocals,
* Franklyn Dunn - Bass, Percu, Accoustic Piano, Vocals,
* Winston Reid [aka Winston Reedy] - Lead Vocal, Percu
* Locksley Gichie - Rythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Percu, Vocals,
* Maurice Ellis - Drums, Percu

Also Known As: The Hot Shots, Symarons

Genres: Roots Reggae, Reggae

- Label: Polydor Cat # : 2383 512
- Produced by: Cimarons
- Engineers: Tony Platt at Pebble Beach Studio

01. So Free (Best Things in Life)
02. Truly [Toast Version]
03. Mother Earth
04. The The Word
05. Civilization
06. Loosening Out
07. Willin (Rock Aginst Racism) [Maxi Version]
08. Give Thanks & Praise
09. Natty Time
10. Reggae Rockin
11. Truly
12. Willin'

The Cimarons formed at a Harlesden methodist youth club in 1967. They initially worked as a backing band for visiting Jamaican singers, eventually being invited to tour Africa in the same capacity. Their first singles, including "Funky Fight", "Oh Mammy Blue", and "Holy Christmas" were released on Trojan subsidiaries including Big Shot and Dandy Livingston's Downtown Records. They also recorded as the Hotshots in their early years, having a UK number 4 hit in 1973 with "Snoopy vs. The Red Baron", with producer Clive Crawley on vocals, and worked as a studio band for producers including Joe Mansano. They toured extensively in their own right, and released their first album, In Time in 1974. This was composed of cover versions of songs such as "Over The Rainbow", "You Can Get It If You Really Want", and original songs. For the second album, 1976's On The Rock, the group travelled to Jamaica, recording with Tommy Cowan.
The band were picked up by Polydor Records in the late 1970s, who issued Maka and a live album, both in 1978. In the late 1970s they shared a stage with punk bands as part of the Rock Against Racism movement. They then moved to Virgin Records for 1980's Freedom Street album. 1982's Reggaebility included cover versions of pop songs such as The Beatles' "Love Me Do" and Wings' "Mull of Kintyre", and proved to be their last studio album.
Singer Winston Reid also found success recording under the name Winston Reedy, topping the reggae chart in 1983 with "Dim the Lights". Reid and Dunn continue to perform as The Cimarons.
~ Taken from Wikipedia.



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V.A. - Time Machine - The History Of Canadian 60's Garage Punk And Surf 1985-95 (1996)

V.A. - Time Machine - The History Of Canadian 60's Garage Punk And Surf 1985-95

Released in 1996
Stomp Records STOMP 008 [CD]

01. The Mongols - Nautoloid Reef (The Nautoloids) 2:07
02. The Gruesomes - Way Down Below (Beaton/Davis/Alvarez/Knoll) 2:19
03. The Worst - I Don't Want You (Buitenga) 1:41
04. The Astronuts - Montezuma (Beaton) 2:05
05. The Cryptics - You're Evil (Beck) 3:13
06. The Chessmen - Time Machine (Beer) 2:22
07. The Surfdusters - The Reef (Hagensen) 2:28
08. The Ten Commandments - Not True (Lord/Pickles) 3:05
09. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Bennett Cerf [1st version] (Connelly/Diamond/Pyle) 1:34
10. The Sherlocks - Stefany (Rodriguez) 3:55
11. The Vindicators - Thinking Of Birds (The Vindicators) 3:17
12. Les Minstrels - Les Grands Mechands Loups (Christian) 3:32
13. Fuzz Aldrin - Trailer Park (Martel/Mulvey/Seck/Betts) 3:19
14. The Fiends - Gravedigger (Olinek/Johnson) 2:37
15. The Night Stalkers - Love to You (Dykhuisen) 2:49
16. The 14th Wray - Your Face Is On My Mind (Watson/Wright) 3:13
17. Drums Along The Gardiner - Fish (Anderson/Rea/Schweigel/Williscroft) 3:11
18. The Gruesomes - What's Your Problem (Beaton/Davis/Alvarez/Davis) 3:08
19. Lost Patrol - Commanche (Wray) 1:30
20. The Cheshyres - Too Many Women (Lustzig/Edwards) 2:26
21. The Beaumonts - She Treats Me Right (Klassen/Anderson) 3:09
22. The Treblemakers - The Grudge (Izbinsky/Kovacs) 1:42
23. The Polyester Explosion - Madeline (McDade) 4:06
24. Huevos Rancheros - Raunchy (Justis/Manker) 1:42
25. The Smugglers - That's Is Rock 'N' Roll (Coasters) 2:20
26. Platon Et Les Caves - Vivre Avec Toi (Les Miserables) 2:08
27. The Upper Crust - (We're The) Upper Crust (Skankuruk/Wynne/Wright) 2:13
28. The Frat Kings - B.M.O.C. (unknown) 2:45

A rather confusing album title; you see the parentheses, Time Machine - The History of Canadian 60's Garage Punk and Surf (1985-95) features the best of Canada's Garage Rock Revival bands of the 80s and early 90s.
I wish I knew more about it, other than it's a great collection of the genres you see listed here.
~ Posted first by Son of Spam (



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V.A. - People of Tyme (Canadian 60s)

V.A. - People of Tyme (Canadian 60s)

So here I Re-upload a compilation with Canadian groups from the sixties where the 13 of these songs are in French langauage.

I have no further informations about this compilation...

01. People of Time - Simple Simon
02. Mon Amour - Les Wild Ones
03. They Say - Les 409
04. Si Chopin - Les Bel Kanto
05. Little White Lies - Painted Ship
06. Jeune Fille De Couvent - Les Comtes Harbourg
07. Cause I Believe - Michael & The French Canadians
08. J’en Ai Assez - Les Dabsters
09. I Can’t Go On - M.G. & The Escorts
10. Mademoiselle Yeye - Les Serf
11. Not My Kind - Denis Pantis
12. Cheveux Blonds Et Pantalons - Les Asteks
13. 8 O’Clock This Morning - Haunted
14. Pour Toi - Les Saturnes 4
15. Brainwashed - David Clayton Thomas
16. Tu N’es Pas Singere - Alex Fontaine
17. She’s Your Lover - Deverons
18. Je T’ Aime - Les Differents
19. I’m Losing Tonight - A Passing Fancy
20. Tot Mes Copains - Les Cyclones
21. I Need You Baby - Bohemians
22. Mary Lee - Rejean & Fawcons
23. Faded Colors - Stonemen
24. Ailleurs Et Ici - Les Notables
25. It’s A Hard Life - Ultimate Image
26. Monsieur Jean - Yvon Bonneville


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V.A. - Birds Do It [Everything You Ever Wanted to Hear From 'Oswalt Kolle' and Other Sex-Education-Movies of the 1960s and 70s] (2002)

V.A. - Birds Do It: Everything You Ever Wanted to Hear From 'Oswalt Kolle' and Other Sex-Education-Movies of the 1960s and 70s

Artwork By: [Booklet Design] - Alexander Imiela , Kathrin Sehl .
Compiled By, Compilation Producer, Other: [Concept] - Alexander Imiela , Sascha Bretz. Mastered By: Sebastian Hübert.
Other: [Liner Notes] - Felix Seifert , Ralf Hedwig .
Mastered at: Heavenghosts Studio Düsseldorf.
(p)+(c) 2002 Diggler Records .

01. Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour Following You (Written-By - Jack Arel , Pierre Dutour).
02. Uschi Moser Sunny Honey (Written-By - H. Thusek* , H.P. Albrecht* , R. Jung*).
03. Heinz Kiessling Feeling Young (Written-By - Heinz Kiessling).
04. Heinz Kiessling Petra (Written-By - Heinz Kiessling).
05. Leon Paul-Phillips Ealing Broadway (Written-By - Leon Paul-Phillips).
06. Kristian Schultze Phrase / Overdrive (Written-By - Kristian Schultze).
07. Maurice Pop Rush Our (Written-By - Fritz Maldener).
08. Gerhard Heinz Love, Love, Love (Written-By - Gerhard Heinz).
09. Leon Paul-Phillips Way Out (Written-By - Leon Paul-Phillips).
10. John O'Brien-Docker Sock It To Me (Written-By - John O'Brien-Docker).
11. Peter Schirmann Dokumentaristen (Written-By - Peter Schirmann).
12. Gerhard Heinz Look At Me (Written-By - Gerhard Heinz).
13. Gerhard Heinz Swinging Singers (Written-By - Gerhard Heinz).
14. Peter Schirmann Lagerfeuer (Written-By - Peter Schirmann).
15. Pierre Lavin Pop Band, The Young And Poppy (Written-By - Gerhard Narholz) .
16. Uschi Moser Love, Je T'Aime L'Amour (Written-By - H. Thusek* , H.P. Albrecht* , R. Jung*).
17. Peter Thomas Peter's Beat (Written-By - Peter Thomas).
18. Maurice Pop Air Clipper (Written-By - Konrad Wolf).
19. Horst Peter Zärtlichkeiten (Written-By - H. Thusek* , H.P. Albrecht* , R. Jung*) .
20. Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour Pictures Of Summer (Written-By - Jack Arel , Pierre Dutour).

Tracks 1, 20 from: "Die Sexuellen Wünsche Der Deutschen"
Tracks 2, 16, 19 from: "Junge Leute Wollen Lieben
Tracks 3, 4 from "Oswalt Kolle: Zum Beispiel Ehebruch"/"Oswalt Kolle: Das Wunder Der
Liebe "
Tracks 5, 9 from: "Liebe In 3 Dimensionen"/"Sex-Träume-Report"
Track 6 from: "Sex Pervers"
Track 7 from: "Hausfrauen-Report International"
Tracks 8, 12, 13 from "Geheimtechniken Der Sexualität"/"Ehepaar Sucht Gleichgesinntes" Track 10 from: "Die Sexuellen Wünsche Der Deutschen"
Tracks 11, 14 from "Oswalt Kolle: Dein Kind Das Unbekannte Wesen"
Track 15 from: "Hausfrauen-Report International"
Track 17 from: "Van de Velde: Die Vollkommene Ehe"
Track 18 from: "Hausfrauen-Report International"

Album description:
Everything you ever wanted to hear from Oswalt Kolle and other sex-education-movies of the 1960s and 70s 30 years after the last movie of Germany's leading sex-educater Oswalt Kolle was shown in the German cinemas, we now present a never before available comprehensive compilation to this cinematic phenomenon: the sex-education-movie. This compilation contains the best tunes from the Oswalt Kolle movies and his rip-offs which have been made in the years 1967 to 1973, e.g. Oswalt Kolle: Zum Beispiel Ehebruch, Oswalt Kolle: Das Wunder Der Liebe 2, Oswalt Kolle: Dein Kind, Das Unbekannte Wesen, Die Sexuellen Wünsche Der Deutschen, Junge Leute Wollen Lieben, Liebe In 3 Dimensionen, Sex Pervers, Hausfrauen-Report International, Geheimtechniken Der Sexualität, Sex-Träume-Report, Ehepaar Sucht Gleichgesinntes, Van de Velde: Die Vollkommene Ehe.
The CD contains 20 catchy tracks, nearly all of them previously unreleased, which show the entire stylistic range of the ending 60s and arising 70s: big-band-soul, easy listening, dirt-rock, funk guitars, lounge jazz and orgiastic psychedelic beats answer all "sound questions" the Germans were afraid to ask.
Besides Heinz Kiessling, the leading composer of the Oswalt Kolle - movies, such well known artists as Peter Schirmann, Kristian Schultze or Maurice Pop delivered stylish sounds for naked facts.
A very quirky album with some really catchy grooves. Some of these have actually appeared on Hit The Brakes already but now you can have the whole CD at your disposal when you need to set the mood. Or you can listen to it for it's genuine funk vibes. Enjoy the CD!!
~ Internet Source.

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V.A. - Birds Do It [Everything You Ever Wanted to Hear From Oswalt Kolle and Other Sex-Education-Movies of the 1960s and 70s] (2002).rar (73.21 MB)

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The Blue Effect - Kingdom 0f Life (Czechoslovakia 1971)

The Blue Effect - Kingdom of Life (Czechoslovakia 1971)

Formed: October 1968, Praha, Czech Republic.

* Radim Hladík (guitar),
* Vladimír Mišík (vocals: A2, B1 to B5, flute),
* Miloš Svoboda (guitar, 1968-69),
* Jiří Kozel (bass),
* Vlado Čech (drums),
* Lešek Semelka (keyboards, vocals: A1, A3, A4).

Related Artists:
Bohemia, Collegium Musicum, Dagmar Andrtová & Radim Hladík, Pavol Hammel & Radim Hladík, Luboš Pospíšil & 5P, Matadors, New Force, The Blue Effect & The Jazz Q Prague.

Also Known As:
Modrý Efekt, Special Blue Effect, M. Efekt, Modrý Efekt & Radim Hladík.

Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock.

* Artwork By: [Cover Design] - Ladislav Provazník.
* Engineer: [Sound, Cut] - Petr Kocfelda , Petr Čada , Václav Heblík.
* Liner Notes: [Sleeve Notes] - Jiří Černý.
* Photography: [Cover Photo] - Dušan Šimánek.
* Producer, Recording Supervisor: [Musical Direction] - Michael Prostějovský.

Recorded at Supraphon Studios 1969 (side two) 1970 (side one) Artia Prague.

A1. Kingdom Of Life 4:35 (Written By: J. Hutka, K. Kozel, R. Hladík), (Read By: [Recited By] - Jaroslav Čmehil).
A2. White Hair 4:10 (Written By: J. Smetana, V. Mišík).
A3. You'll Stay With Me 4:35 (Written By: K. Kozel, R. Hladík).
A4. Brother's Song 2:30 (Written By: K. Kozel, R. Hladík).
A5. Sunny Grave 1:55 (Written By: V. Mišík).
B1. Little Girl 3:55 (Written By: J. Kozel, R. Hladík, V. Mišík, V. Čech).
B2. Deserted Alley 3:15 (Written By: K. Kozel, V. Mišík).
B3. Blues About Stone 8:10 (Written By: J. Kozel, R. Hladík, V. Mišík, V. Čech).
B4. Rainy Day 4:00 (Written By: J. Kozel, K. Kozel, R. Hladík).
B5. Where Is My Star 3:30 (Written By: J. Smetana, R. Hladík).

Best known for their Yes-like prog work in the '70s, the Czech Republic's Blue Effect were formed in the late '60s, when that nation was still tied politically and geographically to its Slovak neighbor during the Cold War. Led by the renowned guitarist Radim Hladik, Blue Effect first came to prominence as an R&B-influenced rock act with their first two albums, 1969's Meditace and 1970's Coniunctio. It was at this point that the Soviet-backed government stepped in and forced the band to alter its name to reflect a more "Czecho-Slovak" heritage. Now dubbed Modry Efekt (and, at times, M Efekt), the band began to venture into the more progressive rock elements that would define — for many — the true identity of the group. By 1975, the sounds of British prog had taken full root in the sound of the band, in addition to solidifying Hladik as one of his country's top rock guitar virtuosos. The prog — and the continued growth of Hladik's skill — progressed on two follow-up full-lengths, 1977's Svitanie and 1979's Svet Hledacu, but the band had seemingly fully exhausted itself with regard to the sound that had won it so many converts. Proof of this new direction was to be found in the much more middle-of-the-road effort of 1981, 33, which was also notable as being the last release from the band. While the band quietly folded, Hladik continued to hone his skill and ply his trade. In 2004, with the release of a Blue Effect best-of compilation entitled Beatová Sín Slávy, the band — now fully under Hladik's leadership — began to hit stages in the Czech Republic. A live effort, Blue Effect: Live, was also released around the same time, and was a Top Five chart hit.
~ by Chris True (

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Finn Olafsson - Savannah (Den 1977)

Finn Olafsson - Savannah (Den 1977 - LP/KMF ROLP 6563)

Born: 1953, Denmark

Currently: Græsted , Hovedstaden, Denmark

Member of: Ache

01. Do You Believe 2:53
02. My Lady Love 2:11
03. Free to Be 2:24
04. Savannah 5:14
05. Inclination 4:15
06. Wonderland 3:04
07. In the Countryside 13:54

Danish guitarist & producer Finn Olafsson is an expert on acoustic steel-string guitars. He began his career in 1968 as co-founder of the legendary rock band Ache - a band that became known all over Europe.Around 1970, Finn Olafssson started working with acoustic guitars, first with Ache and later as a sideman for many prominent Danish artists.Finn is featured on well over 150 Scandinavian releases.But it is with his solo albums and his concerts and duo records with Anders Roland that his guitar artistry is most profoundly expressed.


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