Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guelewar Band of Banjul - Sama Yaye Demna N'Darr (Gambia 1980)

Guelewar Band of Banjul - Sama Yaye Demna N'Darr (Gambia 1980 psych Afrobeat, Folk)

* Moussa N'Gom Lead - Vocal,
* Oussou Ndiaye - Drums,
* Koto Suno Icoto N'Gom - Percussion,
* Alive Badara Cham N'Gom - Percussion,
* Adu Salla - Percussion,
* Njok Malick Mike Njie - Bass,
* Moussa Njobdi Njie - Guitar,
* Bas Lo Fara Biram - Alto Saxophone,
* Laaye Sallah Ombor - Tenor Saxophone,
* Laaye N'Gom - Vocal, Keyboards.

Label : valerie 001
* M. Haïdar - Producer.

A1. Yaye Boul Ma Bayi 9:26
A2. Sama Yaye Demna N'Darr 7:45
A3. Sanu Maakaan 7:02
B1. Président Diawara 9:00
B2. Bamba Bô Jang 11:26
B3. Njarama 6:58

Gambian group who developed the "Afro-Manding" sound originated by Ifang Bondi & the Senegalese artists. Heavily Afro-Cuban in places but also drawing on the Griot traditions of the region. Keyboards & sax are prominent.
~ Internet Source.
The national pop style of Senegal, emerging '70s. Senegalese music was heavily infl. first by Calypso and then by Latin, especially Cuban music; elements of soul and funk were introduced in the '60s, with imported Congolese music equally popular; in '70s a specifically Senegalese brew began to emerge, return to roots also being encouraged by Senghor's philosophy of Negritude. Drawing on the kora tradition and other local elements as well as Cuban influences, and making use of Western instruments, mbalax slowly defined itself: essentially percussion-based, featuring the tama (a small talking drum) as a lead instrument, it also uses congas, timbales, electric guitars and horns; characterized by complex rhythms, it is usually sung in Wolof, with distinct Islamic inflections. Of many mbalax bands in Senegal, the most popular was that of Youssou N'Dour. Other leading groups are Super Jamono (albums incl. Le Ventilateur, Geedy Dayaan), Orchestra Boabab (Coumba on MCA) and Guelewar (Sama Yaye Demna N'Darr), also Super Diamono, Ismail Lo, Thione Seck and Kine Lam.
~ Donald's Encyclopedia of Popular Music.

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Anonymous said...

a record I've been bidding and fighting for on the ebay. I love it. It is a classic album and you made my day now!!

Although the album no 1 is
Ifang Bondi's "saraba" and Muluken Mellesse and Mulatu Astatke and Willam Onyeabor made top five albums of all time,this is surely also one of the best african albums no matter what.thanks again,, k

Anonymous said...

Totally brilliant band and album - thank you so much for uploading this.
You made my day!