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Brainbox - Brainbox (Hol 1969)

Brainbox - Brainbox (Hol 1969)

Formed: 1969, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Disbanded: 2005 //

- Jan Akkerman (guitars, organ, vibes, bass),
- Kazimierz Lux (vocals, guitar, percussion),
- Andre Reynen (bass),
- Pierre van der Linden (drums),
- Tom Barlage (flutes) (1, 4)
- Rob Hoeke (piano( (9)

Track List :
01. Dark Rose
02. Reasons To Believe
03. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
04. Scarborough Fair
05. Summertime (from "Porgy and Bess")
06. Sinner's Prayer
07. Sea Of Delight
08. Down Man (Bonus)
09. Woman's Gone (Bonus)
10. Sea Of Delight (Bonus Try Out)
11. Sea Of Delight (Bonus Take 1)
12. Amsterdam, The First Days (Bonus)

Part of a vibrant Amsterdam pop music scene in the late sixties with their harder edged blend of psychedelic rock and Chicago blues, Dutch band Brainbox paid hommage to both American and British Contemporaries while at the same time developing their own more progressive brand of pop music.
Brainbox was formed in 1968 shortly after guitarist Jan Akkerman and drummer Pierre van der Linden joined 19 year-old singing prodigy Kazmierz "Kaz" Lux.
While Lux's emotive voicings sounded similar to contemporary blues rocker counterparts such as Rory Gallager and Joe Cocker, when fused with Akkerman's immaginative guitar the result was a blistering meltdown of emotive blues and heavy rock with jazz attitudes. They experimented with interpretations of the music of George Gershwin, Tim Hardin as well as Simon and Garfunkel in addition to their own compositions.
Akkerman's adventurous guitar work gave the band a progressive aspect wth his extensive soloing and intricate rhythms and resulted in a 16 minute plus showpeice, "Sea Of Delight", on their first self-titled album which was almost unheard of in pop music at the time. The flute was also an instrument which many psychedelic bands were becoming increasingly interested in during the late sixties most notably Jethro Tull and a guest musician, Tom Barlage, contributed to a couple of tracks on the band`s first album with the flute also resurfacing on later Brainbox recordings.
Despite their experimental approach they became better known for their singles three of which had been released by the end of 1969.
However, Akkerman's appetite for more explorative and complex instrumental music saw him jamming with another young Dutch musician, Thijs van Leer, who possessed similar aspirations which resulted in Akkerman`s dismissal from the band by the end of `69. He subsequently formed "Focus" along with Van Leer which later became one of the first internationally acclaimed rock bands to eminate from the Netherlands. He was followed by Van der Linden into "Focus" a few months later. ~ (Review from

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