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Rontheo - Rontheo (Ger 1976)

Rontheo - Rontheo (Ger 1976)

Formed:    Germany

* Ronnie di Tomaso (guitar, vocals),
* Theo Busch (violin, guitar, percussion)

Genres:    Folk Rock

A1.    Music       
A2.    Live!       
A3.    Lady From Heaven       
A4.    Do It Again       
A5.    By the Side of a Clear Crystal Fountain       
B1.    Zyclus       
B2.    Although It's Fine       
B3.    Clouds Everywhere       
B4.    Tomorrow Will Know

German folk rock that mainly consist of acoustic guitar, violin, and percussion. This is very "American" sounding singer/songwriter stuff with pleasant English vocals. Do NOT expect something that sounds like Brosselmachine, or like Emtidi, or like Witthueser & Westrupp, because This is not really "psychedelic", or "cosmic" at all (even though it is often passed off as progressive folk, or acid folk). With all that being said, there are plenty of very good passages with excellent violin. The strongest material is towards the end, when the music does get a little more progressive at times, with some excellent guitar, beautiful choral arrangements (played on a keyboard choir setting) and extended violin jamming. All-in-all, a pleasant listen, but one can tell why it is not quite up there with the classics of the German folk rock scene of the 70's.

NOTE: There are rumors that these guys were not German at all, but Canadians living in Germany. That would explain their good English vocals, and more American sound
 ~ by thirstymoon (RYM).
The name of this group comes from the first components blocks: RONNIE DI TOMASO (guitar, voice) and THEO BUSCH (violin, percussions). With their friend YEDZ they recorded this good LP in Germany in 1976... it's fresh folk rock, sung in English, and as usual many sellers consider it as psychedelic folk rock (maybe to sell it at a better price), anyway this is another little jewel coming from Germany and its value is growing day by day (400 US Dollars)... the gatefold cover is also great with a beautiful fantasy design... [] http://www.krautrock-musik...601&lang=en
 ~ by isabelbc (RYM).
This German band brings a surprising well crafted USA or British folk rock, or German why not?.
Voice of singer Ronnie di Tomaso add lots to the general pleasant ambience created by this musicians, emotive and inspired singing.
There are beautifully arranged song like the instrumental By the Side of a Clear Crystal Fountain where violin plays a principal role.
In general this almost unknown band, which falls into the never ending genre of "obscure bands", brings a delicate folk rock, pleasant and appealing.
Bravo Mr. di Tomaso and Busch, Ron Theo, unfortunately by the year this album was recorded (1976) nobody catch their wonderful project.
 ~ by DaremoS (RYM).

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